Saturday, 25 May 2013


Saturday, 25 May 2013
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                                     NO FREE BANANAS IN HARTLEPOOL 
There’s No chance now of getting free bananas - as was originally promised I believe - by Stuart Drummond the  now- EX- Democratically  Elected Mayor of Hartlepool! 

HE’s - GONE- GONE-GONE  HE’s  TOAST-  -along with his Empty Promises to Investigate my Allegations- of Serious Council Official Misconduct- which He claimed after Nine years (9) in Office- He Knew Nothing About! 

To quote Mandy Rice-Davies – “He would say that wouldn't he?” 
which  is one of the most quotable and damning remarks ever made about a Political figure. It is attributed to Mandy Rice-Davies, one of the young women involved in the PROFUMO  Scandal,!

My  invitation  to  Stuart Drummond -to visit my Home- to  Inspect  & See for Himself- the Dangerously & Unsafe Carbuncle of a Kitchen Extension - built by Cowboy Builders- Without Planning Permission -was Declined- Ignored Completely-  a Visible Inspection of my Freehold Land & Property- would- I am Sure - have Convinced  Stuart Drummond -  as it  Obviously did  ROB COOK- that my Safety building Concerns & Allegations  of Planning Misconduct  were  really Truthful!  

Stuart Drummond was the First and Possibly is the last Democratically Elected  Mayor of HARTLEPOOL!  Sad Really- I personally believed it was a Very Good Idea- unfortunately- and we are ALL guilty !  - we voted him- a man in a Monkey Suit - a Football Club MASCOT- not Once BUT  three times- into a very  Important Public Office- We got what we  Richly Deserved- a Complete & Utter Political Disaster- 

It was a Peoples  PROTEST VOTE - against  the Political  Scoundrels then available  in ALL the Local Political Parties ! They still exist! They haven’t gone away!

An e-mail I receive  a  few days ago - asked me if I knew what Job  the ex-Mayor Stuart Drummond  would now be suitability  qualified for ? 

 My answer was I Honestly Don’t Know-  I have Never- Ever Met the Man- nor do I wish to- after  his Nine (9)  years of  Utter & Complete  Failure in Public Office - Coupled  with his Obvious  Lack of Honesty & Integrity - and his  Proven Political  Record of  Political Incompetence -he was elevated -  I believe - to a Position of Political Responsibility Beyond  his Capabilities-  led by the nose  by Senior Paid  Council Officials-
It is my Opinion- that there are Few- if any-Positions of Responsibility  he could occupy-it is Possible of course- In these Political Corrupt times - that his Questionable Qualities- may be accepted  as essential &  necessary qualifications  for Political Office- by some Local Political Lunatics !

 He may even have been Promised while Mayor- Some future Council Employment!  Or even  the Possibility - laughable as it seems-  to be Nominated  as a Possible Future  Candidate  for the  Honourable Position of Member of Parliament for Hartlepool  in the next General Election-   Not Impossible - when one Considers- the Financial Hanky-Panky  surrounding some  Councillors- who’s  motives at this moment in Time  are Highly  Suspect!  

Some Hartlepool Borough Councillors - will do & say anything to Gain or Remain in  Political Office- my own experiences of  my Three (3) DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors  -ROB COOK, SHIELA GRIFFIN- & SYLVIA TEMPEST! are a Prime Example!  Their  motive’s  when asking PETER DEVLIN the Chief Solicitor to write to me-  which  can only be Described as a letter of Censure-  for questions asked- is most Definitely Suspect!  In fact Highly Suspicious! 

Especially when one Considers - ROB COOK’s  Academy Award Winning Performance  of Utter Disgust- & Disbelief- when loudly Condemning  as Disgraceful - after his visual inspection of  the Carbuncle of  the Illegal Kitchen Extension overlooking & attached  to the single skin Non-Load Bearing Rear Wall of My Detached Outside Wash-House!  Completely Blocking the  Gas Ventilation Ducts? A Possible Life Threatening Situation!

How- he cried-  did that Extension- tied into and overhanging your Wash-House  get Retrospective Planning Consent-   it should be Demolished! ROB COOK’S WORDS- NOT MINE!
 He now appears to be Suffering some kind of  Memory Loss- a Medical Condition-  known I believe- as Politicians Amnesia-  

We now know- that all promises made when seeking election to Political  office -are Conveniently   forgotten after election! 

After all is said and Done- The Present  Honourable Labour Member for Hartlepool Iain Wright M.P. has “NOT”  to the best of my Personal  Knowledge Suffered any  ill effects  to his Political Career-  although many People in Hartlepool -believe he lacks  Honesty & Integrity - particularly  over the Closure of Hartlepool  University Hospital, his tenure  as the Honourable Member for Hartlepool  could  soon end- !  The Honest Citizens of Hartlepool are beginning  to wake up! 
  I believe Hartlepool Can No Longer be seen as a Safe Labour Seat- ?

In  one  Letter to me- Iain Wright M.P. appears to have been very naive & trusting - particularly  when accepting the  Head of Land Registry Richard Dawson’s , O.B.E.   Ridiculous Explanation- that all the Original Registration Documents had been Destroyed? & he  could find "NO"  Evidence in HIS  internal investigation  to support my  Criminal allegations of  Property& Financial  Fraud & Abuse of Public Office by Alan H Smith- Assistant Land Registrar- Durham- Who- It  is Important to Remember- - was the Responsible  Public  Government Official  in Land Registry-Durham-who accepted two (2) Coloured Photographs  of an Out-Side Toilet Door! as Stronger Proof of  Registered Freehold Property Ownership than the “Original” Land Title Deeds CE74844 “Absolute”-  Freehold  Property Purchased from Hartlepool Borough Council  Conveyed-Transferred- Registered-  Recorded & Filed in Both the Property & the Proprietorship Registers at Land Registry, Durham by J ANTHONY BROWN -  the CHIEF  SOLICITOR  of the Sellers of the Freehold Land & Property - Hartlepool Borough Council- on 29th March 1984

( I was later awarded £300. & an Apoligy for Mistakes Made-  which I Refused & Returned the Cash to Land Registry London, this Disgraceful & Disgusting Conduct by Government Officials has still "NOT" been  addressed to my Complete Satisfaction) but I believe  will be Suitably settled Shortly. It might  take a long Time BUT Persistance & Truethfulnes is Rewarded!

For Public Record or if in Doubt about my Allegations & to Confirm  my Invitation to Stuart Drummond- please see  :-
the letter I  received from  Stuart Drummond  Mayor of Hartlepool, on Monday  
25th March 2013, in reply to the  Copy of  a Letter -I had Originally  Sent to Eric Pickles M.P. Secretary of the Department  for Communities & Local Government- 
Highlighting  my Concerns & my  allegations  of Misconduct by  some 
Hartlepool Borough Council Officials- Friday 22nd March 2013- & my Reply 
to him POSTED  Friday, 29 March 2013 - available on this Site-  
Copies to:-
1.The Three (3) DE-BRUS Ward Councillors- 
Sylvia Tempest (Labour)Sheila Griffin (Labour) Rob Cook (Labour)

2.The Three European  M.P. ‘s - Fiona Hall (Liberal Democrat)
 Stephen Hughes (Labour) Martin Callanan (Conservative)

3.The Member of Parliament  for Hartlepool
Iain Wright (Labour)