Monday, 22 May 2017


Setting the Records Straight- Remember ! once it's posted online, it's out there”
In Public life occurs in a wide variety of forms; from the large-scale, complex and sophisticated machinations of a group of influential elected members and/or paid public servants working in concert to systematically siphon off literally millions of pounds of the public purse (as in the John Poulson case), to the lone activities of the single individual exploiting an opportunity to obtain an advantage (pecuniary or otherwise) that may even be felt by that individual to be no more than the privilege that comes with the exalted position of employment like Alan H Smith assistant LAND REGISTRAR in Public Office of a Government Department –Land Registry Durham, or like Peter Devlin Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council- who like
the current hapless useless LABOUR Member of Parliament (but not for much longer) Iain Wright also knew of the Corruption but  as usual did nothing.
Be careful very careful who you vote for next time- you may Heaven Forbid end up with what we have here in Hartlepool a Bunch of Labour Party Scoundrels & Compulsive liars !!!
I think that most reasonable decent Hartlepool people would say we are the Innocent Victims of Hartlepool Council Corruption, we have done nothing wrong but object to an illegally building originally built without Seeking Planning Permission that was attached to our Private Property-causing Severe Damage-!!!
Its worth remembering it was our immediate neighbours who started this fraudulent conspiracy to obtain by criminal deception a Certificate of Lawfulness and Retrospective Planning Permission for a Kitchen and Taxi Drivers Toilet Built WITHOUT first seeking Planning Permission & attaching it to their Immediate neighbor’s Detached Wash House Building causing Severe Structural Damage !!! 
Here is a photograph of our immediate next door neighbours Kitchen and Taxi Drivers Toilet Extension ,attached to our Detached Wash House obviously they have Influential friends in positions of authority on the Hartlepool Planning Committee- their own personal adviser, Architect & Draughtsman the Project the Planning Officer himself Richard Trow- even Peter Devlin the Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council has been informed on a number of Previous Occasions as was the Labour Party Councillor for the BRUS WARD 
How’s that for Democracy Hartlepool Labour Party Style !!!
Modern law’s is I believe derived from the old Courts of Common Law and equity which in includes the Law of Property Act 1925 the Settled Land Act 1925 the Land Charges Act 1972 the Land Registration Act 2002- and the European Convention on Human Rights at it core English Land Law involves the acquisition the traditional content of relates to property rights that derive from Common Law equity and the Registration System-Ownership of Land is aquired by a Contract of Sale and to Complete a Purchase the “Buyer” must Formally Register his/her interest with HM Land Registry! Land Registration is NOW Compulsory for ALL land Transactions in England & Wales

The TITLE Plan M44684 “Sale of Council House” dated September 1983 gives a detailed description of the property & also shows very clearly the full extent of the plot within the title being Purchased in all good faith-& transferred from Hartlepool Borough Council on the 1st February 1984 edged in RED & Confirmed by Land Registry Durham in a letter dated 16th February 1984
The Land Registry’s registers of TITLE for a particular piece of Land are considered at LAW to be definitive proof of ANY matter affecting the Land!

Real estate contracts aren’t enforceable unless the parties have exchanged something of value, called Consideration Valuable  Consideration is “MONEY” or something that has Monetary Value.
In this case-our Consideration was £5,750.00 (Five Thousands Seven Hundred and Fifty Pounds)
A Letter from Land Registry to me-dated 19th February 2009, said that under English law the same area of freehold land cannot be simultaneously in the ownership of two separate parties, and are PROPERLY in your Title.CE74844 “Absolute”

Proof if further proof of purchase was needed that the two (2) Land Registry Officials in Public Office, Alan H Smith the assistant Land Registrar- & his colleague Anthony Lowes Land Registry Durham acted unlawfully when rejecting our VALID  documents of Purchase of the Ex-Council House Freehold Property Registered Title CE74844”Absolute”
One would have expected - that the assistant Land Registrar- Durham ,Alan H Smith- employed in a Position of Trust & Authority in Public Office- of a Government Department would have known that the class of title “Absolute” will ONLY be granted by Land Registry-IF-when the freehold property- is “FIRST” presented for“ Registration” in this case on the  29th March 1984-the person applying for “Registration” (J.Anthony Brown) Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council- the“Sellers” of the freehold Property-can show an “Unbroken” Chain of “Ownership” going back at least- Fifteen (15 ) Years- to ensure Land Registry own legal oblgation that the “Sellers” of the Ex-Council Freehold Property Hartlepool Council- had  owned the property- for 15 years & had  full legal authority to sell the freehold property to a Council House Tenant!

-Valid Evidence presented to Land Registry Durham by (J.Anthony Brown) Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council Confirming that a Complete Thorough Property Search of ALL Previous Hartlepool Council Property Sales-had been undertaken-by the Chief Engineer and Senior Land Surveyor- B.R. Davies, B.Sc. C. Eng. M.I.C.E. on behalf of Hartlepool Borough Council-the “Sellers” of the EX-Council House Land & Property- in order to allow sufficient time to deal with any issues which may arise-following the Exchange Of Contracts-!!

The Land Registry’s registers of TITLE for a particular piece of Land are considered at LAW to be definitive proof of ANY matter affecting the Land!
The significant issue in this particular case is Did We or Did We Not purchase in all good faith the freehold property Registered Land Title CE74844 “Absolute” including the property details highlighted in RED on the plan M44,684 title “Sale of Council House” pursuant to the Housing Act 1980 in Consideration of £5,750.00 (Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Pounds)
A genuine certificate of authenticity must fully and accurately describe the property being sold or being or purchased   attached-if further irrefutable proof- of this dishonest illegal unsavoury and unhealthy criminal situation were needed is a copy of the letter sent to us- by Alan H Smith the assistant Land Registrar of a Government Department-Land Registry Durham- signed &  dated 3rdDecember 2008- in which he categorically states that our neighbours have better documentary evidence of purchase of the freehold ex council house land and property – than us- if that was the case WHY was it NOT produced for our inspection- ?
What better way to prove your legal purchase of your property than in the words of senior officials of Land Registry "A owner is a person who can show legal title to the Land/Property through Registration of their ownership with Land Registry
Had the unthinkable actually happened was it possible that some form of inducement had been offered and possibly accepted by these two (2) Government Officials in Public Office Alan H Smith & Anthony Lowes to Pervert the Course of Justice & assist the B141 applicants to obtain by Criminal Deception Land & Property NOT in their Legal Entitlement to enable them to falsely obtain a Certificate of Lawfulness & Retrospective Planning Permission for their  Kitchen and Taxi-Drivers Toilet Extension attached to their neighbours Detached Wash House Building.

Yours Sincerely
Alan Harvey Flounders