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Surely the job of the town council is to communicate with residents they are there to hold councillors to account for their decisions-consider if you will- my case-I can’t write to my democratically elected LABOUR town councillors- COOK & GRIFFIN- of the West-View - De-Brus Ward-they are part of the band- of conspirators-members of the same orchestra-they know the truth- but don’t want to get involved- or are afraid too- will I ever receive a sensible answer- or any answer -for that matter- from my local LABOUR Member of Parliament-IAIN WRIGHT M.P. your guess is as good as mine-

Here is evidence -received to-day- from “Facebook” to prove that Hartlepool Borough Council will go to hell and back- to - Hide the Truth from Public View- they are becoming increasingly desperate-to shut me up- I’m not finished yet- watch this space- someone will end up in jail-
  Warning received from Facebook –Monday evening- 11th April 2016

·         We have rendered the following content that you have posted on Facebook unavailable to users in the United Kingdom because we received a report from a third party that the content infringes or otherwise violates their rights:

·         "Further proof of purchase of our ex council house from Hartlepool Council in February 1984-and the suspicious NON reply to my serious allegations of Council Corruption from PETER DEVLIN-Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Council- & Iain Wright. M.P. - I want the whole wide world to know Hartlepool Labour Dominated Council is Totally Corrupt -it's really beginning to smell- Google the Coffin Dodger for more unsavoury but truthful exposures-"

·         We strongly encourage you to review the content you have posted to Facebook to make sure that you have not posted any other infringing content, as it is our policy to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers when appropriate.  I have read the message above

Where-then- are we supposed to turn to get issues in the town of Hartlepool investigated- the present Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council-PETER DEVLIN has been given- a number of previous opportunities to answer my serious allegations of Planning and Financial –Fraud-and Corruption- which our documentary evidence of property purchase proves- involving- Council Officials -but doesn’t respond- a clear indication that he is  also in Collusion with other Hartlepool Council Officials –and the Retrospective Planning applicant- to pervert the course of justice-in Public Office- who’s unlawful criminal actions- can and do- have devastating consequences on two (2) completely innocent elderly full council tax paying- - individuals.- please- remember- we have committed no wrongdoing whatsoever-? But  simply and legally purchased our ex-Council House-from Hartlepool Borough Council- Pursuant to the housing act 1980 and in Consideration of “Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Pounds-£5,750 - on the 1st February 1984- What’s wrong with that?
The next must be –CLEVELAND POLICE-

Saturday, 2 April 2016



                                     YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE       

Still awaiting a reply from Peter I’m above the law-and can walk on water-Devlin-the Chief Solicitor- of Hartlepool Borough Councils- and the LABOUR Member of Parliament for Hartlepool –Iain Wright- who-I have also Informed and Invited-to see for Himself this Carbuncle of a so called kitchen extension causing severe structural damage to a Constituents- Private property-on a number of occasions- without Success he most certainly does not wish to know!
The overriding stench of Corruption like rotten fish pervaded the air of Hartlepool.
I owe my continued determination to continue to expose the Corruption festering away in the bowels of Hartlepool Labour Dominated Council- to BOB CROW-1961-2014- - love him or hate him- his quote-His words NOT - mine-I believe was spot on the money- and it fits all occasions-of life- and can never be challenged-“ be honest-isn’t  what BOB - said-the TRUTH.

“If you fight you might lose-BUT if you don’t fight -you will always lose”- very sound and true advice

I offer as my post this week a reprise of one I wrote several years ago. http://alanflounders.blog                                                                          
I hope this little piece helps to provide some useful information on Hartlepool Borough Council Corruption and Retrospective Planning applications-
Just imagine- if some arrogant-I’ve got- more money than you-and have some-very-important-influential friends on Hartlepool  Council-so none of the planning rules or property laws apply to us- built- this un-safe- ugly monstrosity next door to you.-and attached to the rear wall of your detached outside wash-house-preventing your family the safe use of the -Wash House facilities-which- remember- you had  bought and paid-for-from Hartlepool Council in February 1984 !   What do you do  -
Do you lay down and accept it! –I don't think that would be your real honest- response, would it?
                     Or do you get of your knees and Object?

Remember-these particular- Planning applicants-H/2009/0568- Have history of receiving preferential and favourable treatment-from Hartlepool  Borough Council- (operating a taxi business from a council house- springs to mind) they had and obviously still have- very-important-influential friends on the –Hartlepool Council- they Conspired to Circumvent planning laws-with the enthusiastic help-of Hartlepool Council Officials-from day one- by being dishonest and devious- intending-to Pervert the Course of Justice- first by submitting :-
(a)  fraudulent ownership certificate-A.B.C.D-in their original planning application H/2008/0467-to Hartlepool Council in August 2008-later changed to Retrospective Planning Application H/2009/0568-falsely claiming part ownership of the property on which they had previously erected part of a kitchen extension- without seeking council planning permission- here- above-is a photograph of the unfinished kitchen and toilet extension-attached to our property- causing severe damage to the property-which would you “believe” we purchased - in all good faith from Hartlepool Borough Council- themselves- in February 1984 !  

(b)  Does the granting of a Certificate of Lawfulness and Retrospective Planning permission –for the above kitchen extension attached to property NOT in the ownership of the planning applicant-NOT -stink of corruption?

(c)  Just a thought- is it possible that Hartlepool Borough Council committed Property Fraud- by selling to us- for Consideration of Five Thousand Seven Hundred And Fifty Pounds-£5,750.00”- in February 1984-part of our freehold land and property they had previously sold to another- ? surely that alone is worth an answer- PETER DEVLIN- chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Councildo you-the original seller of the property- still doubt the authenticity of our purchase and sole ownership- and what  genuine documentary evidence do you have – to support such a spurious  controversial claim- and are you prepared to produce it !
Land Registry Durham- can't ? despite repeated requests-

•The above photograph- is also evidence of a clear breach of the European Convention of Human Rights-Article 1-Protacol 1- now incorporated in British Law-which-says -every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of His/Her Possessions! 

It is also- unlawful for a public authority-unless you live in Hartlepool- to act in a way which is incompatible with a Convention right-this European Law- also-imposes an obligation on Hartlepool Council NOT to interfere with peaceful enjoyment of property; or deprive a person of their legally purchased possessions; or subject a person’s possession to control it also breaches the Health and Safety at work act 1974 and numerous other building regulations!

        You don’t normally get to pick and choose which laws-you think are in your best interest to follow unless of course -you have some-very-important-influential friends on Hartlepool Borough Council- a few names spring to mind- Alyson Carman Solicitor and Complaints Reviewer- Hayley Martin –Solicitor-and Freedom of Information Officer- Richard  Trow Project Planning Officer & self-confessed draughtsman’s of the kitchen extension-Mr. Reece-Development Control Manager-Paul Burgon- Council Enforcement Officer-
( see my report of Paul Burgons home visit-just Google the Coffin Dodger-it’s there for all the world to see )

•May I also remind you of the following answer given by David Cameron (British Conservative Prime Minister- Member of Parliament for Witney-) in Parliamentary Questions 7th September 2011-

“What I say is that it is a basic issue of fairness, everyone in this country has to obey the law, including the law about planning permission “Where this is been done without permission -it is an Illegal development?

To prove their-Blatant Duplicity it is important to remember that Mr/Mrs E Bennisin- the Retrospective Planning Applicants-H/2009/0568- had previously requested on 7th August 2008- a meeting with their immediate next door neighbours-us- on whose property-remember-they had illegally erected and attached the above unfinished Kitchen Extension–to examine and compare BOTH sets of Registered Land Title-permission for such an examination of legal documents-was immediately grantedwhich we convened- and held-in our home- on Monday 11th August 2008.
We wish it to be known by all- in the Public Domain- that we knew- we were under NO legal obligation to agree to such a meeting- But we -did –simply because we are a decent- full council tax paying Law abiding family-with NO criminal background-& nothing to hide!

                                                               THE MEETING REQUESTED
                                    THE RETROSPECTIVE APPLICANTS
The meeting -established and confirmed-beyond any reasonable -doubt that Mr/Mrs E Bennison-had NEVER repeat-NEVER Purchased any of the freehold ex council estate-Registered Title CE 74844-“Absolute” from Hartlepool Borough Council-in 1972- Documents-examined- proving OUR legal purchase of the Registered Estate Land Title CE 74844-“Absolute” from Hartlepool Borough Council in 1984-
(still available for examination-) consisted of the following-

The Original freehold ex-council land property-Title Deeds-CE 74844-“Absolute” we purchased in all good faith from Hartlepool Council in February 1984- Pursuant to the Housing Act 1980 and in Consideration of “Five Thousand Seven Hundred And Fifty Pounds £5,750.00”- the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by Hartlepool Borough Council-hereinafter- called the (Transferor) as beneficial owner hereby Conveys to ALAN HARVEY FLOUNDERS and JACQUELINE FLOUNDERS his WIFE-the Land Shown and Edged- with RED-on the title plan bound up within and with the Dwelling House-and Other Buildings-thereon known as Number 48 Ridlington Way-Hartlepool-!

The whole of the estate was -Conveyed- Transferred- Recorded- Filed- and Registered with Land Registry Durham- in BOTH the PROPERTY and PROPRIETORSHIP REGISTERS by the -Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council-J ANTHONY BROWN on the-29th-3-1984-

The Register of Title CE74844 “Absolute” and Title Plan-is Considered at Law- to be- the Definitive Proof of Ownership for Registered Freehold ex-council house- property-we purchased in all good faith from Hartlepool Council in February 1984-

Richard Trow-Project Planning Officer- Mr. Reece-Development Control Manager- would be expected to know or should have known-the Law on Planning-and the contents of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990-particularly- sections-65(5) & 65(6)-ownership documents are a Statutory Requirement- read in conjecture with (article7)- the Local Planning authority “MUST NOT”–entertain a planning application “UNLESS” the Relevant “Certificates” concerning “Ownership” of the planning applicants “SITE” have been completed-an "Ownership Certificate” A-B-C-D- MUST- be completed-stating the Ownership of the Property” for this purpose-an “OWNER” is anyone with a Freehold” interest- source- the office of the –Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government- Rt.Hon. Eric Pickles M.P. in answer to my Freedom of Information request—

Copies sent-:-to the following -

Iain Wright  LABOUR M.P. for Hartlepool-
Jonathan Arnott     MEP-UKIP
Peter Devlin-           Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Council-
Alyson Carman       Solicitor and Complaints Reviewer- –
Hayley Martin         Solicitor-and Freedom of Information Officer-
Richard Trow-            Project Panning Officer
Mr. Reece-                Development Control Manager-    
Paul Burgon-            Council Enforcement Officer

Friday, 1 April 2016


                             NOTES MADE ON MONDAY EVENING -AUGUST 11TH 2008-
 from my archives

·         We wish to have it known–that we were under NO legal or moral obligation to allow our next door neighbours- to enter our home and allow them unrestricted access to inspect and examine ALL of our Evidence of Legal Purchase –of the ex-council House --in all good faith- from- Hartlepool Council- in FEBRUARY 1984- we did it–quite simply- because we considered ourselves–DECENT-HONEST- LAW ABIDING- OLD- FASIONED NEIGHBOURS-
·         Our next door neighbour -arrived promptly at 10.00 am. on the morning-of Monday 11th August 2008- and after a Close and -Careful Inspection and examination- of both sets of Land Title Deeds-DU 37533- (theirs) she paid particularly attention to- ours- Title Deeds-CE74844 “Absolute” freehold ex-council property we purchased in all good faith from Hartlepool Council in February 1984-

·         Pursuant to the Housing Act 1980 and in consideration of Five thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds-£5,750.00- the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by Hartlepool Borough Council-who hereby conveys to:-ALAN HARVEY FLOUNDERS and JACQUELINE FLOUNDERS his WIFE-the land shown and edged- with RED-on the title plan bound up within and with the dwelling house-and other buildings-thereon known as @@@-Hartlepool-!
·         The estate was -Conveyed- Transferred- Recorded- Filed- and Registered with Land Registry Durham- in BOTH the PROPERTY and PROPRIETORSHIP REGISTERS by the -Chief Solicitor of   Hartlepool Borough Council-J Anthony Brown-on the-29th-3-1984 !
     •The Mortgage Redemption Certificate –No.H-44576- from Hartlepool Chief Council- Financial Officer-J.D.Walton-
              other documents--closely examined-& inspected –included !
An Official Copy of the Pre-Purchase-of Council House-Property -@@@ West View- Land Survey- No-M44684 dated September 1983 prepared by B.R. Davies, B .S .c. C. Eng. M.I.C.E. the Chief Engineer and Senior Land Surveyor-who was Responsible for preparing - ALL Hartlepool Council land and Property-Pre-Sale Surveys- the title plan clearly shows the entire freehold -estate-including the Detached outbuildings and the Boundary highlighted in -RED-
·         After our neighbour  had inspected all those documents very closely--she apologised- and admitted that she had mistakenly misread her title deeds, DU 37533- and she accepted without any further doubt or reservations- or reluctance-that she had been “Mistaken” and “Agreed” that their original Land Title Deeds DU 37533- Purchased from Hartlepool Borough Council and Registered with Land Registry- in 1972, did “NOT” repeat-did “NOT” show or record- any details whatsoever- of conveyance- or Part Ownership of any description of any part of the Detached Wash-House Outbuildings –NOR did our next door neighbours-- possess any other documents to prove otherwise-she freely admitted that she had been wrongly advised by her council friends-who had told her-that because the coal house-had originally been part of their weekly rented- council house property- -25 years ago- they had assumed- it had been- included in the sale of the ex- council house property - West-View-in-1972-from-Hartlepool Council- Ex-Council House Property-she admitted they had NO documents to support or even indicate-such a claim- she apologised once- again- for any trouble she may have unintentionally caused-she then asked for permission-which was immediately granted-to inspect and view- the extensive damage already-done-to our Detached Wash-House- Property-she said- after inspecting the outbuildings- particularly- the Blocked off -Gas Escape Ventilation Ducts- she would speak to her husband Micky- to address and rectify the damage- to our property-?

·         In the meantime our next door neighbour promised-to Physically Block the access door- into the Old Coal House on her side of the-Wash-House she actually said- her words NOT mine-“I will have it bricked up-and I will not be seeking further planning permission- from Hartlepool Council” -!!!   The meeting then ended- quite amicably.

·         A few days- after this meeting with our next door neighbour -I receive- from a family member- what I can only call- or describe as a gypsy’s warning- he strongly advising me-to check-with the Hartlepool Planning authority -whether or not-the proposed- planning application to continue work on the illegally erected unfinished- kitchen extension physically attached to our property- causing structural criminal damage-and preventing us the safe use of our legally entitled Washing facilities- in addition to causing -a serious dangerous-life threatening situation-of fire- or explosion- had –in fact-been withdrawn/cancelled-by  our next door neighbours - as she had faithfully promised?-at the meeting held- at her request- in our home on Monday 11th august 2008.

·         •Consequently as the result of this gypsy’s warning and other rumours we had previously heard- that our immediate next door  neighbours- was NOT repeat NOT to be trusted-I made arrangements to visit -Hartlepool Councils Planning headquarters in Brian Hanson House-on (Thursday -13th August 2008-)   the report of my visit to Brian Hanson House -will be published shortly--

I hereby state the above is a True & Honest record of the meeting held in our home on Monday 11th August 2008.

Alan Harvey Flounders