Thursday, 12 March 2015

Just a little reminder of what you can expect if you continue to vote Labour in Hartlepool

It's not illegal to be a hypocrite, every Labour Politician does it, we have an outstanding example here in Hartlepool- a Labour Politican who ticks all the boxes- Iain Wright M.P. the Second Biggest Areshole ever elected to the Palace of Westminster by the good people of Hartlepool- everyone knows who the Biggest Arsehole ever elected was the Prince of Darkness himself- Peter –how do you to get a mortgage without any money-Mandleson-

I believe Hartlepool has a secret school- founded over the past (50) fifty years to train would be labour politicians in Corruption- the list of successful students is eye-watering- the present head boy is Rob Cook the labour councillor for the West-View DE-BRUS Ward- he certainly is some slick talking snake oil salesman- awesome- what he will say to get elected is unbelievable-if you don’t believe me-why not look on my Blog or Goggle the Coffin Dodger- and read about his brilliant theatrical performance – worthy of an Oscar- given by him- on Why a kitchen extension built without seeking planning approval should be- DEMOLISHED- before -you should remember -his successful election to Hartlepool Council ? Remember – I did say -before his election- It's NOT illegal to be a hypocrite. But it certainly helps if you join the Labour Party here in Hartlepool. , where the rule of law, and decency, are supposed to prevail-if you really want to know the truth about Council Corruption-particularly here in Hartlepool, Read more: on my Blog or Goggle the Coffin Dodger-  not even Mel Brookes could make this up!