Thursday, 29 July 2010

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 Hello , and a warm welcome to all , I hope that what I publish here, you will find of Interest, you may not agree with my views and opinions, but that is only fair, I may not agree with yours, I welcome constructive comments from readers.
Please remember,  If you don’t like what I write, you are not compelled to read it.

All criticisms of me will be published provided that you do not attempt to hide or disguise your identity, if you have something to say, and I hope you do, please stand up and raise your voice,

Protest sites are growing phenomenon. All are different, but one thing is certain, all those who
devote their time to create them believe that things need to change for the good of all,and dispute what many think,that things cannot change, they can and will if you but try.

 A few years ago the arrogant dismissal of any formal  complaint  submitted by a  member of the public, to  Hartlepool Borough  Council,  and their  refusal to communicate further, would have meant that any complainant  would have found it very difficult if not impossible  to pursue the matter any further. " NOT ANY MORE "

 Now with the Internet, No One Hartlepool .Councillors or Hartlepool  Council Employees will be able to hide their dishonest Actions from World Wide View.

Hartlepool Council's highly paid Officers, also have a Cavalier attitude to answering Freedom of Information Request, and Formal Complaints,  if they don't ignore you Completely these Unelected Dictators are certainly past masters of Misinformation, Half Truths, and plain Downright Lies and many other Devious methods to Block, Divert or Bury any Vald Genuine Complaints to enable them to Hide from Public View Significant amounts of Maladministration for "their" Council friends and Colleagues in local government including some Elected Councillors ? how else can anyone explain the glaringly obvious and continued disgraceful "silence" of the men and women elected by the honest citizens of Hartlepool  to represent them.

Welcome to the Peoples Democratic Republic of Hartlepool - twinned with North Korea,

Hartlepool Council, here you enter a world of day-dreams. A never-never-land, a distant planet, who else would elect a monkey as Town Mayor, again and again? The baboon now thinks he is a real politician.

From my own experiences over the past two-three years to get a honest and truthful answer to a F.O.I. request or a courteous reply to a Formal Complaint, from Hartlepool Council, is very difficult if not totally impossible, their own on line system is a total disaster, most of what I have posted, disappears into cyberspace, never to be seen again. they even tried to have me banned/.gagged from using the site, What Do They Know,

they most certainly” must “ have some things to hide and in my case, will lie to conceal the truth, it certainly boosts my spirits to see enthusiastic and articulate people like yourself and others asking very valid questions.

The latest outrage of this Council is reported in the Northern Echo, a independent councillor has been quizzed by police following complaints posted on a Internet website, High Tax Hartlepool.