Saturday, 31 December 2011

Council House Sales, Latest F.O.I. request available on WhatDoTheyKnow Site

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dear Iain Wright, M.P. Member of Parliament for Hartlepool.

I am sorry you do not appear to support my wish to expose the
Criminality of Officers employed at both Hartlepool Council and Land
Registry, Durham, never the less I intend to eventually expose to
Public View those named in my allegations of Criminal Conduct, I have
been given the name of a Senior Cleveland Police Officer to whom I
intend to submit my Documentary Evidence in support of my Allegations
of Fraud and abuse of Public Office shortly, in the mean time to enable
you to keep a record of my allegations, as I promised, I enclose my latest freedom of
information request concerning the Sale of Council Houses in Hartlepool.

Research into Hartlepool Borough Councils Sale of Council Houses.
Dear F.O.I. Officer.

I firmly believe that the Right to Buy was one of the most popular policies introduced by Margaret Thatcher's government and two million tenants bought their council houses between 1980 and 1998. Prior to that date,1980?  I was always under the Impression that a Council House Tenant was unable to Purchase their Council  House Property, ? There fore I ask the Following .
To enable me to continue my investigations and research would you please supply me with  “all” and “any”  recorded  information required regarding  what “Laws,”  “Statutory Instruments” or “Legislation of any kind, including  any Legal Rulings,  were Consulted and  Used by Hartlepool Borough Council  to Authorise and therefore enable them to “sell off “  Council Houses to any, and all , Rent Paying Sitting Tenants, who applied ,  Prior to the introduction of the  Housing (Right To Buy) Order 1980 .
In  addition will you please supply  to me the “Total“ number of Council Houses sold by Hartlepool Borough Council to any  Sitting  Rent Paying Tenant  in the following individual years (please note, I am “NOT” asking for any Personal Information, I am Very simply asking  for the Total Number of Council House Sales. In  1970, 1971, 1972, 1973 Up to and including the introduction of the Housing (Right To Buy)  Act/Order 1980
( c)
What Documentation, outlining their  legal entitlement to purchased Council House Property of any kind, was Required to be Submitted to  Hartlepool Borough Council  from any  Prospective Purchaser of their Council House Property ?  Prior to the “Right to Buy” Act 1980.?                                                                      
Was there any concession ( a Price Discount ) or any other  Information or Advice on how to purchase a Council House by any  Rent Paying Sitting Tenant freely available to all  the Citizens of Hartlepool. Prior to Housing (Right to Buy ) Act/Order 1980.
Was a normal “Pre-Sale” Property Survey undertaken by Hartlepool Borough Council  Chief Surveyor as the “Sellers” of the Council House Property,   and have Hartlepool Borough Council, retained  a Copy for all such  Council House Sales.?
If you do not hold this information, please inform me who does,

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Oh What a Tangled Web we Weave,When First We Practice to Deceive!

Saturday 19th November 2011
I have Corrected a few Typographical errors in the interest of Clarity , the salient points are the same.
in this letter to Iain Wright , M.P.  Member of Parliament for Hartlepool

Dear Mr Iain Wright M.P.
I am Disappointed to note that you have failed to reply, to my last letter dated Tuesday 8th November 2011  after receiving an acknowledgement  when I wrote  to you, using the Internet Site, WriteToThem, Containing my answers to Malcolm Dawson's letter which is available on

I Did Think that You Would Question some of the Suspicious and Downright Misleading and Incorrect   answers and even offer your thoughts  on my Total Rejection of  Malcolm Dawson O.B.E  so called Investigation into my Allegations of  Criminal Wrongdoing by Officers of Land Registry, Durham. it is clearly a "Whitewash" a  "Cover-Up" of  Criminal Wrongdoing,
One Particular Statement below, which should cause every Property Owner who, Purchased ,a Council House
 from  Hartlepool  Borough Council some very Serious Concerns,  because it clearly  brings into Question  the
 Honesty ,  Professional Competence  and Legal Integrity of the "Sellers" Solicitor  J.Anthony Brown, the Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council, who Checked and Validated and Legally Conveyed, Registered and  Recorded the Purchase on  Title Deeds CE 74844, “Absolute”  with Land Registry, Durham on 29th March 1984
In addition it also Questions the Honesty ,Professional Competence and the Legal Integrity of the "Buyers"
” Solicitors ,Levinson, Walker and Lister, of Church Street, Hartlepool.

Where all these Qualified Solicitors  “Criminally Incompetent” and Unfit for Office, I don’t think so.  

Malcolm Dawson further  states the following:-
“The 1972 transfer plan for numbers 46 &48 were endorsed to say that they had been prepared by the Local Authority’s Engineer and Surveyor ,( Unnamed) but  Land Registry had Retained copies of the Original Transfer Documents in Accordance with Standard Practice at the Time,
He goes on say,
The 1972 Transfer plan had Recently been Converted to a Digital Format as part of a National  programme
and the Original had been "Destroyed"  "HOWEVER" there is "NO" Reason to Doubt the "Authentic Copy"
This statement is Debatable, my Original Legal Documentary Evidence Contradicts this "Opinion"

  ? Is it not Strange to "Destroy" the "Original" Transfer Documents "BUT" to Retain the "Copies"
What was the name of the Local Authorities Engineer and Surveyor in 1972 ?

Please note,  Malcolm Dawson OBE,  Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive of Land Registry is Very Careful “NOT”  to claim the “Authentic Copy” as an “Official Copy” of the Register of Title, “WHY”
And  I  ask once again “WHY” have I “Never”  Received such a “Copy”
but did receive, as previously stated , Two Coloured Photographs of an Outside Toilet  & Door "?

It must be Remembered that An  “Official Copy” ( which I received in October 2008  shows the Entries in the “Register” of Title CE 74844, on the 9th October 2008, timed at 10.55.27 ) and Issued on 10th October 2008, showing  and specifies the  Class of Title “Absolute” and Identifies the “Owner “ or Proprietor  on “Registration” on the 29th March 1984.
the “Official Copy”Is Admissible in “Evidence” of “Ownership”   to the same extent as the “Original”.  as  under s 67 of the Land Registration Act 2002,

I make “NO”  apologies for repeating that I personally very much DOUBT that the above Questionable Statement by  Malcolm Dawson’s OBE  that the “Original” Survey Documents had  been  “Destroyed”  but  there is “NO”  Reason to Doubt the “Authenticity” of the “Copy” Would be  Accepted as the  Definitive Truth  by a High Court Judge in a Court of Law, Without

(a) being made under oath and
(b) tested by Counter argument and Cross Examination by the Other Party,

It should also be noted that I personally with One  Independent  Witness Inspected and Validated all the Details ,in August 2008,   on the Original Land Title Deeds  DU 37533 “Registered” and Recorded in 1972
There was “NO”  Indication  or Evidence to Contradicted the Details Recorded at the time of Inspection.
As now claimed by Malcolm Dawson OBE . ?

In  addition it most Certainly questions  the Honesty, Integrity and Competence and can only Muddy the Professional Reputation  of the Senior Engineer and Chief Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council, B.R. Davies, B.S.c, who it "MUST" be Remembered was the "Senior Engineer and Chief Surveyor" and therefore
Responsible for “ALL” Surveys and  “Property Searches” regarding Council House Sales  in  1972. Including Title Deeds  DU 37533 .?

Are we to accept that he B.R. Davies, B.S.c.  was so  un- Professional  and  “Incompetent”  that he had failed to uncover his Own Property Survey Searches  which  he had Previously Prepared Prior to the Council House sale of  Land Title Deeds Du 37533, In 1972,  did he also " Completely Forget"  those  Property Survey  Details when “Searching”  and Surveying the following Council Property sales, in September 1983.?
Pre-Purchase Sale of Council House Property Search and Survey No.M44684  by B.R. Davies BS c Hartlepool Chief Engineer and Surveyor, dated September 1983.
(b )
Supported  by the “Hand Written Property  Survey Report”  for the attention of the “Buyers” Solicitors  “Levinson Walker & Lister “ of Hartlepool, Confirming that “ALL” the Land and Property Surveyed was “Recorded” and all “Details” on Land Title Deeds CE 74844 “Absolute” had been “Checked” and  were “Validated”  as “Correct” dated September 1983.

I Wish to make it quite Clear, this is not a Political Blog.  I have Never said or have Written  anything Detrimental about you as my Labour Member of Parliament for Hartlepool, but if you feel you are Unable for Whatever Reason, to Continue to  Support my Campaign for Justice any longer, Please be advised that With or Without your Commitment, ( and I would Rather Have you Inside My Tent than Outside, )
I fully intend to Continue my Peaceful Protest -------Corruption  Needs to be Challenged ,

I am the Innocent Victim of Fraud, with Sufficient Legal Documentation  to Substantiate  my Allegations,  against both  Land Registry and the named  Council Officers in the Planning and Legal Departments  of Hartlepool
Borough Council  who are  attempting to Sweep under the Carpet my legitimate Complaints of Fraud and Abuse of Public Office,

Consequently , because of the Legal Restriction place on me by the Parliamentary Ombudsman  ,that it may  affect the Parliamentary
Ombudsman’s Ability to Consider my  Complaint  if I was Planning to take Legal Action , (an option I wish to retain,)  I cannot,  therefore accept your Offer to Submit my Legitimate Claims of Property Fraud, to the Parliamentary Ombudsman,
In  view of the Very Serious Nature of my Allegations
I am left with No alterative but to Submit  a Formal Complaint to both the Chief Constables of Durham and Cleveland, to Request an Investigation into my Allegations of Land and Property Fraud,  as I believe Officers of  both Land Registry and Hartlepool Borough Council are Guilty of Conspiracy  in  Perverting  the Course of Justice.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

How to Play a Get Out of Jail Free Card or am I really a Codhead ?

Letter of Reply and my Thanks  to Iain Wright, M.P. Member of Parliament for Hartlepool.
Tuesday 8th November 2011

Dear Iain Wright, M.P.
Thank you once again for your letter and the Attachments from Malcolm Dawson O.B.E. Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive of Land Registry, containing some 12 pages of which some 51 individual paragraphs, unfortunately it is just a rehash of most of my points  previously raised with Elizabeth Derrington. Land Registry Complaints Reviewer,  containing,  at best ,  contradictory , confusing  and doubtful statements .in my opinion a Whitewash” with unexpected twists and turns, cleverly disguised  misinformation and hidden motives to totally avoid my Serious Allegations of Corruption and Criminality at Land Registry, Durham, and the  Fraudulent claims of  Property Ownership have been Totally Avoided, Ignored and " most certainly"  have "NOT"  been Investigated,  

Elizabeth Derrington. Land Registry Complaints Reviewer, you may recall, awarded me £300, and an
Apology,   for "Mistakes" made by Land Registry, Durham,.  "which I refused to accept" , and I Returned the £300,  to Land Registry, until such time when they addressed my Ownership Concerns. I am still waiting ? She did however admit that deciding Property  “Ownership” was “NOT” in her "Remit".

I once again  repeat that Alan H Smith, Assistant Land Registrar, Durham, acted “Unlawfully “ neither he nor any other employee of Land Registry have any legal authority  to
(a) Offer any Legal advice to a member of the Public.
(b) Can decide who is the Legal Owner of any “Registered”  Land and Property
                                That is I Believe  a matter for  the Law Courts.
Malcolm Dawson OBE in his letter does NOW  Confirm that "Julie Jenkins"  is the Head of Fraud at Land Registry, as she  stated  on the  B.B.C. News   Programme
                              "LAND REGISTRY TOO OPEN TO FRAUD"
When She made the following declaration, on Monday 30th March 2009
(This Broadcast was latter Confirmed to me after I submitted a F.O.I. request to the B.B.C.)
                                 See my F.O.I. Requests on WhatDoTheyKnow)
"We need to ensure there's a balance between Protecting the individual and Protecting the Property and that's what we're here to do,“ Protect People's Assets  "One of the Most Important Assets  they've  Got"

It was my understanding of that Broadcast that Land Registry also told the B.B.C.
That it had an Aggressive "Anti-Fraud"  Policy and Stated  that Land Registry has paid out  £36 Million
Pounds in Compensation for Mistakes and Fraud since 2005, and suggested that "ANY" Allegations
 of Land or Property Fraud should be Reported to "JULIE JENKINS" Head of Fraud at Land Registry
A Position as Head of Fraud )  Land Registry had previously “Denied “ even Existed , at least that is what I was led to believe when I attempted , on a number of Occasions in the Past to Report Property Fraud to
                    "Julie Jenkins" Head of Fraud,  which I find very difficult to understand, ?
                    ( See my  F.O.I. Requests on the WHATDOTHEYKNOW internet site.)
 I was also led to Believe that Land Registry had a Duty to Report or were Obliged to Report "ANY"Allegations of Property Fraud from the General Public ,  to the Police, it is Obvious in My Case that Land Registry have failed to  fulfill  their  Obligation and Duty, ? Strange, but  True ?

 It Cannot be Unreasonable to Enquire whether that has happened before and why was my allegations of Fraud ignored.? Was it because it involved Officers of Land Registry Durham,  themselves.? Should  it not now be reported. in a Formal Complaint to both the Chief Constables of Durham and  Cleveland,?
By me the innocent victim of this Criminal act. ? Or should I complete the Parliamentary and Health Service Complaint form  kindly sent to me by my Member of Parliament Iain Wright  M.P. which must be signed by a Member of Parliament to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.? I will  need time to decide, but I am determined to continue
Another very important  statement  in the letter of reply from Malcolm Dawson O.B.E. which should be Noted and Recorded which I personally find quite  Unbelievable and Highly Suspicious,  and some people might even find it a very Convenient answer and  explanation  in answer to my Serious Allegations of Criminality Negligence and Incompetence, by playing what could be called a

                                                      “Get out of Jail Free Card”

when he states that the 1972  transfer plan, (is this a Survey ? ) prepared  by the local Authorities Engineer and Surveyor (No name) but in my opinion can only be  B.R.Davies B.S.c. the Hartlepool Councils Senior Engineer and Chief Surveyor, who held that  position   in 1972,  had recently been “Converted  to a Digital Format” as part of the National Programme and the “Original” transfer plan had been “Destroyed” However Malcolm Dawson's OBE letter goes on to say, 
  there is  “NO”   reason to doubt the Authenticity of the “Copy”. ?   WHY, ? 
      It is in Direct Conflict with other Survey Documents by B.R. Davies B.S.c 

I very much DOUBT that the above Questionable Statement by  Malcolm Dawson’s OBE  that the “Original” Survey Documents had  been  “Destroyed” and there is “NO”  Reason to Doubt the “Authenticity” of the “Copy” Would be Accepted as the  Definitive Truth  by a High Court Judge in a Court of Law, without
(a) being made under oath and
(b) tested by counter argument and cross examination by the other party, 

One Might Reasonably also  ask “Why” if this  “Authentic Copy” was available, was it “NOT”  Produced  to me in the Original B141 application  in October 2008, instead of the Photo Stat 
" Copy"  of Part of an  Engineering Drawing from the office of B.R,Davies ,Stamped and Dated 1971, of the General Area  when "Both"  Properties where in the Ownership, of Hartlepool Borough Council. including other pieces of paper Claiming Ownership of Part of My Outbuildings which also included the Two (2) Coloured  Photographs of an Outside Toilet and Various other "Unofficial"
Photo-Sats of the General Area of West-View. Hartlepool.

All of the above I Rejected as "NONE" were "Official Copies" just pieces of  Paper, Unbeilable ?

Why was it "NOT" Recorded or Shown   on the "Official" Original Land Title Deeds DU 37533 "Registered" by Hartlepool  Borough Council in 1972. when "BOTH" Land Title Deeds ,Including 
Land Title Deeds CE 74844 "Absolute"  were  Independently Examined for Validity in August 2008. ( Some 36 years "AFTER" the "Registration of Title " in 1972.) very Strange ?
according to the Land Registration Act 2002 , Guidance Notes, you only have 30 Days to Officially "Register" your Title,   

Why was it "NOT" Included and  Shown or Recorded on the "Official Copy" of the "Register of Title which showed "ALL" Entries in the Register of Title on the 9th October 2008, timed at 
10.55.27. Issued by Land Registry on 10th October 2008. Which very Clearly States That :-

Under s. 67 Of the Land Registration Act 2002, This " Official Copy" is Admissible in 
Evidence to the Same Extent  as the "Original" Title number CE 74844 Title "Absolute"
Filed  29th March 1984.
Proprietorship Register :- This "Register" Specifies the Class of Title "Absolute" and Identifies 
the "OWNER" it Contains  "ANY" Entries that Effect the Right of Disposal

                     I wonder what they will do or say to get of the hook this time ?


I also find it very confusing and very difficult  to accept that after over Three (3) years  of protest at this Injustice to Land Registry, Durham,  and  following the recent intervention of Malcolm Dawson OBE,
Lo and Behold a  “Copy” of an “Original” Survey Plan which had been “Destroyed “ was suddenly Discovered,  would "NOT" a  Authentic Copy of an Original Survey Drawing  be a  Facsimile
of the "Original" , and will  it be produced in a Court of Law, ?
Might I ask where was it Found, behind a Radiator or in a Toilet  perhaps ?

Would it not Make "ANY"  Reasonable Sensible Person a little Suspicious,  after all I had Previously Receive paperwork from Land Registry of a highly  questionable nature, there is certainly a very fishy smell coming out of Land Registry ,Durham.

It is of Paramount Importance in the interest of Justice and Fair Play to Remember that if one was to accept  the claim of Malcolm Dawson’ OBE ,that there was no reason to doubt as Authentic and  Proof of “Ownership” the “Copy” of the 1972 transfer plan, ( with no name of the Surveyor and therefore questionable qualifications)  after the “Original” was  “Destroyed ( this it must be remembered  is only his presumption and opinion ) it casts Substantial doubts on  the Honesty and Integrity of “ALL” the Elected Hartlepool Councillors who signed the Pre-Purchase Council House Property Sale Documents
 including the Town Mayor  J Jones. Which I find totally "Disgraceful", "Unacceptable"  it 
                                             Will and Must  be Challenged.
This is one more Devious and  Suspicious Document issued by Land Registry, Durham , who don't report any potentially criminal fraudulent  acts  to the Police., if it involves any  allegations of wrongdoing by their own employees, I have had a number of previous documents that no-one in his right mind would consider as definitive proof of “Ownership” now we have this  ludicrous situation, is it  to save face, can Land Registry a Government Department be allowed to just say,  the Survey drawings were “Destroyed”  job done. This is arrogance , it says to me that Land Registry Durham,” We can walk on water, you have no voice “?
You have no right to appeal our decision, unless your try for a Judicial Review, which Andrew Schofield, Office Manager had told me,  could involve very, very  substantial costs ? That to a 79 year old pensioner, on a limited private pension. Who had the “Audacity” to Complain,  If that is not intimidation, I don’t know what is, ?

This is one more experience of injustice from a Government  and Public Authority which makes the” Laughable”  claim that if you “Register” your Property with us  you know it will be safe ? My Property  was “Registered” in 1984,  so much for Land Registry’s claim a
                                     “Registered” Land Title is “Guaranteed” ?
There are Millions of People who purchased Property by “Mortgage” as we did, who worked to pay off
  the “Mortgage”  in addition to all the legal fee’s  and costs, are under the impression that their Property legally purchased, “Conveyed” and “Registered”  is  safe,  they may even think their property was  “Sacrosanct” , they may well have Serious doubts now, particularly if you live in the North-East
 of England and do "NOT" have the Financial Clout of a Government Authority to protect your financial investment.?

What Really Disgusts me is the fact that such Unbelievable and I personally believe  Dishonest  Statements are  made to protect Dishonest Government Officers , who know that individual members of the General Public in Particular Pensioners, cannot afford Expensive Legal Teams ,they all loose out, "NOT"  
 because they were Wrong, but because there was enough Cash stacked against them to Ensure that the Reputations of those Guilty of Incompetence or Wrongdoing were saved.
Those questionable  statements also brings into question the Honesty, Competence and Legal Integrity of “ALL” involved in the Selling and Buying of Council House Property,
 The "BUYERS"     Solicitors,    LEVINSON WALKER and LISTER 
 The "SELLERS"   Solicitors, Hartlepool  Chief Solicitor , J Anthony Brown, 
who legally "Conveyed"   and   “Registered “ and Recorded the Purchase on   Title Deeds CE 74844, “Absolute”  with Land Registry, Durham  on 29th March 1984.
            Where they "all " Criminally Incompetent and Unfit for Office, I don’t think so.
It  casts Doubts on  the Honesty and Integrity of “ALL” the Elected Hartlepool Councillors who signed the Pre-Purchase Council House Property Sale Documents, including the Town Mayor  J Jones.
(c )
In  addition it "MUST"  question the Honesty, Integrity and Competence and can Only Muddy the Professional Reputation  of the Senior Engineer and Chief Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council, B.R. Davies, B.S.c, who was Responsible for"ALL" Surveys and "Property Searches Regarding Council House Sales "NO"  Council Hose Sales  including Property  Surveys could have been Conducted without "HIS" Knowledge and Authority, as Chief Engineer and Senior Surveyor for Hartlepool Borough Council, he would have been fully aware of all Land and Property details Record on Title Deeds DU 37533 prior to sale in 1972. 
Am I also to Accept that R.B. Davies B.S.c. Senior Engineer and Chief Surveyor of Hartlepool 
Borough Council, was so "Incompetent" that he would have "Forgotten" and Completely  failed to Re-Discover  in his Records , a Previous Search and  Survey Report he had Completed in Respect of the Pre-Purchase Council House Sale with Details, Recorded on Land Title Deeds DU 37533 in 1972.
While Conducting the Pre-Purchase Search and Survey Report No. M44684, in September 1983,  on behalf of the "SELLERS" Hartlepool  Borough Council,  prior to the  Sale of Council House Property  and "ALL" details Surveyed  Recorded on Land Title Deeds CE 74844 "Absolute" 
(c )
Supported  by the “Hand Written Property  Survey Report”  for the attention of the “Buyers” Solicitors  “Levinson Walker &  Lister “ of Hartlepool, Confirming that “ALL” the Land and Property Surveyed was “Recorded” and all “Details” on Land Title Deeds CE 74844 “Absolute” had been “Checked” and  were “Validated”  as “Correct” dated September 1983.
I wish to draw your attention to the following tribute to the Rt.Hon. Lord Denning. The Lord Chief Justice, His appeal Court Ruling, January 12,13,24, 1956 was,
“No Court in this land will allow a person to keep an advantage which he has obtained by Fraud. No judgment of a Court, No order of a Minister, can be allowed to stand if it has been Obtained by "Fraud" 
                                                           Fraud Unravels Everything

                                    In the words of another  Former Lord Chief Justice Gordon Hewart
“ It is of Fundamental Importance that "Justice Should Not Only be Done, but should Manifestly and                                                                                                      “Undoubtedly be Seen to be Done "

Monday, 7 November 2011

No Cover-Up for Wrongdoers

Letter to M.P. Iain Wright, Wednesday November “2nd.

Dear Iain Wright, M.P. Member of Parliament  for Hartlepool.

Thank you for  your latest Letter dated 19th October 2011,  I note your comments and appreciate  your obvious endeavours to resolve this prolonged Property Dispute, with Land Registry, in fairness to yourself, I send the following Information for your perusal  before publishing it on my Web Site, if you think that any reference to yourself  is in anyway detrimental ,then please let me know before I publish and I will be happy to remove it .but I have no intention of removing any of my Allegations of Criminal activities.
You very kindly informed me that you would  keep me informed of any developments, in addition you stated that in order to assist me as much as you  can you had written on my
behalf to Mr. Malcolm Dawson OBE, Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive of the Land Registry, you  asked Mr Malcolm Dawson OBE, to ensure that my Complaints are thoroughly Investigated and my Serious Allegations are Reviewed,
Unfortunately there appears to have been very little if any investigation or indeed any Constructive Response to your request on my behalf to Mr Malcolm Dawson O.B.E. into my Allegations of what I firmly Believe to be” Criminal” activities when acting without “ANY”  legal authority in Public Office, by Officers of a Government Department, Land Registry, Durham
This is in no way a criticism of  you my Member of Parliament, but I  personally do find this Conduct  and the long  delay by Officials of Land Registry is  insulting , arrogant and disgraceful, it  Indicates  to me and others that you, as a  Democratically Elected  Member of the House of Commons, are not receiving  the respect your membership  of Parliament deserves, it may also highlight my own  difficulties  over the past 3 (years)
to receive any justice to my legitimate “whistle blowing “ of  criminal activities “When someone blows the whistle” they are raising a concern about dangers or illegality that effects other members of the public, People buying property by way of a “Mortgage”
Expect  to be protected from Incompetents employees of Land Registry.
I do “ not “ apologise in repeating for  the Record, my Allegations  that Officers employed by  Land Registry
Alan H Smith,           Assistant Land Registrar ,
Andrew Schofield,    Office Manager,
Anthony Lowes,
have “NO”  legal authority to give advice to the public nor are they legally authorised to decide who is the owner of any Land and Property, as they did in the B141 application.?
This is illegal , a member of the public should have confidence in the Integrity of Government employees in positions of trust to  carryout their duties  in accordance with the Law.
It is also important to appreciate that Land Registry simply supply information regarding the “Registered Title“. They have “NO”  authority to  enforce the information an d where
disputes arise then these must be resolved by either the parties involved or through legal representation and/or the “courts“ .
It is my Intention to publish all of my Documentary Evidence which will prove and add substance to my allegations,  a little later,  for the moment I will concentrate on the allegations concerning Officers employed by Land Registry, Durham.
These serious allegations  are “NOT”  Unrelated. to my other  Allegations directed at Officers of Hartlepool Council,
Alyson Carman, Solicitor and Complaints Reviewer
Hilary Martin, Solicitor and Freedom of Information Officer
Richard Trow, Case Planning Officer,
Mr Reece, Development Control Manager
I consider that all the Named  officers of both  Land Registry, Durham and
Hartlepool Borough Council were Complicit in a cover up of a wider CONSPIRACY to  pervert the course of justice and to cover up serious Criminal offences in Public Office. I have Documentary Evidence that Confirms and Validates all my allegations of Criminal Wrongdoing

Public authorities need to be held to account for their actions and at the very least be forced to explain them when they appear to be questionable.

To ensure that no suspicion of any wrongdoing  can be directed to yourself for your endeavours on my behalf,  I hereby state  that all allegations published here and on the  World Wide  Internet are mine and mine alone, If any of my  allegations statements published  here and on another Internet site, WhatDoTheyKnow.  relating to any of the named persons are “Untrue” or in any way “Incorrect” then they are fully entitled to pursue legal actions against me in a Court of Law, ?

it should be noted that I have been trying since August 2008, on various internet sites  by writing Letters of Complaint, E-mails and Freedom of Information requests to obtain a fair and just hearing from Both Land Registry and Hartlepool Council without success, everyone should take note that “NONE” of the  persons I have named have taken any legal action so far,  nor is it likely that anyone named  would do so, I doubt that any of the named would have the moral courage to stand up in a Court of Law and produce “any” Documentation to Challenge  my Incontrovertible  Documentary evidence of “Ownership” Perjury is a very serious matter ?
It also Confirms and Validates my past allegations that the above named Corrupt Fraudsters think they are above the law, they think they  are unaccountable for their Criminal actions, they have previously deliberately ignored documentary evidence
 “Proving”  the legal “Ownership”  of  Land and Property Title CE 74844, “Absolute“ , and knowingly Misrepresented facts to favour a B141 applicant, containing  two(2)  Coloured Photographs of an “Outside” toilet door , as better proof of Land and Property Ownership, (remember Alan H Smith, Assistant Land Register as “NO” legal authority to decide the ownership of “ANY” land and Property. ?

They have also Completely failed to uphold the “Law”  including the  Land Registration  Act 2002, and their own Published Guidance Notes 8, August 2009,
Section 2,which very  clearly states that a “Registered” Title is “Guaranteed” they  have also  ignored the “Fraud Act  2006,  Section 4,  Fraud by abuse of Position. (a) (b) (c )
They can and probably will continue to ignore me, a 79 years old pensioner with
impunity, but  it now appears they can ignore with Complete and  Utter contempt “ANY”  requests from my Democratically Elected Member of Parliament. Iain Wright  M.P.
I believe that all my Documentary Evidence Land Title Deeds CE74744,
“Absolute” proves without any reasonable doubt that we are the ” legal owners of “ALL” Land and property detailed , Legally Conveyed  and   “Registered “ and Recorded with Land Registry, Durham on 29th March 1984. By the Chief Solicitor, of Hartlepool Borough Council,  J Anthony Brown,
 In addition  the :-
Pre-Purchase Sale of Council House Property Survey No.M44684  by B.R. Davies BS c Hartlepool Chief Engineer and Surveyor, dated September 1983.
(c )
Supported  by the “Hand Written Property  Survey Report”  for the attention of the “Buyers” Solicitors  “Levinson Walker & Lister “ of Hartlepool, Confirming that “ALL” the Land and Property Surveyed was Recorded and all Details on Land Title Deeds CE 74844 “Absolute” had been “Checked” and  were “Validated”  as “Correct” dated September 1983.
In addition to our Redemption of  payment of “Mortgage”  acknowledged by
J.D. Walton I.P.F.A. Chief Financial Officer, when we purchased the
said property from Hartlepool Council in February 1984.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Four face jail over £100k council fraud

Four face jail over £100k council fraud:

A DISGRACED former council boss and three business pals have been told they will be jailed after pocketing more than £100,000 of taxpayers’ cash in an elaborate building scam.

Police have also vowed to claw back their ill-gotten gains after the quartet were found guilty of the con in which bogus invoices were put through council coffers.

Four face jail over £100k council fraud

Council manager Michael Skirving

Hartlepool man Michael Skirving, 50, who was head of Darlington Borough Council’s asbestos department, conspired with Martin Dougherty, 45, and James Burns 43, to create bogus invoices totalling £109,494.

A fourth man, Graeme Storey, 38, was convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice after he lied to police that he had carried out work as part of the scam.

A jury took just hours to unanimously convict the shamed men.

The fraud saw Skirving put 15 invoices through the local authority for £75,754 which was paid to

Dougherty’s one-man firm MBN Roofing and Builders.

It was for labour said to have been done by the firm on jobs in Hartlepool, Billingham and Middlesbrough.

Burns, was paid £33,740 after submitting invoices for the hire of a cherry picker platform in connection with asbestos removal contracts in Owton Manor, Hartlepool, overseen by Skirving.

But the prosecution said the cherry picker was not necessary for asbestos removal and the platform and labour was not carried out to the extent the trio claimed.

Skirving, Dougherty and Burns were found guilty of conspiracy to defraud Darlington Borough Council between October 2007 and April 2009 after a five-week trial at Teesside Crown Court.

Judge Peter Armstrong said: “You have been convicted by the jury for fraud involving public money, as far as Darlington Borough Council is concerned, and you Storey of telling lies to the police to bolster that fraud.

“The amounts involved are serious and you can expect, I’m afraid, custodial sentences.”

The jury of eight women and four men returned unanimous guilty verdicts on all charges after around five hours of deliberation.

Skirving’s department had been awarded numerous contracts to remove asbestos as part of wider housing regeneration schemes across Teesside.

The trial heard how he told Burns and Dougherty what to invoice the council for in connection with lucrative contracts.

The prosecution said the fraud was conceived between the friends in the pub and on the golf course.

Prosecutor, Rosalind Scott Bell, said the money will attempt to be clawed back under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Skirving, of Grange Road, Burns, of Wansbeck Gardens, Dougherty, Westbrooke Avenue and Storey, of Hart Lane, all Hartlepool, will be sentenced in around three weeks time.

All four men were released on bail.

A spokesman for Darlington Borough Council said: “I can confirm that Michael Skirving worked for us and that he left of his own accord in 2009. It would be inappropriate to comment further.”

Durham Constabulary, which investigated the fraud, said it would not comment on the outcome of the trial until after the men had been sentenced.


Monday, 24 October 2011

A Record of Further Questions and Answers to Hartlepool Council

I am please to say that I recently (last) Friday 21 October 2011) received the following e-mail,  from a very good Internet site, As follows :-
Two weeks ago we sent your letter to Iain Write, your M.P. ( for reference, there’s a copy of your letter at the bottom of this E-Mail)

I did write to thank Iain Wright M.P. for Hartlepool, for His involvement in my complaints to both Land Registry and Hartlepool Council, and to keep a record of my serious allegation of wrongdoing  in the Public Domain, I here publish the answer I received to a  Freedom of Information request to Hartlepool Council , a copy of which I sent through the Internet site,  to Ian Write. M.P. for Hartlepool.

Wednesday 5th October 2011.
Dear Freedom of Information Officer,
 Thank you for  your reply to my  FOI request  dated 6th August 2011.
Statutory Duty to Retain Documentary Planning Records,
as required by law.
Unfortunately I was unable to view, the under mention attachment I also received,
“it stated, sorry this type of document is not supported for viewing “?

Document 9.pdf  776K Download View as HTML

However The F.O.I. answer, did confirm that Hartlepool Borough Council has retained a copy of all planning records from 1947 onwards either electronically or paper copies.
The F.O.I. Officer also  confirmed that Paul Burgon visited my home  on 18th march 2009 during which Mr Burgon established that the outbuilding
had been erected in excess of 4 years, “ by looking at the materials of the building”? if this statement is true ? :-
I find it  totally “unbelievable” ,  am I to accept and believe that Paul Burgon, the enforcement officer ,can ascertain, by a simple ocular inspection, of the materials used in the construction of the extension, the date and time when the building was built.? This statement I find “absolutely ridiculous”
It would be interesting to know, what Building and Construction  Qualifications,  Paul Burgon , possesses which “might”  give some credence to such a staggering claim.?
In  additional  you also  claim , that during this visit, on 18th March was  understood by Mr Burgon, that I stated that the conservatory had been in situ in excess of four (4)  years, this I categorically “Deny“, it is Insulting,
Inaccurate , Misleading and Completely Untrue.
My e-mail of Complaint to Hartlepool Borough Council in August 2008 will confirm that until then, August 2008, I was unaware that my neighbours extension had been secretly and  physically attached to the rear wall of our detached wash-house
This is a very serious matter, land and property I legally purchase from Hartlepool Borough Council had  been Built on without Council Planning permission,  but most importantly of all, they have trespassed, built,  and  encroached on to my Property without my permission, causing considerable Criminal Structural  Damage.
Your property is probably the most valuable asset you own. That's why it's important you do whatever you can to protect it from the risk of fraud.
These ridiculous answers to my Serious Complaints and Requests for Information have turned my legitimate requests into a Circus-Like comedy
I am personally disappointed by Paul Burgon’s  failure to accurately recall
his visit on 18th March 2009,
It appears that he suffers from some form of memory loss, which appears to be endemic in Hartlepool Planning Department, Richard Trow also  appears to suffer from a similar Complaint, possibly amnesia, they both are unable to recall with accuracy the true events when visiting my home, which I thought was to Investigate and take photographs of the Criminal damage to the outside brickwork including the illegal complete blocking off to the outside atmosphere of the Gas Ventilation System, a very serious Safety Issue, possible Fire and Explosion,  the Large brass screws protruding through the rear wall, the encroachment over the top of my Wash-house roof,
the deliberate moving of the wall Cladding and the Guttering, to  deceitfully indicate that the stolen land and property was in other Ownership, these  items were  noted for “  future Council action “ , ? but to-date, completely ignored,

All the above items mentioned  are still clearly visible to view, by anyone of
Hartlepool Borough Council, both Elected or Unelected and who  may  possibly be interested in the Truth

It is possible that both Paul Burgon and his friend Richard Trow, Case Planning Officer,  have misplaced  the Photographs they both  took of the  criminal damage to the brickwork, as they took them at different times.
In the  light of the above statement, I do not think I can be accused of being pedantic or  maliciously vexatious , if I do not accept Paul Burgon’s  visible Inspection of the Illegal building extension, as definitive evidence that it had been erected in stu in excess of Four (4) years and can no longer be enforced against. for any breach of Statutory Regulations,  I believe that Criminal damage and Property Fraud are  not “Civil issues“ , and I believe have no time limit for redress. ( I  have recently received correspondence that  would indicate that my allegations of Fraud and  Dishonesty at Land Registry, are to be  investigated at a Senior Level,)  in the light of that, I think I will make no further comments at the moment )
Therefore I  request and would appreciate  some “Clarification”  and in particular  an “Explanation” on how the Enforcement Officer, Paul Burgon
Could Establish and Validate by a simple “visual inspection“,  and answer the following ;-
 on what date did work Commence to Construct  the Outside Conservatory , and in the course of your  Property Inspection on 18th March 2009, did it Conform to all  the Building and Safety Regulations, ?
On what “date” did the Planning and Building Regulation “History Check” you claim to have, Conducted, Reveal the important “date”  when the Building Construction Operations were Substantially “Completed”
(c )
 the Goggle Arial Photograph  you supplied certainly can  not be accepted as definitive evidence of time and date.? Of Completion.
All law abiding citizens and Council Tax payers are Legally Entitled to Submit Legitimate Complaints and Freedom of Information Request to their Local Council, and I maintain, that all, and any, alleged breaches of Planning Control received from Members of the Public, should always be Recorded and Investigated.
My genuine Complaints to Hartlepool Borough Council  since  August 2008, have still not been addressed, or honestly Investigated ?
I have  quite a number of e-mails, ( It is my Intention to publish all these e-mails from all Council officials in the near future on :-

that not only contradict the above  statements  but others, one e-mail from your Enforcement
 Officer Paul Burgon, stating for clarification  of a Breach of Condition Notice (BCN) and the 10 year rule ,
states that they are not  relevant in this case because your   neighbour's  extension  does not benefit  or
  Required  “Planning Permission.” ?

This   e-mail from Paul Burgon,  I still find totally confusing, say’s that “No” objections were recorded in a four (4) year period, when I myself,
lodged a complaint in “August” 2008, and again in September 2008,

I will continue to  up date this continuing exposure to Public Gaze of  this Breathtaking Arrogant Ridiculous  Behaviour, which shows,  in my opinion, a complete and utter contempt for the views of any  Hartlepool  Citizen  "who"  it should be remembered, pay the extravagant wages of these so called servants of the public.?

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Disgraceful, Disgusting Dishonest, The B141 Application to Land Registry

A brief History of my Campaign to expose and to record the deliberate abuse of power  in Public Office.
   My  Replies to a B141 Application , it could happen to you, all I did was object to the Theft of my Property. I confess I knew next to nothing about Buying Property,and I'm still learning now,  but after a couple of years searching the internet , you very soon learn , thanks everybody out there, I  think the Internet is great.
Copy of Letter received from Alan H Smith, Assistant Land Registrar In reply to my further objections on 23rd  October 2008, to a B141 Application dated 14th October 2008, to  alter the extent of the  entries in the Register of Title CE74844,”Absolute”   Registered  29th March 1984.
The B141 Application dated 14th October  2008, contained as evidence in support of the application to alter the extent of the entries in the “Register” of Title CE74844, “Absolute” consisted of :-
 A  Ordnance Survey Map reference NZ4935NW, showing  the general position , not the exact line, of the boundaries, it may be subject to distortions in scale, It is very important to note the following:-
(This is “NOT” an “Official Copy” of the Register of Entries,  and is “NOT” admissible as evidence of the Contents of the Land Register )
A photo-Stat copy of  part of an Engineering drawing from the office of B.R. Davies, B.Sc. Chief Engineer and Surveyor, & Planning Officer of Hartlepool Borough Council, date stamped October 1971, when “Both” “Council House Properties” where in the Ownership of the Hartlepool Borough Council.
(This  again, is  “NOT” an “Official Copy” of the Register of Entries,  and is “NOT” admissible as evidence of the Contents of the Land Register )
The fact that Alan H Smith Assistant Land Registrar, Durham, could  possibly accept the above  frivolous documents as Stronger Proof of Ownership than our Title Deeds CE74844 “Absolute” Registered 29th March 1984,  listed below,  is unbelievable. And must be viewed with suspicion .
The Pre-Purchase “Sale of Council House” Property Search and Survey ,
No. M44684 by B.R. Davies, B .S .c. C. Eng. M.I.C.E.  Senior Engineer and Chief Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council , dated September 1983 ,
The attached  “Hand Written” Survey Report Document”  for the attention
of the “BUYERS” Solicitors, Levinson, Walker & Lister, of  Hartlepool Clearly “ Confirming”  that “ALL” the Land and Property Details Surveyed, and  Recorded on Land Title Deeds CE 74844 “Absolute” had been “Checked” and were “Validated” as “CORRECT”  Dated September 1983?
I also have a “Official Copy” of the Register of Title ,number CE74844, Edition date 12.11.1992. Issued on the 10th October 2008, by Land Registry,
Showing the entries in the Register of Title on the 9th October 2008, 10.55.27. Which confirms as correct the details Surveyed , and Recorded  on Land Title Deeds CE74844,in September 1983, Registered 29th March 1984.
The above “Official Copy” also proves that the B141 applicant has shot themselves  in the “foot” by submitting this application to Land Registry on 14th October 2008, to try  to alter the extent of the  entries in the Register of Title CE74844,”Absolute”  Registered 29th March 1984,  confirms my previous allegations of Wrongdoing by officers of Hartlepool Borough Council, both Legal and Planning  by “Granting Retrospective planning Application H/2009/ 0568 in the knowledge that the applicants submitted fraudulent Ownership Documents “A” and “B” claiming  falsely and deceitfully ,that the Land and Property they had originally built without planning permission,  was in their “Registered “ Land Title DU37533.
In August 2008. More on this Later, I have no Intension of allowing Fraud and theft to go unrecorded
Needless  to say, I lodged a series of  objections, included allegations that things were not  quite right at Land Registry, my allegations of wrongdoing
Where strongly  rejected by Andrew Schofield, Officer Manager. ???
I received various other letters and  documents over a period of some months from Alan H Smith Assistant Land Registrar, Durham, I even arranged a personal visit to Land Registry, Durham, to show Alan H Smith and Andrew Lowes,  my Documentation, all to no avail.
I did receive other letters  and documents from Land Registry
in an attempt to prove Ownership of part of my Land and Property, all of which I rejected, as Ridiculous, and an insult to my intelligence,
I was eventually awarded  £300. Sent to me, on the recommendations of the Land Registry Complaints Reviewer Elizabeth Derrington , which I returned,
I stated that I cannot accept your cheque at this moment in time, to do so, would indicate that I have “accepted and agreed,”  that all the Maladministration Charges, including my claim of Fraudulent  Activities,
in addition to my Freedom of Information requests had been satisfactorily dealt with in full, this is definitely NOT the case.
a few more of the outstanding documents in December 2008,  I list below.
Alan H Smith
Assistant Land Registrar.
Land Registry                                    
Durham Office
Our Ref;  CE74844/A/146/AHS/EHSTO
Date 5th December 2008.
Dear Sir,
Further to our Telephone conversation earlier to-day, I enclose , as agreed, a copy of the “Land Registry Survey” ?
 Enclosed was “not” an “ Official Copy”  showing the entries in the Register of Title, but a Photo-stat copy of a Ordnance survey map reference;- NZ 4935NW. Title number, DU37533/J419CRJ. Not Dated and showing no details but a general view of Council Owned  property in the area of  West-View. of Hartlepool. ???
Under S.67 of the Land Registration Act 2002, a (“Official Copy” is admissible in evidence to the same extent as the “Original”,)  
(c )
Two additional Ordnance survey maps reference;- NZ 4935NW. Title Number Post Survey plot-Du37533,  Not Dated,  with additional building now added  ? These “two” were also “NOT” “ Official Copies”  showing entries in the Register of Title.
(d )
Two : Coloured Photographs of an “Outside Toilet”. ?
One  : Showing the “Toilet” with the “Door” in the “Open” position
One  : Showing the “Toilet” with  the “Door” in the “Closed” Position ?
I am completely amazed that Alan H Smith, Assistant Land Registrar , Durham, can even consider the above frivolous documents as Proof of Land and Property ownership. one must question , and be highly suspicious of the conduct of some Officers , who occupied, what I thought were  Positions  of Authority with Land Registry, who appears to be completely unaware of their legal Responsibilities,
 Alan H Smith, Assistant Land Registrar , does not appear to be fully conversant with the Land Registration Act 2002, nor Land Registry Public Guide 8, August 2009, updating and replacing the December 2005 Edition.
Section 2
A Registered Title is “Guaranteed “
Title Deed CE74844 “Absolute” was “Registered” 29th March 1984.
Title “Absolute”-this is the best class of Title to have and “Cannot” be challenged, even if a person can prove that they would be , but for the present Proprietor’s Registration with Title “Absolute”, entitled to be Registered as the Proprietor,
Section 4
Proving Ownership.
When someone applies to Register Title to their property for the first time they must prove they own the property, if they can show that they own the property ,they will have their name Recorded in the Proprietorship Register, as the Registered Proprietor. The Registered Proprietor is the Legal Owner of the Property
Section 6.1
Official Searches.
The  search will reveal any other entries that have been made on the Register
Since the date of the official copy the “Seller” has supplied. The official search will also give the “Buyer” a period of ( 30) thirty working “days” in which to Register the transfer.?
Section 6.2
Registering the Transfer.
If the “Buyer” Registers the transfer with in the period referred to in Section 6.1  Official searches , ( 30 ) thirty working “days” the transfer should not be affected  by “ANY”  other matter, like a Mortgage or another transfer of the property,  that was “NOT REVEALED” on the official copy or the official search, “Buyer” should ,therefore, always make sure that they apply to “Register” their transfer within this period (30) working days.
Land Registry Advisory Policy states that they will not provide “ANY” legal advice, if that the case , how can Alan H Smith be “Legally Qualified” and “Competent”  to decide who is the Legal owner of any Land and Property,
Particularly on the evidence of  two coloured photographs of an Outside Toilet and door.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Buying a Council House in Hartlepool can be Hazardous and Costly

Tuesday 13th September 2011.

I wish to Thank once again  my Member of Parliament, Iain Wright M.P. for Hartlepool, who has informed me, to-day,  that  he has received a letter of acknowledgement from the  Customer Service office  of Land Registry, in respect of my Serious Allegation of  Misfeasance in Public Office by Officers employed in Land Registry, Durham,
Who state they will give a full response as soon as possible,
Does this mean that  a possible Internal Investigation will be  launched at last, into my allegations,  that I was defrauded of a part of our legally purchased Land and Property, first “ Registered” with Land Registry on 29th March 1984 on Land Title Deeds CE 74844.”Absolute”.  Watch this space !
In the Interest of  fair play,  and to keep  my M.P. Iain Wright up to speed on my Complaints  regarding  Land Registry and Hartlepool Borough Council,
(they have both played a disgraceful part in this sordid affair ) and I have Documentary Evidence to prove it.
 I think a little background information is required to enable everyone else  interested, and  any one who purchases a ex-Council House has in my case, or property by a “Mortgage”  should be particularly vigilant and know what you should guard against in dealing with Land Registry.  And to form an opinion on this on- going dispute with both Hartlepool Borough Council, in particular the Planning Department and Land Registry, Durham. “Remember” It could happen to you,
 “Everything is Funny as long as it is happening to somebody else,” (Will Rogers)
I wish to make it clear from the start that this Peaceable Protest  is“NOT”  I repeat “NOT” a planning application dispute as such, it is, and always was,
a Protest against the Granting of a Controversial Retrospective Planning application H/2009/0568,  by Richard Trow, Planning Officer  and Mr Reece, Development Control Manager, of Hartlepool Council,  who decided  to “Grant” this particular controversial application, without any input or discussion with the Elected Councillors of the Planning Committee , and in the full knowledge that the Controversial Retrospective  application  was invalid,  in that  it contained Fraudulent Documents, in the form  of Ownership  Certificates “A” and “B”.  claiming  Ownership of Land and Property  “NOT” in their Legal Land Title. DU 37533.These ownership certificates are part of the standard application form.
1 September 2010
Dear Sir,
Thanks for your enquiry to the Department for Communities and Local Government. The answers to your questions are:

Ownership certificates
50. Under section 65(5) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, read in conjunction with Article 7 of the GDPO, the local planning authority “must not” entertain an application for planning permission unless the relevant certificates concerning the ownership of the application site have been completed. All applications for planning permission must therefore include the appropriate certificate of ownership. An ownership certificate A, B, C or D must be completed stating the ownership of the property. For this purpose an ‘owner’ is anyone with a freehold interest, or leasehold interest the unexpired term of which is not less than seven years. Ownership certificates must also be completed for applications for listed building consent, and conservation area consent for demolition.
David Cameron (Prime Minister; Witney, Conservative) Questions September 7 th 2011,

What I would say is that it is a basic issue of fairness: everyone in this country has to obey the law, including the law about planning permission Where this has been done without permission it is an illegal development
Richard Trow Planning Case Officer for Hartlepool Borough Council, was  I believe , the  draughtsman, who first  drew-up  the  drawing for the Planning application, later changed to a  Retrospective Application, H/2009/0568,
( NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST THERE THEN ) after it was discovered
that the kitchen extension previously erected  had been built without Planning Permission, and was  physically attached (Tied-In)  to  our  detached outside single skin NON-LOAD BEARING Rear Wall of the  Wash-House, Completely Blocking off the Ventilation Ducts  and preventing
 the uninterrupted free flow of any build up of Toxic Gasses to the outside atmosphere, leaving a possible very dangerous situation of Fire or Explosion., if anyone attempted to ignite the internal Gas Boiler. ( I  later  had the Gas supply disconnected )  it had also  caused structural damage to our Wash -House building.

My neighbours asked if  they  could have a meeting to discuss the problems and would we agree to Produce our Land Title Deeds CE74844, for Inspection and Compare them with their Land Title Deeds DU 37533,
in the interest of good neighbours we agreed, to a meeting to take place in our home, It very soon become apparent  after both Title Deeds had been thoroughly examined by all parties, that the Detached Wash-House  in dispute was in our Land Title CE74844 “Absolute” and  we were the undisputed  legal owners, and had been since it had been  first “Registered” at Land Registry, on  29th March, 1984.
 The neighbours  Title Deeds  DU37533,  were examined , inspected and compared by all present , they  showed “NO” details that could be construed  as ownership of any Land or Property in  this dispute.
 Nor could they produce any other documentation to challenge our ownership.
Nothing ,  not one single Document,  NO” pre-purchase  “Sale of Council House” Property Search and Survey  by  B.R. Davies, B .S .c. C. Eng. M.I.C.E.  Senior Engineer and Chief Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council , the (Seller)  to compare to ours below. ( after all is said and done, ) B.R. Davies, B .S .c. C. Eng. M.I.C.E.  Senior Engineer and Chief Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council, held the same office of Chief Surveyor,  in 1972, the Time of the sale  of Council Property, DU 37533,  Registered and Recorded and was responsible for all Council Surveys  as below:-
 also  Examined  was  our  Pre-Purchase “Sale of Council House” Property Search and Survey , No. M44684 by B.R. Davies, B .S .c. C. Eng. M.I.C.E.  Senior Engineer and Chief Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council , dated September 1983 , which also had attached a “Hand Written” Survey Report Document”  for the attention of the “BUYERS” Solicitors, Levinson, Walker & Lister, of  Hartlepool  clearly “ Confirming”  that “ALL” the Land and Property Details Surveyed, and  Recorded on Land Title Deeds CE 74844 “Absolute” had been “Checked“ and were “Validated”  as  “CORRECT”  Dated,  September 1983?  
 In the light of all this Documentary Evidence our neighbour accepted that
They had been mistaken and after requesting to view and  inspect the structural damage their extension had caused, to our property,  she  said, she would stop  any further building work they had planned  and would rectify the structural damage to our property.  August 2008, (I could say more, but will not at this moment of time )      

Like a any good neighbour of 46 years, I accepted  these  promises  made and had no doubt that they would be honoured. Needless to say, I was  later very Disappointed  and Disgusted , when we received a B141 application from Land Registry, in  October 2008,
more on my challenge to Land Registry and  this B141 application, in my next post, and  I will explain in more detail the following :-

It beggars belief that someone in a position of authority in Land Registry,   could think it’s acceptable as Definitive Proof of  Property Ownership,
To accept the following:-

(a) Documents that are “NOT”  described as an “Official Copy of The Register of Entries”  and are therefore “NOT” admissible as Evidence of the contents of the Register, (Under Section 67 of the Land Registration Act 2002, )

(b) Two (2)  Coloured Photographs of an Outside Toilet Door.
The above is no joke,
A person is Entitled to Rely on the Contents of the Land Register as “Definitive” evidence of the state of the Legal Title and anyone who, in placing reliance on the  Registers, suffers loss because of an error by the Registrar, is generally entitled to compensation.! ?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Who Says Members of Parliament Don't Care

Who Says Members of Parliament don’t Care
Tuesday 6TH  September 2011.

My Member of Parliament Mr Iain Wright, M.P. has Responded to my Letter of Complaint, published on this  Blog. On Friday 22nd July 2011.
Be Prepared to Stand Up and Fight for Your Right to Own Your Home

 A little  Background History of my Long and Loud  Campaign to expose  the Dishonest and Suspicious  possible Criminal activities committed by Officers employed by Land Registry, Durham and similar dishonest activities by employees of Hartlepool Borough Council.

I still believe that Favouritism, Nepotism, Cronyism, personal Greed,  is still  very much alive  and kicking, in  Hartlepool Council Chambers, as is the
 memory loss epidemic sweeping through the Chambers, The “I don’t recall saying that” is such a great get out of jail free card,

Common sense and logic would dictate that any person with such a lousy memory would be lying ( where have I heard that word before ) or are simply incompetent, anyway, I think there are many in Hartlepool Council both Elected and Unelected who are in urgent need of Psychiatric  treatment or at least an assessment,  it appears that quite a number of Elected and Unelected Officers,  are becoming obsessed , anxious and appear depressed ,
could  it possible be that the disgraceful decision to close the Hartlepool  Hospital  has anything to do with it.?

 No,  I am not a Doctor in support of the Hospital, although I do think it should remain open, nor do I  have any Legal Knowledge, to challenge the diabolical decision by Officers of Land Registry, Durham, I have no qualifications,  none at all , when  leaving the “Eton” College, of the North, “Galley’s Field”  on the Headland. In 1946,
But I can’t forget  my  wonderful memory’s of all the boy’s and girls, I knew there. a slap around the Lugs or a Kick up the arse were every day events, still I love to reminisce ?    No complaints. None what’s  so ever.
I am a bit freaked by these  thoughts, , don’t  know why, it  just sounds scary!
Most boys and girls I knew have now left us, but they  have left me with some  wonderful memories.! Thanks ,

All  and  Any Views, Comments and Opinions Expressed here,  are those of the “author “ me.  But I digress,
The Nation Press and Television have in the past been very Critical, to many
 Members of Parliament and rightly so, their  Expenses Scandal  and other Criminal Acts resulting in Prison for some ,should  I believe , be exposed to public view and any Dishonest Politician or Civil Servant  or Council Officer, Should and must be  held accountable for their wrongdoing, no-one should be above the Law. Although some think otherwise and some in Hartlepool,  even  think they can walk on water ?

Having said that, it gives me this opportunity to say a very big THANK YOU to my Member of Parliament Mr. Iain Wright, M.P. for Hartlepool.

Who in a Letter  sent to me,  from  the House of Commons, thanking me for bringing to his attention  my Complaints of Serious Dishonest  Misconduct against  Government Employed officers at Land Registry, Durham. and published on this Blog. and also available

Mr Iain Write, M.P.  for Hartlepool, states in his letter,  that in order to assist me as much as he can he has written on my behalf to Mr. Malcolm Dawson OBE, Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive of the Land Registry,

he has asked Mr Malcolm Dawson OBE, to ensure that my Complaints are thoroughly Investigated and my Serious Allegations are Reviewed, he said he will keep me informed of any developments.

So to assist the Investigation by Mr Malcolm Dawson OBE , I have included the main points of the  Suspicious  Documents  contained in the B141 application to change the “Recorded ” Details first “Registered” on Title Deeds CE 74844 “Absolute”  with Land Registry in  March 1984.
(which of course I will publish on this site )

“A Little background information to my Complaints
I have been trying for 3 years to get Land Registry  and Hartlepool Council, to Investigate my Serious Allegations, supported by Incontrovertible Evidence,  and many Freedom of Information Requests to Land Register , and to Hartlepool Borough Council, which  I have previously said, are all available on the WHATDOTHEYKNOW site

it is very difficult for anyone to get a Government Department or a Council  to commence an Investigation into any allegation of wrongdoing or even  the Suspicious Conduct of  Council Colleagues employed in their own department!  Everyone knows where the bodies are buried,  but are afraid to speak, and this is  not just confined to Hartlepool Planning Department.
The start of my Campaign for Justice, commenced when I first objected to a Planning application , in August 2008, later  changed, after my objection, into a Retrospective Planning application  H/2009/0568.
Later I received a B141 From Land Registry, Durham. To be continued,

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Freedom of Information Request to Hartlepool Council.

Freedom of Information Requests,                   Saturday 6thAugust 2011          
Documentary Planning Records
Dear Freedom of Information Officer,

  A  recent report  available in an  edition of  “Private Eye” ( No.1294.)  highlighted  in “Rotten  Boroughs”  stated that some Council Officials destroyed all Controversial planning decisions,  because of “lack of storage space“ , an act
a local government ombudsman called “an  extraordinary and inexcusable act of maladministration “ it was further stated that  “all” Councils have a Statutory Duty to Retain all “Planning Documentary Records “

In the light of the above report, can Hartlepool Borough Council, Confirm that they “Do” abide by their Statutory Duties and retain “All” Planning Documentary Records, both initial planning and controversial applications.
And if Not, Why Not.

In view of the Statutory Duties imposed on Hartlepool Borough Council to Retain “all” planning Documentary Records, can I further request that you provide me with “any” and   “all”  copies of Documentary “Evidence” and “Information”  obtained  by your enforcement officer  Paul Burgon ,that  he used to reach his conclusion,  when he claimed he had  established  a Planning and Building Regulation “ history check” which confirmed that the extension  built by my neighbour  without Planning Permission, and later submitted as a  Retrospective Application  H / 2009 / 0568,  had remained “unchallenged” for 4 years or more, therefore the extension cannot be enforced against. ?

I also left an annotation  as follows,
This is not the first time I have used this site WhatDoTheyKnow to try and obtain information from Hartlepool Council, a list of all my requests are on this site, other request to my Member of Parliament  etc. are on my blog.
I have been trying for over 3 years to expose to Public view some very suspicious decisions made by a few unelected Council Officers, and without the help of this site and  the encouragement of few dedicated supporters ,I would have given up some time ago, one very dear friend sent this,

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing
Thanks Sheila

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Be Prepared to Stand Up and Fight for Your Right to Own Your Home

Instances of Land and Property Fraud are Increasing.
Friday 22nd July.
While surfing the Internet to-day, I read that  Stephen Parry, commercial director at Landlord Assist, stated that landlords should have a correspondence address held by the Land Registry to ensure they are notified if anyone tries to interfere with their title to the property.

 “I say any law abiding citizen would agree.”

He further  says: “In addition,  Property owners should  include in their title a restriction requiring the Land Registry “NOT”  to register any change to the title, including change of ownership or mortgage, without their consent.”

“Sound Common Sense.”

I personally find his words of wisdom very refreshing in deed. So much so, that having at this very moment in time, after nearly three (3) years  of swimming up a river of treacle , in  my attempt to have a Government Authority Land Registry,  commence an  Internal Investigation into my Serious Allegations of Land and Property Fraud, by Officers of Land Registry, Durham. With very little success,  they  did apologise and award me £300,  for some mistakes, which I returned, (more on this later )

I have  decided to seek the assistance and support  of my Democratically Elected Member of Parliament, for Hartlepool,  in my attempt to exposed to Public View those officers who have committed dishonest and unlawful acts in Public Office. (I leave readers to form their own opinions of Motive )
By posting on this Blog a weekly update of my Three (3) years struggle with Land Registry and Hartlepool Borough Council , who’s Internet Complaints Procedure is  Unworkable and a Complete and Utter waste of Time.

Friday 22nd July 2001.
Letter  to Mr Iain Wright, Member of Parliament, Hartlepool.

Dear Mr. I. Wright, M.P. for Hartlepool.

It is with some hesitation that I write directly to you, as my Member of Parliament for Hartlepool,  but as you were  Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Communities and Local Government (28 Jun 2007 to 10 Jun 2009) in the last Government , I honestly feel  you will be keen to be made aware of my Allegations of wrongdoing both by Land Registry and some officers of Hartlepool Borough Council.

Land Registry have shown a total Indifference to Commence any Investigation into my  Allegations of Property Fraud, by officers
of Land Registry, Durham.

in a  B.B.C.  T.V. News  Programme “ Land Register too Open  to Fraud”  Broadcast  to the General public on Monday, 30th March 2009
Julie Jenkins,  who claimed to be Head of Fraud , stated:-

"We need to ensure there's a balance between Protecting the Individual
 and Protecting the Property and that's what we're “HERE”  to do ,

“ Protect People's Assets - One of the Most Important Assets they've got."

Land Registry  told the B.B.C. they  had an “Aggressive Anti-Fraud Policy”
and reported that Land Registry has paid “ Out £36 million pounds”  in compensation for “ Fraud “ since 2005, and suggested that
“ANY” Allegations of Land or Property Fraud should be Reported to “Julie Jenkins” Head of Fraud at Land Registry ?.
Which I have repeatedly done, all to no avail, Land Registry no longer wish to correspond with me ---I wonder why ?

Sondh Gurmale  Freedom of Information Officer for Land Registry,
on June 30th 2010, in reply to my request regarding the above , informed me that Land Registry do “NOT” have a Dedicated Department to Investigate
“ ALL “ alleged Land Property Frauds, therefore how can “” Julie Jenkins “
be HEAD of a Fraud department that does “NOT”  exist.

The B.B.C. have confirmed that a search by B.B.C. Engineers following my  additional F.O.I. request , had  Confirmed my inquiry and that the interview with Julie Jenkins  had been Broadcasted  to the General Public on 30th March 2009 and  was in fact recorded. ?

The Responsibility for Broadcasting  such Misleading and  Completely Untrue  Statements by Land Registry and  Julie Jenkins to the General Public  must  rest with Land Registry and not the B.B.C.

There is Definitely something Suspiciously Unsavoury if not Downright
Criminal and Dishonest about Land Registry’s Continued “SILENCE”
and Obvious Reluctance  to Investigate  “MY”  very Serious Allegations of Land and Property Fraud Committed by Employees of Land Registry.

 It would not be right or proper for you as the Democratically Elected   Member of Parliament for Hartlepool , not to be made fully aware of  MY  Serious  Allegations,  and I feel sure that you will agree with me that “ALL”  Despicable Dishonest Activities are clearly not in the “Public Interest” and should be fully Investigated by the Proper Authorities. and any Dishonest and Criminal activities should be Exposed in the Public Domain and  those responsible held accountable for their actions.
May I ask you Mr. Wright as my Member of  Parliament for Hartlepool,  to Inquire of Land Registry “WHY” my Serious Allegations .of  wrong doing, incompetence, negligent misrepresentation, and misfeasance in public office, by Andrew Schofield, Office Manager, Richard Fernley , Land Register, Alan Smith , and Tony Lowes all employed at Land Registry, Durham. Have not been Investigated, or Reported for a Police Investigation. or Alternatively brought to the Attention of the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

In addition can you  Re-Assure and Confirm to  the General Public and in Particular all Hartlepool Citizens who “Purchased Council Houses” ,(myself included)) that all Ownership  Details , of Property, Conveyed, Registered and Recorded with  Land Registry, is as  Land Registry Publicly Claim, in their Land Registration Act 2002, Public Guide  8, August 2009,  that a “Registered Land  Title” is     “GUARANTEED”,
(c )
Or is this another Misleading and Completely Untrue Legal Statement  as was the Julie  Jenkins “Aggressive Anti-Fraud Policy” Broadcast on B.B.C. T.V. Broadcasted  to the General Public on 30th March 2009.
(d )
Does it allow Land Registry Authorities to Override the  Legal Conveyance of Property ( from seller to buyer )  as they do now ? if they don’t like the details  recorded.  They appear to be above the law.

“Somebody needs to go into the Land Registry , and find out what actually is going on there. It is clear that Land Registry at present is unfit for purpose.”

A full history of my Complaints and  FOI requests and all Correspondence, to   Land Registry Durham  and Hartlepool Borough Council relating to these Serious Fraudulent matters, which are combined, are available on the Internet at these addresses. flounders  To ensure that a Full Record of this Correspondence is available in future I Intend to include it on my Blog.

More to follow, I intend to post my History of my Objection to a B141 Application next.

Friday, 8 July 2011

They Can't all have won the Lottery

Swindler Douglas Brown siphoned off £2m

Hartlepool is once again is in the news, unfortunately not for the right reasons,

The town remains most famous for its quaint but probably inaccurate legend that during the Napoleonic war its inhabitants, the local fishermen and women of the Headland  now often referred  to as “Crofters”
summarily hung , after a long trial ?  a monkey washed up on the Fish Sands,  from a shipwreck, in the belief that it was a French spy , as it could not speak nor understand the local “Crofters” gibberish.
Hartlepudlians, or Codheads, like  myself ,  are still known  around the world, as “monkey-hangers”).  ?

I have no doubt that we here  in Hartlepool have attracted in the past and will continue to do so,  far more than our fair  share of the villains and  scum bags of society born and bred in the North-East,

I recently read an article in the Sunday Sun that  revealed  the secret life of
Cunning Douglas Brown which claimed that he was  one of the biggest fraudsters the North has ever seen.  Who very nearly brought an international company to its knees when he siphoned off more than £2.4m over 11 years  to fund his lavish lifestyle.

The Sunday Sun  said Brown appeared to be a normal family man – entrusted to run Palmer UK, the British-operation of American firm Palmer International, Inc. based in “Hartlepool”

The business boss claimed he was making pre-payments to suppliers of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, used by Palmer UK, in the manufacture of brake-linings. Instead he was pocketing the money. He plundered funds for more than a decade through an elaborate scheme

Brown tricked auditors by laying a false paper trail, while keeping real records of how he had switched the cash in locked cabinets in his office
The 63-year-old, former co-chief executive of the company, was jailed for seven years in 2009 after admitting 31 counts of obtaining money transfers by deception between November 1995 and February 2007.

That statement  that he was one of the biggest fraudsters could be challenged, simply because I believe, that we in  the North-East , have had, and  appear to maintain a  history of producing some  of the most Outstanding Criminal minds in the world  of theft and dishonesty, particularly in  politics ,

Who  could  ever forget T. Dan Smith,  the mouth of the Tyne,
ably assisted by Andy Cunningham, J. B. Poulson,  and many others,

 Mr Monkey’s  recent  allegations  of Council corruption on South Tyneside are unbelievable , history again repeating itself. ?
Much more hanky panky is still to be exposed  there , and here in Hartlepool,   I think .

We are not allowed to  forget , John and Anne Darwin, the couple from  Seaton  Carew,   who staged a  sham fatal canoeing accident in a £250,000 insurance scam, it could even be more.

Mr Darwin, 57, was sentenced to six years and three months after admitting seven charges of obtaining money by deception and a passport offence. His wife, who claimed that she was forced to take part in the scheme, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years after being convicted of 15 counts of fraud.

Another “Hartlepool” born  Labour politician, M.P. Frank Cook, who
represented Stockton North which includes Billingham  and Wolviston, until last year, failed in his bid to sue The Sunday Telegraph,  which had reported he claimed back £5 expenses for a church donation ?
 Which was put into a collection by an aide who represented him at a “Battle of Britain” memorial service. Unbelievable conduct, especially from an M.P.  or is it ?

Mr. Frank Cook also lost his seat in last years General Election after he was de-selected by the Labour Party and standing as an Independent candidate.

It is worthwhile remembering that the information which finally exposed these greedy and dishonest M.P. freeloaders had originally been sought under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Not all locally elected councillors and public officials in "Hartlepool"  are “Scoundrels” looking after their own interests, but there are some  in Hartlepool who seem to have prospered financially after gaining office,

They can’t all have won the lottery , or can they ?

In view  of the following message from the Prime Ministers office, No.10, to-day   when a spokesman said :-

"What matters is that all wrongdoing is exposed and those responsible for these appalling acts are brought to justice,  this was regarding the News of the World, but I think it also applies to dishonest  Councils , and Hartlepool is no exception.

I personally find it very difficult to decide who is the worst, the Elected Councillors who remain Suspiciously Silent,  ?  although they must be aware of these Underhanded Practices done in their name?
The Guilty paid Council Officers who are allowed to make these Decisions, Unopposed, knowing, that to Complain  to Hartlepool Borough Council ,is a Complete Waste of time.

Because  any citizen with a grievance  will be completely ignored, you don’t  matter,  the so called political  elite will decide what's good for you'.  Whether you like it or not, and there is very little you can do about it at the moment,  and they know that,

 Look what is happening to us regarding the  imminent  closing of Hartlepool Hospital, and many other issues,  just proves what I have previously said, at the moment they think they are above the law and some think they can walk on water, but I still think that they will get their feet wet very  shortly !

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mr. Monkey and South Tyneside Council

An  anonymous Blogger named Mr Monkey,  has certainly ruffled and exposed to public view  a number of Councillors and Officials at  A North-East Labour Controlled  South Tyneside Council,  ,which is based in South Shields,  who have been pursuing legal action in the  U.S.A.  against  an anonymous Tyneside "Blogger" known as Mr.Monkey
 who has levelled a stream of allegations and criticisms against Councillors and Council Officers, (Nothing New There Then)   if they can't stand the Heat ,leave the kitchen.

Since 2008 Mr Monkey's  allegations against Councillors have ranged from Ballot-Rigging,”  “Drug-taking" and "Fiddling Expenses" I always thought that was par for the course, and even claimed that One Councillor Successfully Ordered a Public Bus to Turn around and Pick him up from a Pub late at night.
 ( can’t see anything wrong there can you “brother” )

The legal action to unmask the Culprit was brought by Three Councillors and One Senior Official:“ Ian Malcolm,“ the Council’s Labour Leader, “David Potts“ , former Conservative Group Leader who is now an independent, Anne Walsh, a Labour Councillor, and Rick O’Farrell, head of enterprise and regeneration.
  Is history repeating itself,

 I remember the “Mouth of the Tyne “ or Mr. Newcastle T.Dan Smith .
Friend, John Poulson, and don’t forget  Andrew “Andy” Cunningham,

Even the Three First Class scoundrels “Blair,”  “Brown” and the Prince of Darkness Himself,  would have had to  kept their hands in their pockets when those boys were around ?  looks like allegations  of corruption involving politicians ? Is again on the move . Things haven’t changed. just the names.

According to the Telegraph,
Mark Stephens, a leading media lawyer who has represented  Julian Assange the founder of “Wilki Leaks” after the US government sought to obtain his Twitter account details, said: “I think it is inappropriate for a local authority to spend money on this kind of exercise. Local authorities cannot sue for libel and, if individual councillors have been defamed, they should take proceedings at their own cost.”

I received a similar answer from Hartlepool  Borough Council (I think ) in reply to my F.O.I. request in September 2010. available on What Do They Know Site
More to follow on taking legal action against Officers of Hartlepool Council.

This  action is believed to have cost “Council Tax Payers “ hundreds of thousands of pounds.  “ Not , you will note, their own money”  very similar if not Identical to Hartlepool Borough Council's  policy of spending or shall I say wasting Tax payers money ?

No doubt I will be criticised,  but I would like readers to remember that for over 65 Years I was , as was my late father, a Fanatical, I mean a real Fanatical  Labour Supporter, Old Labour, not that Cynical invention of Blair, Brown and the Prince of Darkness Himself,  Peter Mandelson ,  once M.P. and now Freeman  for my home town “Hartlepool” Unbelievable , but true.
The labour party died, after John Smith.  And the above scoundrels came  on to the scene  and high-jacked a once decent political party,

Monday, 2 May 2011

Local Brus Ward Election

Sunday 2nd May 2011.

A quick update of my  activities of late and my apologies, if anyone is interested , of my lack of blogging  recently due to illness.

I am currently recovering from a another attack of what I can only call Gouty Arthritis, very painful, which , in addition to my other cocktail of health problems,  have kept me housebound and in fact bed bound for over five weeks recently, unfortunately my wife also suffers with a walking problem, so much so that we have purchased a  wheelchair for her and a Electric Mobility Scooter for myself, I did  intend to buy from E-Bay a name plate for the Electric Scooter,  but I was a little disappointed to note that my preferred choice of “codhead” was seen in town and obviously already taken by another I assume,   old Hartlepudlian,

I’m thinking of trying  for “fishface “ which my wife says it’s a  fair description for an ageing old fart and a  ex-pupil  of Galley’s Field Secondary  Modern  (aka. The Eton of the North )  you don’t get an education like that these days, ( left 1946 ) .

 To-Day, I received my first  BRUS WARD Local Council Election leaflet, entitled
“ITS TIME FOR CHANGE “, Michelle Anne Plant.  which is exactly what very many of the honest citizens of Hartlepool have been shouting  about for some considerable time, on the “ONLY” site that their views can be  read,
I won’t bore you with the intricate details ,feel free to go and have a look for yourselves:  a site well worth a visit.

Needless to say, I personally cannot support  anyone seeking re-election and claiming to be your “committed” local Independent candidate , what as she achieved  to-date, NOTHING-- she also says she will resolve all residents issues  who contact  her,  this statement  IS COMPLETE AND UTTER RUBBISH ,  a political lie, whether you agree with me is a matter of choice,

I have had a personal experience in submitting my “one “ and  “only”  complaint  to Councillor Michelle Anne Plant,  she did visit our home once,  and after viewing the neighbours extension built without planning permission and physically attached to our wash-house back wall, stated after inspecting our Land Title Property Deeds that it was clear that we where the owners of the property in dispute, and quoted  “ I am on the Planning Committee and I will see to it that that extension built without Planning Permission will be demolished? Still waiting after two years +.

Not only was it not demolished but  was given retrospective planning permission by the unelected Planning Officer Richard Trow without going before the Planning Committee , so much for Democracy in Hartlepool,  and highlights the usefulness and  effectiveness  of Councillor Michelle Anne Plant on the Planning Committee. Unforgivable conduct.

She did send me a  couple of e-mails later,  which were meaningless, recommending that I take my complaint to the Ombudsman or the Civil Courts,?