Friday, 22 July 2016


Friday, 22 July 2016
Definition- of -a Hypocrite-a pretence of having a virtuous character, moral- socialist beliefs  principles, etc., that he does not really possess. See more.
There was a report broadcast on T.V. to-day- highlighting the activities of the Hartlepool Member of Parliament-Iain Wright-criticizing the Scandalous   Disgraceful behaviour of Mike Ashley-owner of the sports firm-and also owner of Newcastle Football Club- whether Mike Ashley is a Complete scoundrel I know Not- what I do know is that Iain Wright- the Labour Party Representative in the Palace of Westminster for the People of Hartlepool -is a complete “Hypercrite” who- in my view- and I believe many others- will do anything to gain public support- give interviews- make silly comments-anything- but what he is paid to do- represent his own town constituents-
Most people will find it difficult to believe that- Members of Parliament and Town Councillors need NO qualifications whatsoever- NO basic educational or even any work experience-and many don’t have any skills that would help them to do their job, what many Hartlepool Labour Councillors do possess in abundance, is a nasty arrogant attitude, they actually seriously think that they are doing a good job-and honestly believe they can do no wrong? The latest episode of stupidity is the announced demolition of the Jackson Landing-
Most if not all will certainly not admit to any mistakes- some will blatantly Lie- that they never said this or never said that- despite overwhelming evidence of their dishonest and outrageous comments-exist- it was NOT -my fault, is their cry, what is even more alarming is that they have the audacity to pass the buck, deny all and any involvement – in any controversial issue- even to delegate their functions- to even less qualified and experienced Council Staff, if that scenario is at all possible- an example is the Council Planning Committee- who do this often, particularly whenever any Controversial Planning application are submitted under the counter- for a consideration –of course-  such as my Objection- to- retrospective planning application H/2009/0568.-

Despite our objection it was  illegally built on our property- causing serious damage to our property- they hadn’t even applied for planning consent for their kitchen and toilet extension- but having friends in the know- where granted retrospective planning- permission-they even tried to alter our registered details of freehold property ownership- at Land Registry-Durham-despite having no credible documentary evidence- or proof of purchase of the freehold property built on- where as we have irrefutable documentary evidence of purchase-in all good faith- of the ex-council house freehold property-Title-CE74844 “Absolute” we purchased-from Hartlepool Borough Council-on the 1st February 1984-pursuant to the Housing act 1980-in consideration of £5.750.00-Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Pounds--the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by- HARTLEPOOL BOROUGH COUNCIL of Civic Centre Hartlepool-in the County of Cleveland (hereinafter called “the Transferor”) as beneficial owner hereby CONVEY to ALAN HARVEY FLOUNDERS & JACQUELINE FLOUNDERS-his-WIFE-both of 48-Ridlington Way-Hartlepool- aforesaid-(hereinafter called “the Transferee”) the Land-purchased- shown and edged in RED-on the title plan-number M44,684- dated –September 1983-bound-up-within-and with-the DWELLING-HOUSE-and Other Buildings-thereon known as Number 48 Ridlington Way-Hartlepool- the estate was -Conveyed, Transferred-Registered & Recorded in both the Property Register & the Proprietorship Register of the Land Title Register- by J Anthony Brown Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council-on behalf of the Sellers of the Freehold Property-on the 29th 3.1984-irrefutable -unchallengeable-documentary evidence of legal purchase & Ownership- BUT-completely ignored by Hartlepool Borough Council Planning and Legal Officials-What a copout- what intellectual cowardice, too: afraid to investigate allegations of Misconduct in public office- of Council Officials.
"This thing could not have occurred - without the Connivance and Collusion of Paid Officials in Hartlepool Borough Council and the Connivance and Collusion of Officials in the Land Registry Durham-