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Political Corruption - Look no Further than Hartlepool


 EPISODE 2 of  6.

elf-evident.” --
Repeating a Colossal (and Frequently Blatant) untruth, as Loud and as Often as you can, will make it easier to Believe — Because no one would conceive that anyone would distort the truth so boldly and outrageously.
"a lie repeated often enough becomes truth".
Attributed to Joseph  Goebbels 

A few years ago the arrogant dismissal of my complaint by Hartlepool Borough Council, and some Elected Ward Councillors,  without answering any of the points raised and the refusal to communicate further unless  I Submit them to PETER DEVLIN, Chief Solicitor,  would have meant that I would have found it difficult to pursue the matter.  However now, with the Internet, neither Council employees nor Elected  Councillors are able to  HIDE  their Dishonest actions - this is a new departure and will in the future make our representatives and employees more accountable as there will be no hiding place! Watch this Space  for more Revelations !
Please Note 
If anything I have Published is NOT TRUE, WHY have NONE of the named Hartlepool Borough Council  Individuals, Commenced Legal Proceedings against Me for Slander or Whatever Crime, they can think of, in the Past FIVE (5) years, To date, not one of them has taken advantage of this offer NOR DISPUTED  any of the allegations posted on this blog.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013            

Dear DE-BRUS WARD  Hartlepool  Councillors ,
 for  Action, ( I may  be Lucky,)   Information , Files ? But Mainly for Public  Records  & Displayed  in the Public Domain !

It is Now  some  weeks since I Published on the Internet,   &  Wrote  to  my (3) Local Labour Ward Councillors,   a letter  highlighting  my Allegations of Criminality by  some Senior Hartlepool  Borough Council  Officials  who have Conspired Wilfully  to Deprive  me of  my Basic Civil, Legal Property  & Human Rights  Copies of my Criminal allegations were  also  sent to :-   

IAIN WRIGHT M.P.  Member of Parliament for Hartlepool,  (NO REPLY) 
Three (3) Members  of the European  Parliament !
STEPHEN HUGHES           ( LABOUR )                   (NO REPLY) 
For their attention , files & Public Records, 
 NONE of  my (3) Three Labour Ward  Councillors  have Sought  fit to Acknowledge or even  attempted  to  Contacted me, to give an explanation WHY  my Extremely Serious but “Truthful Allegation” of  Fraud,  Malfeasance, Misconduct by Public Officials in Public Office,  that Cannot be Legally Justified  &  Conflicts with the law, have been Ignored?
There is nothing in  the letter I received  from  PETER DEVLIN,  The Chief Solicitor  of Hartlepool Borough Council, written to me, at the Behest of You All, the Three (3) Labour Councillors, Who Claim to Represent  the voters of the DE-BRUS  WARD on Hartlepool Borough Council, 
( a Claim I now  Seriously Question ?)  , which would cause me to Withdraw or Reconsider  any of my Extremely Serious but True  allegation of Malfeasance Land and Financial Property Fraud, Conspiring to  Perverting the Course of Justice,  Misconduct and Abuse of Position  in Public Office  
As a  Law Abiding Tax Payer ,  I have a  Democratic  Right  to Question  the Motives  and Decisions and Criticise Openly in Public,  WHY  my Three (3)   Recently Elected LABOUR  Councillors, ROB COOK , SHEILA GRIFFIN, and  SYLVIA TEMPEST
 who Now  have the audacity  to  Claim  (Wrongly I Maintain)   to Represent the Voters in the DE-BRUS  WARD, on   Hartlepool Borough Council.
What  Authority Does the Chief Solicitor PETER DEVLIN have over a Law abiding Tax Paying Citizen of Hartlepool  to suggest ? That if I want to Contact my Elected Ward Councillors  in Future , I  Must submit any  Written Correspondence , that’s Critical of their  Conduct in Office , to  Him, the Chief Solicitor  of Hartlepool Borough Council, For his Approval or Disapproval ?

Surely this is a Clear Breach of my HUMAN RIGHTS ?
Article 10, Freedom of Expression of the Human Rights Act 1998

I intend  to Question  all the Leaders & Deputies  of all  Parliamentary Parties on This Situation ? I feel sure they will Comment , if they believe in Democracy? 
What’s your Answer to this Situation  IAIN  WRIGHT M.P. for Hartlepool ?
And the  Three (3) Members  of the European  Parliament !
FIONA HALL                         ( LIBERAL DEMOCRAT) 
STEPHEN HUGHES             ( LABOUR )   
May be Interested ?
“I don’t care if  I embarrass people in Public Office in both Hartlepool Borough Council and  a Government Department, Land Registry, Durham? Regarding  my repeated  Criminal Allegations,  I don’t care if Careers and Reputations are undermined as a result of this  peaceable Campaign to achieve by raising Local  people's awareness  of the Deceitful 
Legal and Planning Decisions made in  their Names by Dishonest Employees and some questionable Elected Councillors ?
My Truthful  allegations are supported by Bona-Fide Legal Documents of Ownership Purchase  and Photographs of  Criminal Property Damage.
None  of those Public Servants Employed by Hartlepool Borough Council, in the Legal & Planning Departments, Alyson Carman, Solicitor,  Hilary Martin, F.O.I. Officer  Richard Trow, Case Planning Officer,  Mr.Reece, Development  Control Manager , Paul Burgon Enforcement Officer and others involved , Dave Stubbs, Stuart Green, Stuart Metcalf  can Justify 
their Deceitful and Dishonest Conduct, their Combined Motives and Reasons can only be viewed as Not only Highly Suspicious  but  Possible Criminal, ?
It reminds me a bit of the MPs Expenses Scandal , which did have a massive impact - it practically destroyed any remaining trust amongst the electorate, yet  today all Politicians  still  seem to possess hides like  rhinoceros(es) and  feel  NO  shame whatsoever. ?
It is abundantly clear to me that the actions  or  inactions  and the Combined and Continued Silence of my Three (3)  DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors COOK, GRIFFIN & TEMPEST, are I believe , part of a wider Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice related to my Criminal & Fraudulent  Allegations. 
This is Corruption and Collusion  at its height. This stinks to high heaven! you are  Morally Bankrupt ? It  appears to me that you  all have entered local politics more for  Self-Service than about Public Service. ? 
None of you seem to have the ethics, morals and integrity necessary to be a 'voice for the people'. ?  any elected Councillor Who ignores a Ward Resident, when he  calls on him/her for  assistance  to investigated a Serious Financial Complaint , supported by Bona-Fide  Legal Documentation, should Seriously question their Reasons  and  above all their Motives for standing for Public Office,
( C)
I believe you have shown by your Conduct,  that you are most certainly incapable  of Honestly   Representing  the People of the DE-BRUS Ward !  I believe , You should all Resign from your Office, to allow others  who are NOT after Personal Kudos or Gain, to participate  in the Town Affairs!
I am only a Lone Voice at the Moment but I am of the Opinion that there are many -many -voters in the DE-BRUS WARD  who now  must be Seriously thinking, that their (3) Labour Ward Councillors must have something very Serious &  Incriminating TO HIDE ? 
When Seemingly they appear to have  Choosing to be Complicit in Covering-Up my Serious  Allegations of  Misconduct & Malfeasance  by Public Officials in Public Office, that Cannot be legally Justified and  Conflicts with the law. ?
I firmly believe that this incident  will not  be forgotten in future, & will come back to Haunt  You  ? I most Certainly will “NOT”  let this BLATANT  THEFT--of Part of the Freehold Registered  Land and Property, I Purchased from Hartlepool Borough Council, Registered at Land Registry Durham,  on 29th March 1984, be Kicked into the Long Grass!
I believe That No-One should be allowed to Gain Financial Profit  from their  Criminal Actions, !
Your  Combined attitude  is very Similar to the attitude adopted by the Officials at the B.B.C. who  Collectively ,  decided to Ignore the numerous allegations they must have  received regarding that Vile  & Evil Monster JIMMY  SAVILE,  allegation, Hindsight now shows  that if acted on at the time, they  would have  exposed him for what he was, Nothing  more than a Filthy Old Paedophile , they in all Probability  Suspected if they did not know  the  Whole Truth but Like yourselves they  Did Nothing?
 At  the moment your Combined attitudes are “Don’t Rock the Boat,”  “Sweep any evil thoughts under the Carpet“,  keep it all - SECRET-
 in- House-let the Wrongdoing  remain- Secret - Very Secret.?  long enough and ignore the allegations , they will  be forgotten and will Just Disappear along with the Citizen making the Nasty  Allegations,  don’t be a naughty Boy,  Please Go away,  and  “Don’t” ask any more awkward, embarrassing Questions, Stop exposing on the Internet,  the Shenanigans  you  have discovered  when  Researching the Sale of Council House Freehold Properties by Hartlepool Borough Council Prior to 1980? Including some Very Suspicious Planning Decisions 
And the Blatant Favouritism * previously shown to my Neighbour From Hell,  which was also discovered  at the beginning of my Internet  Research into the “Granting” of the Legally Flawed Controversial Retrospective application  H/2009/0568? 
*(The  Story, of  Blatant Favouritism, can be read here)  ?
 Published Friday 21st September 2012 -
 It Will be Updated & Published in full here Shortly)   
A Little Discovered Local History:- 
Who said you can’t Operate a business from a Council House ? 
(Prohibited by the Tenancy Agreement) !
Who Said you can’t Buy a Council House at a time of a Critical Shortage of Social Housing without Ministerial approval?  & Continue to Run a Business, (Prohibited by Legal Covenants) ?
You most Certainly Can if you can Boast of Fiends in very High Places particularly in the  Labour Dominated  Hartlepool Borough Council ? 
 Influence which is  still Bearing Fruit  to this Day ?  
How else  do you think the Retrospective Application  H/2009/0568  was  “Granted” although partly built on  a Neighbours Private Freehold Property?
 And who can forget the Ridicules Nonsense of the  Coloured Photograph of an Outside Toilet Door submitted  in an attempt to  Land Registry Durham, Falsely Claiming  ownership of part of a Neighbours Registered Property ? Surprise-Surprise  it was  Accepted as  Stronger Proof of Ownership of a section of a Registered  Freehold Property 
by  Alan H Smith, Assistant Land Registrar, Durham, than  the Original  Registered Land Title Deeds CE74844”Absolute”  entered in Both the Property & Proprietorship on the 29th 3.1984? 
( If that doesn’t smell of Corruptions, ? I don’t Know what  does ?)
(c ) 
Or the Unbelievable Claim  by MALCOLM DAWSON O.B.E.------Head of Land Registry , who had been Requested  by the Local Member of Parliament  IAIN WRIGHT.M.P. to Investigate My Criminal Allegation of 
Malfeasance  in Public Office  by ALAN H SMITH, assistant Land Registrar  Durham, -  you will be amazed  at the Utter Nonsense of  MALCOLM DAWSON’S  O.B.E.  Reply to  IAN WRIGHT’S M.P. Request? Wait and See!
I was later awarded £300, and a Apology  by Land Registry, after the intervention of the Complaints Reviewer Elizabeth Derrington, for Mistakes made by Land Registry,  which I refused, as Unacceptable. and    
I returned the  £300, to  Joe Timothy of the Legal Department , Head Office, 32 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, on Tuesday, 16th February 2010!

 Watch this Space  for an Up-Date of more  Dirty Tricks  !

 No Matter how hard, Employees and Councillors of  Hartlepool Borough Council   try to hide things, they will  eventually come to the Surface and my Truthful Allegations will  Continue to be Published here on this Blog  and the  links to  other Blogs, for display in the Public Domain,  on the World-Wide Internet such as  that Excellent Site Exposing Council  Corruption in Stockport , WWW.SHEILAOLIVER.COM.ORG/
All   allegations Supported with Bona-Fide  Documentary  & Photographic  Evidence  will also  be sent to all Government Political  and Legal  Authorities , such as the Secretary  of State for Communities and Local Government, and others  who have the Power to make and Enforce laws which will Eventually  expose to Public View, the Cancer of Dishonesty Festering in Hartlepool Borough  Council, and Land Registry, Durham? 
 Lies and deceit on a massive scale defines this whole tragic affair, 
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”
Democracy. Transparency. Honesty. Integrity. Openness. 
These are virtues we are entitled to expect from our Council, it's Employees and Councillors, which we pay for though Council Taxes,  Unfortunately, 
Hartlepool Council, at this moment in time appears to be totally devoid of any decent Councillors, -Corruption festers. don't just ignore and hope it goes away. It Won’t?
So why does this happen in Hartlepool? Could it Possibly be that 
Our Labour Led Criminal Incumbent Administration have Controlled Hartlepool Borough Council for 48 of the past 50 years, is it the old 
'entitlement' to rule thing....they've been there so long they think don't think they need to Comply with the LAW, or anyone else's Rules or Standards. Or Concerns, ? Certainly Not the Interests of the Town Voters, particularly the Residents of the DE-BRUS Ward ,  who  can all go back to sleep now, you served your purpose, you have  elected  COOK, GRIFFIN, and TEMPEST,  so they  will continue to treat all Residents of the DE-BRUS Ward  with “Contempt." 
In particular I criticise ROB COOK, who I believe is  a Complete Hypocrite,  and is unfit to be a Councillor for the DE-BRUS  Ward,  my Ward, or any other Ward for that Matter,   he appears  to be suffering from some sort of Psychological Disturbance, Possibly Severe Amnesia Perhaps, ?  what is Certain, is that he has Conveniently forgotten his personal “Pre-Election” appearance at my Frond Door accompanied by SHEILA GRIFFIN  ? 
When Seeking Votes for the  Hartlepool DE-BRUS Ward Council Elections, ROB COOK was Invited  into my Home, a invitation which he accepted  and spoke at some length on Why I should Vote Labour in the Forthcoming local elections,  
I explained my Loss of faith in the Local Labour Party and told him of my Problems , I was Having with Officials in the Legal & Planning Departments  of Hartlepool Borough Council, he  Requested Permission to personally inspect  our  Outside Detached Wash-House Building, 
His Reaction, after  his Visual Inspection , I can only Describe to the best of my ability as Utter Astonishment, he Claimed  it should be Demolished? 
And was amazed that Such an Ugly Carbuncle of an Property Extension, that  was Physically tied into the Non-Load-Bearing Rear Wall of the Wash-House Building, Causing  Serious Structural Damage , and  effectively Blocking OFF by the COWBOY Builders,   the Gas Ventilation Ducts, intentionally  Positioned High in the Rear Wall of the Wash-House, as a Safety Precaution, to allow the Uninterrupted Total Escape  to the Outside Atmosphere of any Built Up of Dangerous Toxic, Combustible Explosive Gasses, to Prevent the Possible and Potential  Highly  Dangerous   Life  Threatening Situation, of Fire or Explosion  , a situation  that made  any further Safe  Use of the Wash-House facilities  Impossible ?
(c )
A situation it must be noted  which could have had Dangerous if not fatal Consequences,  had any member of my family attempted to ignite the Internal  Gas Fuelled  Hot Water Boiler ?  A Situation that Remains unresolved  to this day, & has denied us, the Legal Owners of the Property, any further use of the Internal Gas  Fuelled  Hot Water Boiler Washing Facilities  A clear Violation and Breach of our Legal & Human Rights 

The First Protocol Article 1, of the European Convention on Human Rights, 
The  Right to Own  Property?  What does this right mean?     
The Protection of Property under Protocol 1, Article 1 has three elements
to it:
(1)    A Person has the Right to the Peaceful Enjoyment of Their Property.
(2)   A Public Authority Cannot take away what Someone owns.
(3)   A Public Authority Cannot impose Restrictions on a Person’s 
“Use of Their Property.”
The Fraud Act 2006 Fraud by abuse of position Section 4.
(1)       A person is in breach of this section if he—
(a)       occupies a position in which he is expected to safeguard, or not to act         against, the financial interests of another person ?

To ensure accuracy of the situation  and to avoid  any future Misunderstanding It  was made Clear to ROB COOK  when visiting my Home, that  the Retrospective Planning Application H/2009/0568 had been  Given Planning Consent Despite Many Objections  by the Case Planning Officer Richard Trow, assisted by  Mr Reece, Building Control Manager,  

May we remind the people mentioned here that  I endorse a 
 policy of allowing everybody facing the allegations  I  make have  a right of reply? To date, not one of them has taken advantage of this offer nor disputed any of the allegations posted on this blog. 

EPISODE  3  of  6. Will be Published  Later !