Monday, 24 October 2011

A Record of Further Questions and Answers to Hartlepool Council

I am please to say that I recently (last) Friday 21 October 2011) received the following e-mail,  from a very good Internet site, As follows :-
Two weeks ago we sent your letter to Iain Write, your M.P. ( for reference, there’s a copy of your letter at the bottom of this E-Mail)

I did write to thank Iain Wright M.P. for Hartlepool, for His involvement in my complaints to both Land Registry and Hartlepool Council, and to keep a record of my serious allegation of wrongdoing  in the Public Domain, I here publish the answer I received to a  Freedom of Information request to Hartlepool Council , a copy of which I sent through the Internet site,  to Ian Write. M.P. for Hartlepool.

Wednesday 5th October 2011.
Dear Freedom of Information Officer,
 Thank you for  your reply to my  FOI request  dated 6th August 2011.
Statutory Duty to Retain Documentary Planning Records,
as required by law.
Unfortunately I was unable to view, the under mention attachment I also received,
“it stated, sorry this type of document is not supported for viewing “?

Document 9.pdf  776K Download View as HTML

However The F.O.I. answer, did confirm that Hartlepool Borough Council has retained a copy of all planning records from 1947 onwards either electronically or paper copies.
The F.O.I. Officer also  confirmed that Paul Burgon visited my home  on 18th march 2009 during which Mr Burgon established that the outbuilding
had been erected in excess of 4 years, “ by looking at the materials of the building”? if this statement is true ? :-
I find it  totally “unbelievable” ,  am I to accept and believe that Paul Burgon, the enforcement officer ,can ascertain, by a simple ocular inspection, of the materials used in the construction of the extension, the date and time when the building was built.? This statement I find “absolutely ridiculous”
It would be interesting to know, what Building and Construction  Qualifications,  Paul Burgon , possesses which “might”  give some credence to such a staggering claim.?
In  additional  you also  claim , that during this visit, on 18th March was  understood by Mr Burgon, that I stated that the conservatory had been in situ in excess of four (4)  years, this I categorically “Deny“, it is Insulting,
Inaccurate , Misleading and Completely Untrue.
My e-mail of Complaint to Hartlepool Borough Council in August 2008 will confirm that until then, August 2008, I was unaware that my neighbours extension had been secretly and  physically attached to the rear wall of our detached wash-house
This is a very serious matter, land and property I legally purchase from Hartlepool Borough Council had  been Built on without Council Planning permission,  but most importantly of all, they have trespassed, built,  and  encroached on to my Property without my permission, causing considerable Criminal Structural  Damage.
Your property is probably the most valuable asset you own. That's why it's important you do whatever you can to protect it from the risk of fraud.
These ridiculous answers to my Serious Complaints and Requests for Information have turned my legitimate requests into a Circus-Like comedy
I am personally disappointed by Paul Burgon’s  failure to accurately recall
his visit on 18th March 2009,
It appears that he suffers from some form of memory loss, which appears to be endemic in Hartlepool Planning Department, Richard Trow also  appears to suffer from a similar Complaint, possibly amnesia, they both are unable to recall with accuracy the true events when visiting my home, which I thought was to Investigate and take photographs of the Criminal damage to the outside brickwork including the illegal complete blocking off to the outside atmosphere of the Gas Ventilation System, a very serious Safety Issue, possible Fire and Explosion,  the Large brass screws protruding through the rear wall, the encroachment over the top of my Wash-house roof,
the deliberate moving of the wall Cladding and the Guttering, to  deceitfully indicate that the stolen land and property was in other Ownership, these  items were  noted for “  future Council action “ , ? but to-date, completely ignored,

All the above items mentioned  are still clearly visible to view, by anyone of
Hartlepool Borough Council, both Elected or Unelected and who  may  possibly be interested in the Truth

It is possible that both Paul Burgon and his friend Richard Trow, Case Planning Officer,  have misplaced  the Photographs they both  took of the  criminal damage to the brickwork, as they took them at different times.
In the  light of the above statement, I do not think I can be accused of being pedantic or  maliciously vexatious , if I do not accept Paul Burgon’s  visible Inspection of the Illegal building extension, as definitive evidence that it had been erected in stu in excess of Four (4) years and can no longer be enforced against. for any breach of Statutory Regulations,  I believe that Criminal damage and Property Fraud are  not “Civil issues“ , and I believe have no time limit for redress. ( I  have recently received correspondence that  would indicate that my allegations of Fraud and  Dishonesty at Land Registry, are to be  investigated at a Senior Level,)  in the light of that, I think I will make no further comments at the moment )
Therefore I  request and would appreciate  some “Clarification”  and in particular  an “Explanation” on how the Enforcement Officer, Paul Burgon
Could Establish and Validate by a simple “visual inspection“,  and answer the following ;-
 on what date did work Commence to Construct  the Outside Conservatory , and in the course of your  Property Inspection on 18th March 2009, did it Conform to all  the Building and Safety Regulations, ?
On what “date” did the Planning and Building Regulation “History Check” you claim to have, Conducted, Reveal the important “date”  when the Building Construction Operations were Substantially “Completed”
(c )
 the Goggle Arial Photograph  you supplied certainly can  not be accepted as definitive evidence of time and date.? Of Completion.
All law abiding citizens and Council Tax payers are Legally Entitled to Submit Legitimate Complaints and Freedom of Information Request to their Local Council, and I maintain, that all, and any, alleged breaches of Planning Control received from Members of the Public, should always be Recorded and Investigated.
My genuine Complaints to Hartlepool Borough Council  since  August 2008, have still not been addressed, or honestly Investigated ?
I have  quite a number of e-mails, ( It is my Intention to publish all these e-mails from all Council officials in the near future on :-

that not only contradict the above  statements  but others, one e-mail from your Enforcement
 Officer Paul Burgon, stating for clarification  of a Breach of Condition Notice (BCN) and the 10 year rule ,
states that they are not  relevant in this case because your   neighbour's  extension  does not benefit  or
  Required  “Planning Permission.” ?

This   e-mail from Paul Burgon,  I still find totally confusing, say’s that “No” objections were recorded in a four (4) year period, when I myself,
lodged a complaint in “August” 2008, and again in September 2008,

I will continue to  up date this continuing exposure to Public Gaze of  this Breathtaking Arrogant Ridiculous  Behaviour, which shows,  in my opinion, a complete and utter contempt for the views of any  Hartlepool  Citizen  "who"  it should be remembered, pay the extravagant wages of these so called servants of the public.?

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