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The Labour Party in the North-East of England-should  be very careful in future about  the Honesty  & Integrity of some of the people they Choose to be Candidates in Elections  both Locally & Nationally-God Knows ,We Here in Hartlepool  have Suffered greatly at the hands Incompetent M.P.'s & Councillors-mostly Labour- in the past Fifty (50) years + years!

Here we go again- a former Tees-Side Labour Politician ? Dave McLuckie- a former -Chairman of Cleveland Police Authority & former Labour Councillor of  Great Ayton is on Trial at Newcastle Crown Court - charged with Witness Intimidation ! Naturally -McLuckie -Denies the Charge ?
It should be remembered that McLuckie- was Convicted  at Newcastle Crown Court in June 2013  & jailed for Eight (8) Months  for Perverting the Course of Justice, after he persuaded a friend  called Maurice Ward , now Deceased , to take penalty points for him to avoid  a driving ban!

Obviously Dave McLuckie  was another Labour Politician with Delusions  of Grandeur- just like my Three (3) DE-BRUS- Labour Ward Councillors - ROB COOK- SHEILA GRIFFIN- SYLVIA TEMPEST-so full of their own importance - they Honestly Believe they Can Walk on Water- In Reality they have shown themselves to be Completely Incompetent -Totally Useless- & Morally Unfit  to Represent the Voters of the DE-BRUS Ward- they are- without doubt "In it for the Money" We Now seem to Breed  this Type of Self Serving Politician  here in the North-East of England! Where have All the Old Guard - Genuine & Honest  Socialists  Gone! 

Ambition  at one time  was to get on the Working Mans  Club Committee, Now if Anyone has ambitions & is Greedy for Easy Money- Join the Labour Party & become a Local Councillor -It is Noticeable here in Hartlepool -That we Never  Lack  Labour Candidates for the Council Elections-  but then MONEY does Talk, It is Rumoured that  Some LABOUR  Councillors have  Even made MONEY Running a Charity ?

My Recent Searches on the Internet have Unearthed a Few Press report giving the Wrong
Impression -that this Overweight Hypocritical Tub of Lard - Dave McCluckie- was a  "Police  Chief" he was NOT - a Police Officer -he was a Corrupt High Flying Labour Councillor - who was a Member of the Cleveland Police Authority! for which he no Doubt was well rewarded "Financially"

It is Believed his Fall from Lofty Heights has seen  him Resign  from Redcar  and Cleveland  Borough Council- and  he  is now believed to be on "Gardening Leave" from his Post at  Cleveland Potash !

Rumour has it the Ex-Mayor of Hartlepool- Stuart Drummond- was  or still is a Member of the  Cleveland Police Authority- If that is True - the Mind Boggles-  God Help us All !

I Personally Never Met Drummond- but did Correspond with him by E-Mails- when  he was Mayor of Hartlepool- all the E-Mails to and from Drummond-  are still available on this Site-
I believe that his E-Mails Exposed is Limitations- his  Election  to Public Office -  by the People of Hartlepool - was a protest Vote- a Joke- I believe  the Position of Mayor  was totally beyond his Capabilities-he was in my opinion a Complete Moron- a Puppet  under the Control of the Mob - who really run Hartlepool Council-Drummond -actually began to believe- before he was stripped  of office- that he was a Politician -he claimed in his e-mails to me - that he was totally unaware  that I had Ever Submitted a Complaint  of Fraudulent Misconduct to Hartlepool Borough Council- but Promised to Investigate my Complaints- Surprise-Surprise- Nothing  was ever heard again- from the Monkey Mascot- his Silence was Deafening!

Reports of the Trial of Dave McLuckie,  at Newcastle Crown Court are available on the Internet! Some Items of Particular Interest are Noted !-

Newcastle Crown Court -heard to-day-the Dave McLuckie- Ex-Chief of Cleveland Police Authority had visited 65 year old Peter Blyth- a former Taxi-Driver- at his Skelton home in March- and had tried to "Put the frighteners" on the pensioner - who was a witness  in a Corruption Investigation !

Prosecutor- Nick Day- told the Jury at Newcastle Crown Court that Operation Sacristy "Is a major  investigation into Corruption Centred around the Cleveland Police Authority at a time Dave McLuckie  was the Chairman ! The Investigation is still on-going !

Mr Blyth , a former Taxi-Driver-occasionally drove for McLuckie-and had know him for 25 years- was twice visited  at his home in Skelton - by the Defendant McLuckie- the Court heard  that McLuckie was on  Police Bail in relation to  Operation Sacristy - when he visited  Mr Blyth's- Skelton -Home !

It was  on the Second Home Visit -that Mr Blyth- told McLuckie_- he had spoken to detectives from "Operation Sacristy"  McLuckie told Mr Blyth - he should have told the Police to "p***off !  Mr Blyth said that McLuckie was really agitated- and asked what  he Mr Blyth  had told the Police- the Witness told the Court  McLuckie said, I hope you have not dropped me in the s**t-  "You Know what I Can Do"

Mr Blyth said he took the  comments as a Threat or Warning- " " I was Uneasy" he said- I felt a bit hyped up- not in any physical fear-What he said wasn't nice- It did make me apprehensive
"I  started  thinking about it afterwards- what did  it mean ?

Police had spoken  to Mr Wards Widow- Nancy - Who told them Mr Blyth - a long term friend - may have information  about  McLuckie- the Court Heard !

The Defendant got to know what she had said from a Police Report- the Jury heard-

Mr Dry said McLuckie  was "forceful and aggressive" and  warned  Mr Blyth  he would could  lose his home - if the Tax-Man  found out about him allegedly working  as an unofficial taxi-driver !

Under Cross examination from  defence Barrister Jolyon  Smith- Mr  Blyth said he had lied  
to McLuckie  on his first Home Visit-telling him he  had not spoken to the Police- He also said that the Second time  the defendant came to his home- the 15 minute-  visit ended with the two men shaking hands !

Mr Blyth also told the Court that he did not call the Police afterwards and he did not know who did- "I was going to leave it -I said to my Wife - the only way he's being like he is to-day  is because  he's worried about the case coming up"

The Jury  also heard  he had frequently turned to McLuckie - his  former Ward Councillor- for help and advice  including when his son  was in trouble  with the Law- over a Planning Issue- and a Car Warranty problem !

Mr Smith-also told the Court that  Mr Blyth- had a Criminal Record from when he was a young man  in the 1960s and 1970s including -"House break ins and Stealing" and Handling Stolen Goods !                      The Trial Continues

These Notes  Consists  entirely  of my opinion - the right to express them is Conferred  upon me under the terms  of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948,  to which this Country is a Co-Signatory !

Alan Harvey Flounders
Wednesday 18th December 2013

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Sunday 22nd June 2013 


THE former chairman of Cleveland Police Authority was described in  Newcastle Court on  (Monday, June 17) as a man of “great integrity” I think we've heard that  here before. ! McLuckie  it was claimed -did not need to dodge his driving penalty points. ! Anyone who believes that is in my opinion - is  unfit or unsafe to live unsupervised and untreated in society and should seek psychiatric  treatment on an Urgent basis !    

McLuckie had denied asking Maurice Ward  to take the blame when his Peugeot 206cc was Caught speeding at 36mph in a 30mph zone in the village of Carlin How, east Cleveland.! 

The 52-year-old, of Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, was  charged with Conspiring to Pervert the Course of justice.! It was  alleged McLuckie, already had Nine(9) Points on his licence and was “Vice-Chairman of Cleveland Police Authority” (CPA) at the time of the 2005 offence, and he was  worried he wouldn’t be able to become CPA Chairman if he got 12 points and a driving ban.!  he will be back IN Court on July 15 for sentence. I firmly believe that any Politician  who deliberately abuses his Public Office  of Trust should be automatically jailed ! 

The people of Hartlepool are I believe starting to wake-up- to the Corruption & Dishonesty & the total lack of Integrity displayed by their Elected Councillors ! There is at this moment- a petition - by Her Majesty's Government  Department for Communities and Local Government. Published on  a very Good and Informative local Political Forum-THE HARTLEPOOL POST!The petition titles reads as follows

People in Hartlepool are Strongly Concerned about Financial Practise in Hartlepool Borough Council. Specifically involving elected councillors working for, funding, and drawing wages from voluntary sector organisations. The people of Hartlepool would welcome a full investigation by the government into our Labour controlled council. It took a few days to get approval from Mr Pickles department to get the go ahead with this. !

I think it should be well supported - at least I nope so-, the local people now know that the Labour Council "BETRAYED"  them - in other ways-  they know that  the  One Life Centre is Definitely  Not a Suitable or efficient replacement for the loss of  their  University Hospital !  ( which the Labour Scoundrels Said would “NEVER” be closed”) was it  Iain Wright M.P. for Hartlepool!Who Said that ? the One -Life centre  is  staffed with Decent dedicated  People -but it is in fact- little more than a First-Aid Centre! 

Britain is rapidly becoming a Moral Cess Pit-  & the Councils of North-East of England - with Hartlepool  have been dominated for over fifty years  by  Corrupt Labour Party Officials - & Friends -  

Corruption-“What’s in it for me attitude”   now seems to be the only  Ambition of our local Labour Politicians-  who all appear to be complete and utter  Scoundrels - they  have  lied & cheated  their way into positions of power & influence for their own benefit- ! 

To line their own pockets- &  to give their   families & friends-a helping hand ! which of course includes Live-In Lovers- ! Drunken  Transvestites  looking for a TAXI  at 2.0 am ! Where’s My Taxi-“Shithead” Read my  previous posted  comments- !

The History of Political Corruption here in the North-East of England-  is known by every man & his dog!  Many of  the leading Political  hypocrites of the Labour Party  have served their time here- before  launching their profitable but  dishonest  Careers on a wider General Public-  everyone  knows a little  of the career of the late  Mr Newcastle- the Mouth of the Tyne- Thomas Daniel Smith (11 May 1915 – 27 July 1993) a  Prominent  Labour Leader of Newcastle City Council from 1960 to 1965.

He formed business links with architect John Poulson This connection was extremely valuable to John  Poulson as T Dan  Smith had a network of  Labour contacts among other authorities in the North-East, many of which were also recruited as Poulson Consultants.! Greed !  Plain and Simple!

Another very useful contact was  Andrew  “Andy” Cunningham,(8 June 1910 – 14 June 2010) a Senior figure in both the General and Municipal Workers Union and the Labour Party in North East England. he also   was later  jailed for his role in the Poulson Scandal of 1974. At his trial in  April 1974,  T Dan Smith pleaded “Guilty” to accepting bribes & was sentenced to six  (6) years imprisonment, 

On 22 June 1973 Poulson was arrested and charged with Corruption in Connection with the award of building contracts. Following a 52-day trial at Leeds Crown Court which was widely reported in the press, he was convicted on 11 February 1974 of fraud and gaoled for five years (later increased to Seven years).Sentencing him, the judge called Poulson an "incalculably evil man". Poulson  later  said- "I have been a fool, surrounded by a pack of leeches. ?

T Dan Smith -Poulson- Cunningham- & there were  Others !. were in my opinion - all Complete and Utter  Scoundrels - who lied & cheated their way into Positions of Power & influence for their own benefit- ! & it appears that  History is  once more repeating its self here  in the North-East of England !  particularly in Cleveland and  Hartlepool! 

Who would believe  these events-


A FORMER Chief Constable of Cleveland - Sean Price, is facing a claim for almost £500,000 paid to him before he was Sacked from the force in disgrace. last October after being found Guilty of Gross Misconduct following an eight(8)  day hearing, Mr Price remains on Police Bail as Operation Sacristy the Criminal Investigation  into allegations of Corruption linked to the Former Cleveland Police Authority Continues!

A  Sacked DEPUTY Chief Constable of Cleveland Police Derek Bonnard who was summarily dismissed/sacked for gross misconduct  after a catalogue of offences were uncovered during a widespread probe into the force  appealed against the decision, ?  Six charges were proven against the 50-year-old following an investigation carried out by the Independent Police Complaints Commission

It certainly makes you wonder- could it happening here - McLuckie  certainly associated with  Price & Bonnard- in his position  as Chairman of the Cleveland  Police authority- what about the Others ! Are they all innocent? Or do they suffer like  Stuart Drummond Ex- Mayor of Hartlepool- of Chronic Amnesia-  he said he would investigate my very  Serious  Complaints of Misconduct involving the Planning Officials Richard  Trow, & Mr Reece-Development Control Manager & my other Allegation of Misconduct in Public Office Concerning Alyson Carman, Solicitor &  Complaint Reviewer, &  Hilary  Martin Solicitor, &  F.O.I. Officer, & Others ,? I’m still waiting! 

A Little  Reminder  for those interested- how high Corruption can climb! 

Early in the morning of June 17, 1972, several burglars were arrested inside the office of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), located in the Watergate building in Washington, D.C. This was no ordinary robbery: The prowlers were connected to President Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign, and they had been caught while attempting to wiretap phones and steal secret documents.

 While historians are not sure whether Nixon knew about the Watergate espionage operation before it happened, he certainly took steps to cover it up afterwards, raising “hush money” for the burglars, trying to stop the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from investigating the crime, destroying evidence and firing uncooperative staff members. In August 1974, after his role in the Watergate Conspiracy had finally come to light, the president resigned. His successor, & Close Friend-  Gerald Ford, immediately pardoned Nixon for all the crimes he “committed or may have committed” while in office. Although Nixon was never prosecuted, the Watergate Scandal changed American politics forever, leading many Americans to question their leadership and think more critically about the Presidency.!  It seems Nothing Changes!  The scum always rise to the Surface in Politics !

Copies to the Local Member of Parliament for Hartlepool -  Iain Wright. M.P. To the Three (3) MEPs--Stephen Hughes (Labour) Fiona Hall  (Liberal Democrat) Martin Callanan (Conservative) 

My  (3) Three  DE-BRUS Labour Party- Ward Councillors, 


Alan Harvey Flounders 

Thursday, 6 June 2013


epartment for Communities &Local Government 
Wednesday, 5 June 2013 at 15.35

Dear Sirs, 
Thank you for your latest response to my E-Mail- It appears  though- that you have completely misunderstood my Correspondence .  I was NOT  seeking legal advice from  Eric Pickles M.P. Secretary  for the Department  for Communities & Local Government- but to Congratulate him on his  Comments in a letter to Hilary Benn, the Shadow Communities Secretary Highlighting a Report of  a  undercover  investigation - into the Suspicious  Public life- of Newcastle Council.!

“If I turn a green field into an estate then I’m not doing it for peanuts” by Clair Newell, Holly Watt-Ben Bryant- believed to be undercover  reporters  from the Daily  Telegraph. -

The  Three (3) Newcastle Councillors  involved, may have broken the law ?
 In the system of Deciding Planning Permission -Despite Very  Strong opposition  from Residents, a story -published in the Public Domain on Wednesday 13th March 2013. 

We all know this is only the tip of the Iceberg - Particularly in Labour  Dominated Council’s in the North-East - A Breeding- Ground for Political Corruption - going back  countless years- ? We seemed to have produced quite a number-  I remember ( I don't suffer from  Political Amnesia like some Local Councillors)  the names of some leading political  figures- going to jail-  to  some it  might appear -Corruption-   is becoming  a family tradition- ?

  I was  merely highlighting my Own Personal experiences and to show that a  Similar Situation of Planning Irregularities- still  exists to this day- in Hartlepool Borough Council- - by Council  Officials of  this  Local Council-

A Council -it should be Noted-  Dominated by the Labour Party- for over 45+ years- who appear to think by their actions  or lack of them-   that they are  above the Law!  by  deliberately Ignoring -  the Statutory Regulations & Requirements - Your Office stated to me -were  needed required   under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990!  Before Granting  Planning Applications ?  

I also thank you for the additional information- that under section 65(5)  of the Town & Country Planning  Act 1990-  it is an Offence  to issue False Ownership Certificates
This  Clearly reinforces & further Supports & Highlights the Legal Requirements Contained in a Letter from  Jullian  Hastings , MRTPI, Planning Development  Management !  Department of Communities & Local Government - I received  on the 1st.September 2010! -
Completely Ignored by Hartlepool Borough Council Planning Department Officials-  & My (3)  Elected Labour Councillors!  ROB COOK- SHEILA GRIFFIN & SANDRA TEMPEST! All Claiming to Represent the people of the DE-BRUS Ward! if you believe that ! 

I would have thought that Hilary Benn, the Shadow Communities Secretary  would have been a little embarrassed to be told -   that other area’s of the North-East- are Politically  Corrupt- !  Hartlepool is a Prime example ! 

Every day more Hanky-Panky is Unearthed!  The latest Scandal will shortly be Exposed!  

For you to suggest I speak to my Local Planning Authority is Laughable-  although - I accept your comments are  made  in Good Faith-!

 Simply because Richard Trow, Case Planning Officer  &  Mr Reece, Development Control Manager- of Hartlepool Borough Council-  are the very same  people - the Main Untouchable  Culprits - who Initially Granted the  Retrospective application   H/2009/0568 - assisted  by Hilary Martin- Solicitor- &; Freedom of Information Officer -& Alyson Carman - Solicitor  &Complaints Reviewer - ALL-   being  fully aware that the  Ownership Certificates “A” “B” “C” &“D” Submitted  by the Retrospective applicants  H/2009/0568?  - Were False - when Claiming Ownership of the Freehold Land & Property on which  the Kitchen Extension  was Originally  Built On!

It was my Understanding from  your Correspondence- that Ownership of the Property seeking Planning Permission -was a Statutory Requirement-of the Town &Country Planning Act 1990!  

They ALL knew that the Applicants H/2009/0568?  for Retrospective Planning - did “NOT” own  “ANY”  of the Registered Freehold Land & Property CE74844 “Absolute”  which it should be Noted-  had been Purchased from Hartlepool Borough Council themselves - Transferred & Registered by the Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council   J Anthony Brown, at Land Registry Durham 0n the 29th March 1984!  

All-though they did Deceitfully Try  with the Help of Alan Smith-the Assistant Land Registrar,  Durham, & RICHARD DAWSON  O.B.E. HEAD OF LAND REGISTRY- & TWO  (2) Coloured Photographs of an Outside toilet Door to  alter the Entries in the Registered Title Deed  CE 74844 “Absolute”  
Registered Title is "Guaranteed" by the Government! 
So they say! 

It is Not only Local Councils  were Fraud & Corruption  can be found! 
Land Registry-Durham, are also Guilty-- see previous Posts- 

I have the Original Freehold Land Title  Deeds of Registration  CE74844 “Absolute” Filed in the  Property Register & the Proprietorship Register- & the Pre-Sale Land Survey Documents  No.M44,684-  by the Chief Hartlepool Borough  Engineer & Surveyor  B.R. DAVIES- B.Sc  Including a Hand Written Survey of the Detached Outbuildings -Confirming  the Internal   Structural Details of  the  Outside Wash-House Building as Requested  by  my Solicitors -Levinson -Walker &Lister- ?

I Conclude that my allegations Specify with Sufficient Clarity the  Breach of  Planning Control ! & also that the above  Named Hartlepool Borough Council Officials  of  both the Legal & Planning Departments - have Behaved Unreasonably &; Dishonestly & have Abused their  Public Office- & have tried to  Perverted the Course of Justice- and thereby caused an Innocent  party to incur a Financial Loss including  Legal Expenses unnecessarily! 
“Fraud” plain & Simple! 

To say that I am disappointed  that the  Office of the Secretary   for the Department for  Communities & Local Government Eric Pickles M.P.   appears to have NO Authority Whatsoever  to Reprimand  &  Remind  Hartlepool Councils  Legal &  Planning Officials  of their Responsibilities &Obligations - both  Legally &  Morally - to abide by  the Law!   Particularly  their duties to  investigating any   Reported Clear Breaches of  of  Planning Statutory  Regulations!   is Disgraceful!  

What  is the Point of Having  a Government  Department  for Communities & Local  Government- if they are unable to ensure that Local Councils  abide by  their Legal Requirements? 

I find it personally strange - that the Secretary - can  write to Hilary Benn, the Labour  Shadow Communities Secretary Highlighting an undercover  investigation - into  public life- in Newcastle-  but his Planning Development teams only Response to me -  is -  Report it to the Police! 

 This answer leaves me a  little bewildered!  Never Mind- at least we All know that The Department of Communities & Local Government  is  Now Toothless-  

It is pointless this Government  introducing any new   Planning  Legislation -  Hartlepool Planning Authority  for One- - will  just Ignore  them-as they do with the Present Statutory Regulations-!

I have Highlighting & Reported & will Continue to Published in the Public Domain- if only -to  leave - What one might Call- a  Permanent Paper Trail- 
of my  Allegations of the  Gross Misconduct & Planning Irregularities  I have 
experienced by  some Elected  Labour Councillors & some Unelected Council officials- of  Hartlepool Borough Council ! 

I will now follow your Sound  Advice & Report my Allegations of Fraud-  Abuse of Office &  Perverting the Course of Justice - to Cleveland Police Authority ! 

Copies  of the above -sent by E-maim- as Usual to:-
the Local Member of Parliament for Hartlepool -  Iain Wright. M.P. 

To the Three (3) MEPs--
Stephen Hughes      (Labour)
Fiona Hall                 (Liberal Democrat)
Martin Callanan    (Conservative)

My  (3) Three  DE-BRUS Labour Party- Ward Councillors,

Yours Sincerely
Alan Harvey Flounders

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Local Government Ombudsman Watcher: Local Government Ombudsman Watchers Blog Frozen

Local Government Ombudsman Watcher: Local Government Ombudsman Watchers Blog Frozen
Sunday, 2 June 2013
Hello Watcher,
I too would also like to add &  record my thanks to you for taking the  time to keep  your  blog going.  I now publish my own little amateurish Blog. alan harvey flounders aka "Coffin Dodger " & I know it’s not easy- I started some five (5) years ago- after following your advice & helpful information! -

I to have suffered at the Hands of both Elected & Unelected  Council Officials, anyone having a dispute with a Local Council  enters a  nightmare world.

I fully  agree with VenalCamden that  the  Nightmare  Continues when you contact the LGO.! &  don’t forget the Department for Communities & Local Government - Who  also claim - that Local Authorities act Independently of Central Government- & Ministers  do not have a role in Policing  their day-to-day affairs-  they also bury their heads in the sand- when  informed  about  Unlawful breaches of Council Planning  Corruption - 
I wish you well -for the future, Thanks again !

Saturday, 25 May 2013


Saturday, 25 May 2013
Links :-
                                Stockport Homes - Sheila Oliver's Campaigning Website

                                     NO FREE BANANAS IN HARTLEPOOL 
There’s No chance now of getting free bananas - as was originally promised I believe - by Stuart Drummond the  now- EX- Democratically  Elected Mayor of Hartlepool! 

HE’s - GONE- GONE-GONE  HE’s  TOAST-  -along with his Empty Promises to Investigate my Allegations- of Serious Council Official Misconduct- which He claimed after Nine years (9) in Office- He Knew Nothing About! 

To quote Mandy Rice-Davies – “He would say that wouldn't he?” 
which  is one of the most quotable and damning remarks ever made about a Political figure. It is attributed to Mandy Rice-Davies, one of the young women involved in the PROFUMO  Scandal,!

My  invitation  to  Stuart Drummond -to visit my Home- to  Inspect  & See for Himself- the Dangerously & Unsafe Carbuncle of a Kitchen Extension - built by Cowboy Builders- Without Planning Permission -was Declined- Ignored Completely-  a Visible Inspection of my Freehold Land & Property- would- I am Sure - have Convinced  Stuart Drummond -  as it  Obviously did  ROB COOK- that my Safety building Concerns & Allegations  of Planning Misconduct  were  really Truthful!  

Stuart Drummond was the First and Possibly is the last Democratically Elected  Mayor of HARTLEPOOL!  Sad Really- I personally believed it was a Very Good Idea- unfortunately- and we are ALL guilty !  - we voted him- a man in a Monkey Suit - a Football Club MASCOT- not Once BUT  three times- into a very  Important Public Office- We got what we  Richly Deserved- a Complete & Utter Political Disaster- 

It was a Peoples  PROTEST VOTE - against  the Political  Scoundrels then available  in ALL the Local Political Parties ! They still exist! They haven’t gone away!

An e-mail I receive  a  few days ago - asked me if I knew what Job  the ex-Mayor Stuart Drummond  would now be suitability  qualified for ? 

 My answer was I Honestly Don’t Know-  I have Never- Ever Met the Man- nor do I wish to- after  his Nine (9)  years of  Utter & Complete  Failure in Public Office - Coupled  with his Obvious  Lack of Honesty & Integrity - and his  Proven Political  Record of  Political Incompetence -he was elevated -  I believe - to a Position of Political Responsibility Beyond  his Capabilities-  led by the nose  by Senior Paid  Council Officials-
It is my Opinion- that there are Few- if any-Positions of Responsibility  he could occupy-it is Possible of course- In these Political Corrupt times - that his Questionable Qualities- may be accepted  as essential &  necessary qualifications  for Political Office- by some Local Political Lunatics !

 He may even have been Promised while Mayor- Some future Council Employment!  Or even  the Possibility - laughable as it seems-  to be Nominated  as a Possible Future  Candidate  for the  Honourable Position of Member of Parliament for Hartlepool  in the next General Election-   Not Impossible - when one Considers- the Financial Hanky-Panky  surrounding some  Councillors- who’s  motives at this moment in Time  are Highly  Suspect!  

Some Hartlepool Borough Councillors - will do & say anything to Gain or Remain in  Political Office- my own experiences of  my Three (3) DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors  -ROB COOK, SHIELA GRIFFIN- & SYLVIA TEMPEST! are a Prime Example!  Their  motive’s  when asking PETER DEVLIN the Chief Solicitor to write to me-  which  can only be Described as a letter of Censure-  for questions asked- is most Definitely Suspect!  In fact Highly Suspicious! 

Especially when one Considers - ROB COOK’s  Academy Award Winning Performance  of Utter Disgust- & Disbelief- when loudly Condemning  as Disgraceful - after his visual inspection of  the Carbuncle of  the Illegal Kitchen Extension overlooking & attached  to the single skin Non-Load Bearing Rear Wall of My Detached Outside Wash-House!  Completely Blocking the  Gas Ventilation Ducts? A Possible Life Threatening Situation!

How- he cried-  did that Extension- tied into and overhanging your Wash-House  get Retrospective Planning Consent-   it should be Demolished! ROB COOK’S WORDS- NOT MINE!
 He now appears to be Suffering some kind of  Memory Loss- a Medical Condition-  known I believe- as Politicians Amnesia-  

We now know- that all promises made when seeking election to Political  office -are Conveniently   forgotten after election! 

After all is said and Done- The Present  Honourable Labour Member for Hartlepool Iain Wright M.P. has “NOT”  to the best of my Personal  Knowledge Suffered any  ill effects  to his Political Career-  although many People in Hartlepool -believe he lacks  Honesty & Integrity - particularly  over the Closure of Hartlepool  University Hospital, his tenure  as the Honourable Member for Hartlepool  could  soon end- !  The Honest Citizens of Hartlepool are beginning  to wake up! 
  I believe Hartlepool Can No Longer be seen as a Safe Labour Seat- ?

In  one  Letter to me- Iain Wright M.P. appears to have been very naive & trusting - particularly  when accepting the  Head of Land Registry Richard Dawson’s , O.B.E.   Ridiculous Explanation- that all the Original Registration Documents had been Destroyed? & he  could find "NO"  Evidence in HIS  internal investigation  to support my  Criminal allegations of  Property& Financial  Fraud & Abuse of Public Office by Alan H Smith- Assistant Land Registrar- Durham- Who- It  is Important to Remember- - was the Responsible  Public  Government Official  in Land Registry-Durham-who accepted two (2) Coloured Photographs  of an Out-Side Toilet Door! as Stronger Proof of  Registered Freehold Property Ownership than the “Original” Land Title Deeds CE74844 “Absolute”-  Freehold  Property Purchased from Hartlepool Borough Council  Conveyed-Transferred- Registered-  Recorded & Filed in Both the Property & the Proprietorship Registers at Land Registry, Durham by J ANTHONY BROWN -  the CHIEF  SOLICITOR  of the Sellers of the Freehold Land & Property - Hartlepool Borough Council- on 29th March 1984

( I was later awarded £300. & an Apoligy for Mistakes Made-  which I Refused & Returned the Cash to Land Registry London, this Disgraceful & Disgusting Conduct by Government Officials has still "NOT" been  addressed to my Complete Satisfaction) but I believe  will be Suitably settled Shortly. It might  take a long Time BUT Persistance & Truethfulnes is Rewarded!

For Public Record or if in Doubt about my Allegations & to Confirm  my Invitation to Stuart Drummond- please see  :-
the letter I  received from  Stuart Drummond  Mayor of Hartlepool, on Monday  
25th March 2013, in reply to the  Copy of  a Letter -I had Originally  Sent to Eric Pickles M.P. Secretary of the Department  for Communities & Local Government- 
Highlighting  my Concerns & my  allegations  of Misconduct by  some 
Hartlepool Borough Council Officials- Friday 22nd March 2013- & my Reply 
to him POSTED  Friday, 29 March 2013 - available on this Site-  
Copies to:-
1.The Three (3) DE-BRUS Ward Councillors- 
Sylvia Tempest (Labour)Sheila Griffin (Labour) Rob Cook (Labour)

2.The Three European  M.P. ‘s - Fiona Hall (Liberal Democrat)
 Stephen Hughes (Labour) Martin Callanan (Conservative)

3.The Member of Parliament  for Hartlepool
Iain Wright (Labour)

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Sunday, 28 April 2013

The objectives when starting this  blog was to  expose the  many devious methods used by Hartlepool  Local Government  officers  & some Elected Councillors  who’s main purpose in life  appears  to  Ignore   most  Valid Complaints - so they can hide significant amounts of  Council Maladministration for their friends and  colleagues & to  divert attention away from their own incompetence  and wrongdoings in Public Office, 

You can imagine how surprised & disgusted  I was after  submitting my very first  written complaint in August 2008,  objecting to Planning Application-  to discover that the Hartlepool Complaints Procedure was Completely Useless- 

The more I  probed - the more questions I asked - the more astonishing evidence  of misconduct emerged concerning  both the Legal & Planning Departments- in   Hartlepool Borough Council -Favouritism was Rife ?
Would you believe - I discovered that Weekly Paying Council House Tenants had been allowed to run a Profit making Business - prohibited by  the Tenancy Agreement ?  But allowed if in the Know- nobody has  mentioned  Brown Envelopes ?   Or Other questionable Hanky-Panky activities ? 

 I also discovered  that  some specially selected- Council House Tenants - were  allowed to Purchase their Freehold Land & Property at a Time of a Critical Shortage of Social Housing-  prior to the Right to Buy Law introduced in 1980 
A Privilege  denied to others ? ? Guess who ?  The same individuals  “Granted” Retrospective  Planning Approval  for a Kitchen Extension  built on  & attached  to Freehold Property “NOT” in their Registered Title of “Ownership” 

Democracy - Hartlepool Style - Labour Controlled -  Makes you think? 
Yesterday- I received a Reply to  a  Letter I  submitted to Mr Eric Pickles M.P.  the Minister for the Department  for Communities & Local Government -  I intend to  publish  very shortly his comments  & my  written reply on Illegal Planning - &  The Statutory Requirements  required under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 - under section 65 (6) it is an Offence to  issue a false Ownership Certificate - ?  I can see the Light at the end of the Tunnel? 

In the mean time I think I should Publish for all to read my comments  addressed  to  Anonymous - in Particular- but also to  the Pond Life  of Harrtlepool- & we most certainly have  more than we deserve- who appear to get some sort of Kick in making Silent & Sometime Obscene  phone calls to my Home? I must be hitting a Nerve with some guilty people ?  Ask yourselves this- if you  saved your money & bought  a Freehold Ex-Council House- and someone built  something without permission-  in your back  garden & the said it was theirs- would you not  try and recover it ? Honest answers Please ? 

                                                                  Note to Anonymous-

POSTED SUNDAY NIGHT 14th April 2013 

I know I’m  classed as an Old  Fool  or if you like an old Fart, by some armchair Politicians  for Exposing Political  Wrongdoing, in Hartlepool,  BUT I do wish that  naïve &  stupid  people like yourself-  would read the article before making anonymous  foul mouthed negative  comments -  which I have Deleted,  yet again, 

While I will Continue to Accept & Publish -  Anonymous Comments - I will “NO-LONGER ”  Publish , “ANY” Negative or  Positive Comments  that Contain  Filthy -Foul-Mouth & Abusive  Language - such as Yours- Anonymous. ? 

I strongly Suspect , you are a Supporter of the Three DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors,  COOK- GRIFFIN & TEMPEST-   a Supporter   who lacks any moral Courage to make a  Comment - using your Real name ?

If you are a Supporter - which I suspect- of these  DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors, might I suggest you read the  Report Circulating on the  Internet- in the  Hartlepool Post -that one female Labour Councillor-?  representing the DE-BRUS  Ward - at the Last Hartlepool Borough Councils meeting held on Thursday 11th April 2013, not once, but twice appeared to physically nod off during key votes. This is not the Conduct one should  expect of a Councillor. 

She is obviously Well Past her sell-by date !  or could it Possibly be - Exhaustion -Medication-  it can’t be Drink? - I leave others to  decide? 

I  personally  feel  that this is yet another  incident  which  adds more weight , if any  more were needed to  validate my published  allegations - That  None of there(3)  DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors  are Morally  Competent Or are fit &  Proper people  to Represent their Constituents.- Hypocrites  ?

It’s quite wrong that our Public Servants & Councillors behave in such a  Disgraceful manner, but I am sure that they will have some clever words to explain why it is that they aren’t  Investigating  my Serious but Truthful Illegal Planning Allegations , & to prove I am not alone - have a read of this :

Thursday, 11 April 2013


                         WHO IS MY ELECTED DE-BRUS WARD COUNCILLOR.  

Here for Publication,  Records -Information, Files  & to Dispel any future Claims or  Misunderstandings that Serious Allegations of Misconduct & Planning  Complaints were NEVER  Received by the TOWN MAYOR- STUART DRUMMOND,  & to Clarify my Serious Comments,  is a more Detailed & Updated version of my Letter previously  sent by me , to  my Three (3) DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors, ROB COOK, SHEILA GRIFFIN,  SANDRA TEMPEST, Regarding my allegations of Misconduct of Hartlepool Council Planning Officials? Copies were also sent to the Labour Member of Parliament for Hartlepool Iain Wright M.P. & the Three Members of the European Parliament- Fiona Hall, ( Lib.Dem) Stephen Hughes (Lab) Martin Callahan  ( Cons.) now sent to the Mayor of Hartlepool Stuart Drummond on Wednesday 10th April 2013

Dear Sir,



MY research into Council Corruption on the Internet has highlighted Two (2) More Very Highly Recommended & Excellent Corruption Buster Sites, Both well worth a Visit?

 1.                        Stockport Homes - Sheila Oliver's Campaigning Website


I thought I would continue as Previously Promised & Try to explain & and add a little background regarding the SOLICITORS LETTER I RECEIVED FROM PETER DEVIL ? Requested, It should be remembered by my (3) Three DE-BRUS Labour Party Ward Councillors, ROB COOK, SHEILA GRIFFIN & SANDRA TEMPEST ? 

Any Sensible Person Realises as I do, that a Councillors work can at times be a Thankless Task, but the bottom line is NO-ONE Held  a GUN  to Their Heads and Physically Threatened , ROB COOK, SHEILA GRIFFIN & SANDRA TEMPEST with DEATH  Unless they Agreed to Stand for Hartlepool Council,? 
That’s is the truth of the matter.? It is ALSO believed that an army of Labour supporters & would be Politicians-banged on every single door of their constituents in the West-View De-Brus Ward, including ROB COOK & SHEILA GRIFFIN- Voluntarily claiming to be the Best- the Most Upright Decent & Honest Person for the job!  or Word to that Affect ?

Indeed it should be noted that when ROB COOK , knocked on my Door, He appeared a normal person, totally committed with a God given desire to help his fellow Men & Women, ? I invited him into my Home, he delivered a lengthy and informed talk on Why I should Vote Labour-? & In Particular for himself- In the Up- Coming DE-BRUS ward Council Elections

I explained my Personal Disillusions with the Local Labour Party- in Particular - my inability to get Hartlepool Council to investigate my Complaints & Protests, regarding the “GRANTING” by the Case Planning Officer Richard Trow, of the Structural Unsafe Controversial Retrospective Planning Application H/2009/0568? - after a few further questions & answers, I invited ROB COOK to Inspect & See for himself the Unsafe Cowboy Built Carbuncle of a Kitchen Extension, originally erected & attached to the Rear Non Load bearing Rear Wall of my Freehold Detached Wash-House Property Without both Council Planning Permission, or the Land Owners Consent?
 ROB COOK’S reactions, after his inspection of the unsafe Carbuncle of a Cowboy built kitchen extension, was one of Total Disbelief - how did THIS  Disgraceful Extension get RETROSPECTIVE PLANNING  PERMISSION?  “It should be DEMOLISED , he said” ?

I firmly believed at that time, that if Elected ROB COOK, would try & address my GENUINE SAFETY & FREEHOLD PROPERTY  RIGHTS ? I would receive an explanation at least, as to what legal justification had allowed a Council Planning Officer Richard Trow, acting without any Involvement of the Elected Council Planning Committee - to Completely Disregard my Lawful Peaceful Protests , that the Retrospective Planning Application H/2009/0568 was Legally Flawed, in that it had been erected by Cowboy Builders & was overhanging & attached to the Non Load Bearing Rear Wall of the Outside Detached Wash-House Building, causing structural damage to a neighbours Private Property & Covering the Gas Ventilation Ducts, Preventing the Escape to the Outside Atmosphere of any Build up of TOXIC &  EXPLOSIVE  GASSES  from the Internal Gas Heated Hot Water Boiler Facilities, Preventing the Legal Owner the safe use of the Wash-House Facilities? & should NEVER have been GRANTED Retrospective Planning Permission ?

It clearly did not comply with the Statutory Building & Safety Regulations Events have Since proved, that I was completely Naïve & Foolish in Trusting the words of ROB COOK the Labour Politician who was seeking election to the local Council as the Labour Representative of the DE-BRUS Ward,

 Hindsight is a wonderful thing, it is quite clear to me now that Getting elected to the Town Council, was obviously, his Main ambition, ? Election to Hartlepool  Council at any Cost- Forget- Honesty,- Integrity, or  any previously held thoughts or obligations to his DE-BRUS Ward Constituents - they can be Ignored?
My Complaints of Misconduct by Officials in Both the Legal And Planning Departments, my Complaints of the “GRANTING” of a Retrospective Planning application, for a Cowboy Built  Building , which clearly did not comply to any Statutory Building or Safety Regulations - which he saw with his own eyes? Have been effectively Brushed under the Carpet- Kicked into The Long Grass ?

Completely  Ignored,  in fact since ROB COOK’s  was Elected  as Labour Councillor for the DE-Brus Ward, he has joined forces with the other Two(2) elected Labour Councillors, SHEILA GRIFFIN, & SANDRA TEMPEST , and Requested the Town Solicitor PETER DEVLIN , to send me a Letter, (available on here,) which I understand to be, a Letter of “Disapproval” of my written Criticism of their total lack of interest in My Concerns, it is my Understanding that any Further Correspondence from me to my Elected DE-BRUS Ward Councillors “MUST” be Viewed and Vetted by the Legal Department (I.e.) PETER DEVLIN Himself first? 

I believe this is a Blatant attempt to deflect attention away from their failure to investigate my Planning  complaints,   

I didn’t vote for the Town Solicitor PETER DEVLIN to be my DE-BRUS Ward Councillor, but whether I like it or Not - it would appear I’ve Got him- on reflection- it would be impossible for him to be any worse or Incompetent than my present (3) Labour Ward Councillors ? 

This very unsavoury and serious situation that I believe now exists in the Hartlepool Borough Council, is Not a Laughing matter, for ordinary Hartlepool people to Dare to Criticise their Elected ward Councillors who are  all Members of the Hartlepool Labour Party-  is often seen like a Personal Criticism of the Queen, and to do so , you would, in all probability, be Quickly labelled as a Trouble-Maker, a Crack - Pot- who is in urgent Need of some type of mental Treatment ? Or threatened with legal proceedings ?

(a Solicitors Letter from Peter Devlin, is the flavour of the month in Hartlepool-) 

It Suit’s the local Hartlepool Labour Political rulers that way- it limits Complaints- and keeps some sort of lid on resentments- allegations of Corruption, Planning irregularities, arrogance and incompetence are quickly ignored, kicked into the long grass, or Claimed they where NEVER received, ? 

As my did my  last letter from  the Mayor of Hartlepool STUART DRUMMOND Highlight?

To quote Mandy Rice-Davies – “He would say that wouldn’t he?” 

A few Hartlepool People , having lately lost their Hospital” are now beginning at last, to ask questions which they are entitled to do, where is our money going,? how Competent are the people “Running the Show” Who is in command of the Ship ?

And will they continue to be Deceived -Lied too- Stone-walled- insulted,- for having the Courage to ask a question-. ? I believe the Answer is “YES” 

A healthy-honest group of Elected Councillors should "NOT"  be frightened or apprehensive of scrutiny- yet many in Hartlepool are very reluctant, indeed some appear to be terrified to investigate reported allegation of misconduct WHY ?

The answer my friends, is very simple, and anyone with an iota of common sense and ten minutes worth of research can see that the problem is -Self Interest-What’s in it for ME  attitude, that is the most important thought in the minds of the majority of our Labour Councillors 

They all appear much better off after Election- than they were before? Does anyone remember or know of “ONE” ex- Labour Councillor having to apply for Financial Assistance after leaving Office?

Will I now get another Solicitors Letter? 

It was my Understanding , (this information I have found in the Public Domain,) that Town Solicitors only have the right to make representation on behalf of the Council as a Whole ….and I thought they have “NO” right to make representation on behalf of individual labour Councillors on ‘personal’ matters, if that is so, then I believe they overstep their contract of employment.?

But then who cares ! After all this is Hartlepool

Time to report it to the police, I hear you all say ?

 That is the advice of IAIN WRIGHT Member of Parliament for Hartlepool & lately the Advice of the Democratically Elected Mayor of Hartlepool , STUART DRUMMOND, to whom I have lately Complained ? Will I receive any better treatment there ? One can only wait and See, ? 

I most certainly intend to Report my Concerns to the Police Shortly? 

After all is said & done, although , I am “NOT” anti -authority, one can’t help being a little apprehensive of Reporting any allegations of Criminal Misconduct of Council Officials to Cleveland Police after reading all the Media reports lately ? 

The Evening Gazette Report published on March 22, 2013, stated that :- 


Both have denied any wrongdoing & on the 5th April 2013, the Northern Echo reported that the Sacked DEPUTY CHIEF CONSTABLE OF CLEVELAND POLICE DEREK BONNARD has appealed against the decision.

What  a Sad state of Affairs in Hartlepool?

It is to be Remembered & I will continue to Proclaim, I am NOT the Villain in this Property Planning Dispute, I am the innocent victim of a Deliberate Despicable Deceitful attempt by Richard Trow, an Official in the Hartlepool Council’s Planning Department knowing the kitchen extension was structurally Unsound & Unsafe & did not comply with the Statutory Building or Safety Regulations? and had been Illegally Erected on part of the  Registered Freehold Land & Property CE74844 "Absolute" which Was “NOT” in the Registered Ownership of the Retrospective Applicant, H/2009/0568 

Victims  of crime have the right to be heard- & NOT treated as Criminals 

A little reminder- of the Law-  that still stands to-day, 

The Rt.Hon. Lord Denning , The Lord Chief Justice 
His Appeal Court Ruling January 12,13,24,1956 was:- 

"No Court in this land will allow a person to keep an advantage which he has obtained by FRAUD, No judgement of a Court, No order of a Minister, can be allowed to Stand if it has been obtained by FRAUD - FRAUD unravels everything. 

Your sincerely 
Alan Harvey Flounders