Friday, 9 November 2012


Last week it was Denis MacShane?  

Parliamentary Privilege allows MPs to name individuals they believe to be involved in illegal activity.  I agree with one well know Journalist,  who said , Yesterday, “It was not meant to be a Get Out Of Jail Free Card”   for thieves like  Denis MacShane,

I believe that  Denis MacShane, is nothing more than  another Disgusting  Thieving  Lying  Individual who abused the Very Privileged Position of being an Elected  Member of Parliament and who may face a fresh police probe into HIS dodgy ex­­­penses after new evidence was apparently discovered following the Commons report which led to him quitting.

This week it’s another Member of the Labour Party 
 Margaret Moran, 

Who also Abused  her Privledged Position in Parliament.
She allegedly faked invoices, lied about work done on her house, this
Former Member of Parliament , Cheated taxpayers out of almost £60,000 in an outrageous expenses scam, a court heard yesterday, but  was sparred attending court  due to “Depression”   so proceeding are taken place in her  absence ?  Do we have any Honest Members of Parliament ?

They should all  be in Jail with all the other Scoundrels , Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Gosh, I’ve  run out of Ink?

It doesn’t  Stop there , we have them here in Hartlepool
Corruption in Local Government is No Better, ?

I have attempted for a Number of Years  to  Expose to Public View the Festering Corruption of some Paid  Officials in Hartlepool Borough Council, up to August 2008, I, like most  Hartlepool Citizens, had not Complained, I though I was being well served by the Elected Councillors, in fact I had Walked the Street of Hartlepool knocking on doors for  a Number of Local Politicians, ?  I still believe there are still a few, genuine people in local  politics,  but most  of those 'keep their heads down' when  they should have the Courage of their Convictions and SHOUT  OUT  when they been Contacted by a Member of the Public , with accusations and allegations of Criminal Wrongdoing by some Non Elected, Paid Council Officials, Elected Councillors  have  a Duty to investigate any allegations of Misconduct ,  Supported by Bono-Fide  Documentary evidence and unless a  investigation is carried out there will always be a Tendency to Suspect a Whitewash “Unless you, the Elected Councillors do that, Suspicion of Criminal activities in both the Legal and in Particular the Planning Departments of Hartlepool Borough Council will always be around – that there is a Cover-up, I personally have been a Victim of Fraud, Property Fraud, a Full explanation is available here 

But a brief account is this, 
My neighbour built a Kitchen Extension  without apply for Planning Permission ? from Hartlepool Borough Council, and Physically attached part of  that Kitchen Extension  to the Rear Non Load bearing Wall of my Detached Wash-House, which is  now acting as  Roof Support  to the Kitchen Extension, without the Owner Permission ? Resulting in Severe Structural Damage to my Property,  in addition too, Completely Blocking  off ,  the Gas  Exhaust Ducts, positioned by the Original Builder of the Property for SAFETY REASONS,  high in the Rear Wall of the Outside Wash-House Buildings, Effectively Preventing my Family the SAFE  Use of their Legally Purchased  Detached Wash-House Property, any attempt to Use the Wash-House Gas Heated Hot Water Boiler could have been Fatal, ? All this information was Known after my Complaint to Hartlepool Borough Council, in August 2008,  to the Case Planning Officer Richard Trow, who after a Site visit, to take photographs, he Claimed,  of the Carbuncle  of the Roof of the Kitchen Extension overhanging  my Wash-House Roof, built without Planning permission and Erected by  Cowboy Builders, he  though it was very funny, it was later discovered that the Drawings for the  Planning Application submitted in August 2008, later changed to a Retrospective application H/2009/0568, had been prepared by Guess Who,  the Case Planning Officer himself,  Richard Trow,  who Later , assisted by Mr Reece, The Hartlepool Borough Council Development  Manager, "Decided,"    without Reference to any of the Elected Councillors on the Planning Committee , to Grant this Controversial Retrospective Planning Application H/2009/0568, on the Grounds that they had  the Authority to Approve this Controversial Retrospective application, has they had  been Delegated  to do so, by the Elected Councillors of the Planning Committee,

It can’t be Bad when you can sit in Judgement on your own Decisions, Pass Your Own Drawings, although he did say he would Tipp-Ex Out  any  Fixtures to my Property ?

NO Conflict of Interest there then ?

Is there Any Doubt that Suspicion Exists that “ALL” internal investigations by Paid Unelected Council Officials, into ANY Allegations of Criminal Wrongdoing by other Paid Unelected Council Officials are Ignored or with  Answers  Designed  to Protect somebody,  mostly Themselves,
As any Old Hartlepool Crofter Might  Say. in His Fluent Local Authentic Gibberish,
“He’s one of our Own”  he can’t be guilty ?

This Local Corruption which exists in Hartlepool Borough Council at the Moment, will, I believe, be exposed  to Public View, shortly, without Prejudice, Censorship or Dispensations. ? I will Continue and Try my Best  to Expose the Criminal Wrongdoers in both  the Legal and Planning Departments with or without  the support or “ANY” encouragement  from the Local  Labour Member of Parliament  for Hartlepool Iain Wright , or the three (3)  Councillor representing the De-Brus Ward,

Rob Cook (Labour) Sheila Griffin (Labour) Sylvia Tempest (Labour)
who Combined, will be Unable to Claim that they were All unaware of any Allegation of Wrongdoing,?  

 I knew Nothing? is Now Claimed by Many Cronies from the BBC  and Parliament, over the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal ?
I have just Recently been told that Rob Cook (Labour)  is the Chairman of the Planning Committee, no doubt he is now in a Position to answer  his Own Questions he addressed to me when he Visited my Home  with Sheila Griffin, when  seeking my Vote at the Last Election, and Loudly Proclaimed after viewing my  Back Garden and Saw with his own eyes ,  the Unsafe to Use , Outside Detached Wash-House, and  the Neighbours Carbuncle of a Kitchen Roof Protruding and  overhanging my Property ,
Over to you Mr Chairman, ?

To Update and In answer to a number of E-Mails and the Anonymous  Telephone Calls ( I do wish you would Stop ) I have received  lately , and don’t appreciate ,  if you wish to Send an  E-Mail or  Leave a Comment, please do so, it will be answered and is appreciated,  but with your name, leaving anonymous foul mouthed Comments are not Welcome,

Regarding enquires on Police Involvement  I have been advised to KEEP MY POWDER DRY  and say Nothing? Continue to Exhaust  All the  Peaceful Complaints Procedures available to me , leaving a Clear Paper Trail, before insisting (which I intend to) , that my Criminal allegations should be referred to the Police for Investigation ?

Copies of "ALL"  my Freedom of Information Requests  to both Land Registry and Hartlepool Borough Council are available on the WhatDoTheyKnow Internet Site,

A Copy of the Above will be sent as Usual for their Information Records and Files,  to all the Three (3) Named Councillors and to the Member of Parliament  for Hartlepool  Iain Wright, by the Internet Site, WriteToThem

Friday, 9 November 2012

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Gosh, what's that bad smell around here?  Corruption is alive and Well Not only In Hartlepool but in Stockport Too.

Sunday, 4 November 2012
To-Day, I Received  from a Friend in Devon,  Alan Dransfield,  a  Copy of a Letter of Protest, he had received from Sheila Oliver, a Resident of Stockport, who is a Vigorous Campaigner for Justice,  who has Fought for a Number of Years  to  Expose to Public View the Festering Corruption of some Officials in Stockport Council,  its well worth a Read,  it takes Courage to Stand up and Be Counted,

This is Part of his letter to his Member of Parliament, Ben Bradshaw, M.P.
I am taking the liberty in forwarding this email from Sheila Oliver a well known FOI Campaigner in Stockport and quite frankly, I think she should be awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize because of her dedication and courage to expose Fraud and Theft of Public Funds in Stockport.
I am highlighting the systemic failures of Local Public Authorities.

It should be noted that NPS have played a KEY ROLE in these Fiscal Irregularities in Stockport. The VERY SAME company whom, is a SISTER COMPANY to the DCC in charge of Multi/million pound Contracts in Devon?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Can you smell a Rat Mr Bradshaw, I know I can??!!
Yours in disgust
Alan M Dransfield

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sheila Oliver
Date: Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 7:59 AM
Subject: In case any of you were considering proping up the LibDems......
To: David Sedgwick , Maureen Rowles , Tom McGee , Brian Hendley , Walter Brett , Tom Grundy , Colin Foster , Richard Coaton , Patrick McAuley , Syvia Humphreys , William Wragg , Alana Vine , Brian Leck , Paul Bellis , Brian Bagnall , Linda Hold , Anthony O'Neill , Lisa Walker , Peter Burns , Adrian Nottingham , Kate Butler , Dean Fitzpatrick , Cllr Gantois , Andy Verdeille , Wendy Wild , Chris Murphy , Andy Soton
Cc: Democratic Services , Peter Devine

Dear Councillors
I appreciate that most of you would not be daft enough to prop up the LibDems, but for those waverers please take a few minutes to look at the following. It might save you future embarrassment:-

I have been trying for six years to raise financial irregularities regarding Vale View School and another SMBC ALMO - NPS. Although I was correct about the £5 million overspend, correct about the contamination, correct about the school not being built large enough, all the LibDem Executive Councillors ban all questions on the subject from me:-
Then we come on to Mr Parnell, whose tragic case I am trying to have made into a film. He only wanted counselling for his troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council, which the Council had a legal duty to provide. Following the cases of Andrea Adams and Alison Davies and Ryan who jumped from the Humber Bridge, the serious case reviews said they would help people who came to them regarding vulnerable children. They had Mr Parnell repeatedly incarcerated in tough Forest Bank prison. Although he was acquitted of the crime of assault with a sneeze in a 3 day £10,000 day Crown Court case, his punishment remained and if he enters Fred Perry House for any reason, he faces 5 years in prison for each breach of his control order placed on him for a crime he didn't commit. What happens when the police station moves to Fred Perry House and they arrest him again? Will he face 5 years in prison for merely being arrested? I told and told and told the Executive Councillors what was being done to him and they just sneered:-
Then we have SK Solutions. I have taken expert advice and the true situation is set out below. I remember Peter Devine asking me at the time - why on earth was this being set up?
The fact that NPS Stockport is technically broke and we own 20% of it. Where does that leave the council taxpayer?:-
And NPS Stockport has, quite legally, been dipping into the pension fund to make its balance sheet look more healthy.
What is going on with NPS generally:-
Stockport Homes would appear to have a circa £9 million hole in its pension fund for which the council taxpayer is liable:
We have paid £1 million this year alone to progress the M56 to A6 bypass:-
There is the disgrace of planning in this town where the very real concerns of local residents are completely ignored:-
When old, vulnerable people are treated with contempt and exposed to danger, do the LibDems want to act to put things right and make sure nothing like this every happens again? Do they Buxton!:-
And finally, Offerton Precinct. I was very involved with this. A local developer who gave us the high quality Millington Hall development in Cheadle  Hulme objected to his land being compulsory purchased and given to the owners of Offerton Precinct, who had let it get in such a terrible state. He worked at considerable expense to himself with local people and businesses to try to give the people of Offerton what they actually wanted and what would work. He produced high quality plans for a small convenience store, keep the much loved vet's practice and the much loved Indian restaurant and the chemists. Goddard and his LibDems on Stepping Hill Area Committee blocked them at every turn preferring to hand golden planning elephants to the owners of the Precinct. Why? It was even stated that the small convenience store would have a detrimental effect on the district centre of Marple whereas the large - Tesco-style store proposed by the Precinct owners would not. If you have a look at this link you will see the sorry state of the Precinct today and we will have to pay the owners come December a presumably large sum of money, which the LibDems are keeping secret, to buy their property off them. This is an absolute disgrace. I then looked into the accounts of these people and they have circa 200 companies all based in a scruffy lock up shop in London the premises shared by their "auditors" and just one of these companies has £700 million going through the accounts:-
This was too much for me and given also the strange behaviour of Goddard in this matter, I have reported the matter to the Chief Executive of HM Revenue and Customs and whereas I couldn't really trust the Chief Constable to act responsibly in looking into this matter given the appalling things done to Mr. Parnell, I can trust Lin Homer, Chief Exec of HMRC.
I have an email group of all MPs who detest the Coalition and am keeping them informed of events under this wonderful LibDem administration. I have absolutely no doubt they will make use of what I am sending them in the run up to the 2015 General Elections and some of the above might appear in the Daily Mail etc.
So, given the Schweinerei above documented on my website (and there is documentary evidence supplied for all I have stated despite the LibDems doing all they can to stop my access to information)
any decision to prop up this dodgy administration would be in the words of Sir Humphrey - "courageous".
If you have been, thanks for listening.
Sheila Oliver