Sunday, 26 February 2012

More Nails in the Coffin of Democracy------Hartlepool Style.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

I have been asked by the Internet team members of “Write to Them”  if I have received any reply to my recent  Letter sent to my Member of Parliament  for Hartlepool, Iain Wright M.P.  unfortunately I have had to say “NO” only an acknowledgement , saying my comments have been noted ?

 “NO” answers to “ANY”  of my questions, I am “NOT” saying nor am I implying that my M.P. Iain Wright, Member of Parliament for Hartlepool, is no longer Seriously interested in my Allegations of  Criminal Fraudulent Misconduct in Public Office. by Personnel  in the Legal and Planning Departments of Hartlepool Borough Council, and Officials of Land Registry, Durham,  but to ensure, that there is a record of my  Criminal Allegations, Unlike some Officials of  Hartlepool Borough Council and Land Registry, Durham, who, both have a very Irritating habit of Misplacing or Destroying Legal Documents , I wish to have “ALL” of my Allegations of Criminal Documents , Recorded for Future Reference on  this  Wide World Internet Site, it is for that  the reason that I now Publish this Letter I recently  sent  to Iain Wright M.P.  Member of Parliament for Hartlepool, who can not say, in the future, he was totally unaware of “ANY” of my Serious Allegations of Fraudulent and Criminal Misconduct in Public Office reported to him
The old saying goes: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Lord Justice Mummery recently said on the Internet
 I believe that if a public authority was deceived into granting planning permission by a “Dishonest” planning application,  and that public authority behaved in a similar deceitful way, its planning decisions would rightly be set aside by the court as an unlawful abuse of power

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Tuesday 7 February 2012
Dear Iain Wright, M.P.
Monday, 6 February 2012
Dear Iain Wright, M.P. Member of Parliament for Hartlepool.
Thank You for your reply, received to-day, to my letter Regarding the
Sale of Council House Land and Property from 1970 up to 1980, before
the “ Right to Buy your Council House “was Introduced by Margaret
Thatcher’s Conservative Government, regarding my Freedom of
Information requests to Hartlepool Borough Council, on the number and
legitimacy of the Sale of Freehold Council House Properties, and what
was Required of a Sitting Council House Rent Paying Tenant to be
allowed to Buy their Council House Property, in the Periods 1970 till
1980, and “NOT” as you stated in your letter of reply, the years
I was always led to believe, that prior to the Legal Right to Buy your
Council House introduced by the then Prime Minister, Margaret
Thatcher, it was very difficult if not impossible for a Rent paying
Tenant of any Council House Property to be given the legal right to
purchase their Freehold Council Owned Land and Property prior to 1980.
I wanted to know what qualified a Council House Tenant to be able to
Purchase their Freehold Rented Property, between the years 1970 to
1980 ,at a time of acute shortages of available Council House
Properties to Rent.?
A fair and simple question ? Why refuse to answer , If not to deceive?
Was this legal entitlement to Purchase their Homes available prior to
1980, to “ALL” Council House Tenants, in Hartlepool, and if “NOT” why
Another fair and simple question.? Why refuse to answer , If not to
(c )
Question , as was my request for the numbers of Sales if “ANY” in the
years prior to 1980.when there was, and still is, a long waiting list
of desperate people living in unsuitable conditions and even slum
area’s, who where patiently awaiting their entitlement and opportunity
to rent a Council House Property,?
In trying to seek further information, I drew your attention to the
following found on the Internet, questions and answers in the House of
Commons on the purchase of Council House Properties from the Housing
and Local Government Minister Mr Greenwood, ?
Mr. Spriggs
asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government to what extent local
housing authorities can sell their houses without his sanction and
whether he will take steps to require any such authority to refund all
the housing subsidies received by them, following the sale of any such
property. ?
Mr. Greenwood
Local authorities require “my” consent under Section 104 of the Housing
Act, 1957 to the sale of any house on land required or appropriated for
the purposes of Part V of the Act and on which Exchequer subsidy has
been paid. This covers the vast majority of council houses and it is
under this power that I have continued the general consent to the sale
of houses, subject to the conditions set out in Circular No.24/ 67.
A person shall “NOT”  be entitled under this Part of this Act to acquire
the freehold of property or an extended lease of the property where the
freehold is vested in a housing society as defined by section 1(7) of
the Housing Act 1964 and where the cost of acquisition or construction
of the property has been financed by a housing society in whole or in
part by means of loans from the housing corporation or from a” “local
Authority,” ?
(c )
I have further searched the Internet, in reference to the Housing Act
1957, Part V Housing Act 1957 (now repealed) which the Hartlepool
F.O.I. Officer claimed, Granted Hartlepool Council the option to sell
Council Houses, without success, (apart from the above,) in addition I
have been unable to find Reference to “ANY” Statutory Requirement to
Retain any Financial Documentary Details of the Sale of Freehold
Council House Property, for a Minimum Period of (6) six years, and
after a such a period all files are and have been destroyed ? Where
does it say this ?
Under the circumstances I can’t agree with your good self when you
say in your letter to me, “you do not believe there is anything
Sinister or Conspiratorial or even Incompetent about this” , in
deciding what financial documents to retain on the ground of space or
“Legal” requirements, ?
I also thought that you would have been interested to know “IF” the
Right To Buy before 1980, was available to “ALL” Hartlepool Council
House Tenants, and if “ NOT” why “NOT” a serious question as I always
had been led to believe that “ALL” Labour Members of Parliament in the
Period 1945 up to 1980, and even after, were Wholeheartedly and
Vigorously apposed to Local Councils Selling off Freehold Council House
Your views on this would be appreciated.?
You further state in your letter ,that I am right to pull as much
information together as possible in order for a “FULL” investigation to
be Completed,
Will you please explain to me , who is to undertake this “Full”
investigation , are “You” my Democratically Elected Member of
Parliament for Hartlepool
An explanation to clarify this statement would be appreciated to avoid
any future misunderstanding. if as you have previously stated you do
not believe there is anything Sinister or Conspiratorial or even
Incompetent about this in deciding what financial documents to retain
on the ground of space or “Legal” requirements, ?
As I have already stated., and not for the first time, I am unable to
get a Honest or Sensible answer from any Hartlepool Borough Council
paid Officials or Elected Councillors , All my Freedom of Information
Requests are answered in Authentic Local gibberish, I personally find
it highly Suspicious that this is the (3) third time in answer to my
inquiries “ALL” the Documents requested have been Destroyed, ?
Hartlepool Borough Council Officials all appear to have a Serious
Medical Condition, possibly Amnesia, a sudden loss of memory, when
their integrity is questioned,
You will also recall my previous F.O.I. requests to Hartlepool
Borough Council, for Copies of the Fraudulent Ownership Certificates
“A“ & “B” which were Refused, and would have “proved” the Retrospective
Planning application H/2009/0568 built without Planning Permission
and Physically attached to Private Property was “Not” in the
Applicants “Ownership” and was therefore legally flawed , invalid, in
clear breach of the Statutory Requirements of the Town & Country
Planning Act 1990, under section 65(5) read in conjunction with article
7 of the GDPO,
The local planning authority “MUST NOT” entertain an application for
planning permission unless the relevant Certificates concerning the
“Ownership” of the application have been completed. That the Law, but
conveniently ignored by Hartlepool Planning Officials.
(c )
Regarding building without Planning permission, I have No Doubt you
will remember the following statement made by
David Cameron (Prime Minister, Witney, Conservative,)
Questions September 7th 2011.
Obvious he is wrong, that law does “NOT” apply to Hartlepool.?

No one can forget ,Malcolm Dawson O.B.E. Head of Land Registry, who
claimed in his letter to you (copy to myself) recently, to have
discovered in his Investigation of my allegations of Criminal
Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice at Land Registry, Durham,
that the “Original” Survey documents had been unfortunately destroyed
? Funny that , it only happens to me,?
Your previous recommendation that I report “ALL” my Allegations of
Criminal Wrongdoing, and Land and Property Fraud by Abuse of Office,
and Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice' to Cleveland Police
Authority is under way. I intend to Keep you fully informed of any
developments of my Criminal Allegation. Naturally As Usual, I will
post this Letter on the World Wide Internet on my personal Blog.
(Signed with an electronic signature in accordance with subsection 7(3)
of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.)