Sunday, 28 April 2013


Sunday, 28 April 2013

The objectives when starting this  blog was to  expose the  many devious methods used by Hartlepool  Local Government  officers  & some Elected Councillors  who’s main purpose in life  appears  to  Ignore   most  Valid Complaints - so they can hide significant amounts of  Council Maladministration for their friends and  colleagues & to  divert attention away from their own incompetence  and wrongdoings in Public Office, 

You can imagine how surprised & disgusted  I was after  submitting my very first  written complaint in August 2008,  objecting to Planning Application-  to discover that the Hartlepool Complaints Procedure was Completely Useless- 

The more I  probed - the more questions I asked - the more astonishing evidence  of misconduct emerged concerning  both the Legal & Planning Departments- in   Hartlepool Borough Council -Favouritism was Rife ?
Would you believe - I discovered that Weekly Paying Council House Tenants had been allowed to run a Profit making Business - prohibited by  the Tenancy Agreement ?  But allowed if in the Know- nobody has  mentioned  Brown Envelopes ?   Or Other questionable Hanky-Panky activities ? 

 I also discovered  that  some specially selected- Council House Tenants - were  allowed to Purchase their Freehold Land & Property at a Time of a Critical Shortage of Social Housing-  prior to the Right to Buy Law introduced in 1980 
A Privilege  denied to others ? ? Guess who ?  The same individuals  “Granted” Retrospective  Planning Approval  for a Kitchen Extension  built on  & attached  to Freehold Property “NOT” in their Registered Title of “Ownership” 

Democracy - Hartlepool Style - Labour Controlled -  Makes you think? 
Yesterday- I received a Reply to  a  Letter I  submitted to Mr Eric Pickles M.P.  the Minister for the Department  for Communities & Local Government -  I intend to  publish  very shortly his comments  & my  written reply on Illegal Planning - &  The Statutory Requirements  required under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 - under section 65 (6) it is an Offence to  issue a false Ownership Certificate - ?  I can see the Light at the end of the Tunnel? 

In the mean time I think I should Publish for all to read my comments  addressed  to  Anonymous - in Particular- but also to  the Pond Life  of Harrtlepool- & we most certainly have  more than we deserve- who appear to get some sort of Kick in making Silent & Sometime Obscene  phone calls to my Home? I must be hitting a Nerve with some guilty people ?  Ask yourselves this- if you  saved your money & bought  a Freehold Ex-Council House- and someone built  something without permission-  in your back  garden & the said it was theirs- would you not  try and recover it ? Honest answers Please ? 

                                                                  Note to Anonymous-

POSTED SUNDAY NIGHT 14th April 2013 

I know I’m  classed as an Old  Fool  or if you like an old Fart, by some armchair Politicians  for Exposing Political  Wrongdoing, in Hartlepool,  BUT I do wish that  naïve &  stupid  people like yourself-  would read the article before making anonymous  foul mouthed negative  comments -  which I have Deleted,  yet again, 

While I will Continue to Accept & Publish -  Anonymous Comments - I will “NO-LONGER ”  Publish , “ANY” Negative or  Positive Comments  that Contain  Filthy -Foul-Mouth & Abusive  Language - such as Yours- Anonymous. ? 

I strongly Suspect , you are a Supporter of the Three DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors,  COOK- GRIFFIN & TEMPEST-   a Supporter   who lacks any moral Courage to make a  Comment - using your Real name ?

If you are a Supporter - which I suspect- of these  DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors, might I suggest you read the  Report Circulating on the  Internet- in the  Hartlepool Post -that one female Labour Councillor-?  representing the DE-BRUS  Ward - at the Last Hartlepool Borough Councils meeting held on Thursday 11th April 2013, not once, but twice appeared to physically nod off during key votes. This is not the Conduct one should  expect of a Councillor. 

She is obviously Well Past her sell-by date !  or could it Possibly be - Exhaustion -Medication-  it can’t be Drink? - I leave others to  decide? 

I  personally  feel  that this is yet another  incident  which  adds more weight , if any  more were needed to  validate my published  allegations - That  None of there(3)  DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors  are Morally  Competent Or are fit &  Proper people  to Represent their Constituents.- Hypocrites  ?

It’s quite wrong that our Public Servants & Councillors behave in such a  Disgraceful manner, but I am sure that they will have some clever words to explain why it is that they aren’t  Investigating  my Serious but Truthful Illegal Planning Allegations , & to prove I am not alone - have a read of this :

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