Sunday, 28 August 2016

“If you fight you might lose-BUT if you don’t fight-you will always lose”- Bob Crow-1961-2014-

“If you fight you might lose-BUT if you don’t fight-you will always lose”-
BOB CROW-1961-2014-love him or hate him- his words NOT -mine-I believe were spot on the money-and it fits all occasions-of life- and can never be challenged-“ be honest-isn’t what BOB CROW

Sunday 28/8/2016
Another letter to day-to my Labour Member of Parliament for Hartlepool- Iain Wright- to remind him my campaign to expose the Criminal Corruption –that still exists-in BOTH Hartlepool Labour Controlled Council and in Land Registry Durham Continues-Even without his HELP- who accepted- the ridiculous explanation-made by the Head of Land Registry-  that the original property plans had been destroyed- 

To say we were surprised to receive a letter from Land Registry Durham--to alter some of the registered and recorded details-of our estate-Land Deeds CE74844 “Absolute FIRST registered on the 29th March 1984- -some 24 years ago- by the Chief Solicitor-of Hartlepool Borough Council-J Anthony Brown after we purchased it-in all good faith-the ex-council house freehold land & property Registered Title- CE74844 “Absolute” from Hartlepool Borough Council-on the 1st February 1984-pursuant to the Housing Act 1980-in consideration of £5,750.00.(Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Pounds ) would be an understatement!-
We were absolutely shocked-amazed and devastated to receive such an outrageous- spurious letter from the assistant land Registrar-Alan H Smith- Durham--a Senior Position of Trust and Authority-employed by a Government Department Land Registry-Durham- informing us- that our immediate next door neighbours Mr/Mrs E Bennison had submitted -a-B141 application –to Land Registry-Durham- to alter some of the details recorded on our-Registered Ex-Council House Freehold Property-Title CE74844 "Absolute"
Please Note--
This class of title “Absolute” will only be granted by Land Registry-IF-when the title is “FIRST” presented for “Registration” in this case 29th March 1984- the person applying for “Registration” (J. Anthony Brown ) Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council- the “Sellers” of the Property-can (show an “Unbroken” chain of “Ownership” going back at least- 15 Years- this is undoubtable evidence confirming that a search had been undertaken-following the exchange of contracts- in order to allow time to deal with any issues which may arise- this clearly supports our belief- that NO previous "Conveyance or Purchase" -of any part- of our registered freehold property CE74844 “Absolute” had previously take place between Mr/Mrs E Bennison and the Hartlepool Borough Council- in November 1972- falsely claimed by the assistant-Land Registrar-Alan H Smith- in his letter to us-dated 3rd December 2008- it beggars belief that someone in a Senior position of trust and authority in Public Office of Land Registry- could allow himself to be party to an obvious fraudulent B141 application-containing a  spurious document claiming falsely that they have title to that piece of lands on which-they had illegally erected their kitchen extension and Toilet-without seeking Planning Permission-causing serious structural damage- to a neighbours private property-
Please note-
if you are going to Court in a litigation against your neighbour which must also include Hartlepool Borough Council- the "Sellers" of the Estate- and if your neighbour's or Hartlepool Borough Council's case relies upon information contained in a title deed, then the law requires him to disclose that title deed to you (in fact, he is required to disclose to you any evidence on which he seeks to rely in his case.

Despite numerous requests to Land Registry to supply an Official Copy-as proof- of this conveyance or purchase-having taken place between Mr/Mrs Bennison and the Mayor- Aldermen and Burgesses of the County Borough of Hartlrepool-in November 1972-(at a time –it should be noted- of a critical shortage of Council House property- for sale to sitting tenants--without- I believe- Special- approval of the Government Housing Ministers personal approval-) No such Official Copy- has been received- ?
It must also be remembered-that we had proved- beyond reasonable doubt- our irrefutable purchase and ownership-of the freehold property registered Title CE74844 “Absolute” to Mr/Mrs E Bennison’s complete satisfaction-only two (2) months previously –at the meeting held in our home--on Monday11th August 2008 at Mr/Mrs E Bennison’s special request to examine –inspect and compare-BOTH sets of Registered Land Title Deeds to clarify legal ownership of the freehold property on which Mr/Mrs E Bennison’s had illegally erected-without –seeking Council planning permission their unfinished kitchen extension and attached to our outside detached wash house property causing severe structural damage-preventing the legal property owners family the safe use of their wash house clothes washing facilities
This latest–desperate-outrageous- dishonest attempt- by our immediate next door neighbours Mr/Mrs E Bennison-was obviously designed- to gain by criminal deception part -ownership-of land and property they knew they had never purchased from Hartlepool Borough Council in 1972.-but had built-a kitchen and toilet extension onto the property-–without seeking council planning permission-or the legal property owns consent- causing severe structural damage- was obviously another last desperate attempt- unsupported by any legal documentation of purchase- or evidence of a previous conveyance made-between Officials of Hartlepool Borough Council and Mr/Mrs E Bennison in November 1972-as claimed by Alan H Smith- assistant Land Registrar Durham-
This was–in my view- a spurious claim designed to avoid at all costs the expensive demolition of their illegally built kitchen and toilet extension attached to and causing severe structural damage to their immediate neighbours detached wash house property-plus-the additional costs of repairing the damage already done to their neighbour’s private property-
Please Note-for the record-I am still awaiting an answer -from Peter Devlin- the Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Council- to  my allegation of Planning Corruption by Council Officials -is it possible -he himself is part of the Problem-his silence would suggest some involvement .
The contents of the B141 letter –-dated 14th October 2008--from Alan H Smith- assistant Land REGISTRAR-a senior Government Official employed in a position of trust and authority-in- Public Office -a Government Department of Land Registry- Durham-was NOT –as one-would have been expected-- a copy of-the PROPERTY CONVEYANCE -claimed to have been made between Mr/Mrs E Bennison and Hartlepool Council in November 1972-but a general Drawing -No. SP.78985 stamped & dated October-1971 –showing part of theWest-View-Council Housing-Estate- a time it MUST be noted when BOTH- Social Council House properties-46/48 Ridlington Way-West View-were-exclusively owned- by Hartlepool Council-Social Housing-and occupied by two (2) separate –unrelated- weekly Rent Paying Council House families-it is NOT an Land Registry-"official Copy" of a Tile Plan-it does not give an description of the property purchased -i.e the address-it does NOT clearly identify the extent of the plot within the title which is being transferred-and in my view-cannot be considered  at law- to be definitive proof-of purchase-and cannot- and would not-be accepted- by any stretch of imagination-in any British Court of Law-or Land Registry themselves- as substantive evidence of proof of -Purchase of the either Council House Properties- 46/48 Ridlington Way-or Transfer of Ownership or proof-of- any Conveyancing- made- between Mr/Mrs E Bennison and the Mayor-Aldermen-and Burgesses of the County Borough of Hartlepool-in 1972-  enthusiastically claimed to have taken place by Alan H Smith assistant Land Registrar-Durham- it is in my view- a false document- deliberately designed to misinform-and deceive -it is NOT registered-and therefore-in my view- is not protected under the law -a close examination of plan No.SP.78985 stamped & dated October-1971- shows quite clearly an amateur attempt had been made to alter the boundary details shown in red- on the general plan- this can be easily seen and confirmed when compared with the original and genuine plan of this particular area- detailed-plan- No-M44684- Title-“Sale of Council House” Dated September 1983- counter signed-by the Mayor of Hartlepool J Jones-and the Chief Executive-N.S. Abrahams  -affixed with corporate common seal of Hartlepool-Borough Council dated 3/11/1974- which contradicts the claim made by Alan H Smith-the assistant Land Registrar-Durham- in October 2008- and repeated-again in December 2008- that the Mayor of Hartlepool-Aldermen and Burgesses of the County Borough of Hartlepool-had sold the same piece of land and property to the B141 applicants in November 1972-an obvious spurious unlawful attempt-to deliberately deceive -confuse mislead and cause further anguish distress and harassment to the two (2) elderly law abiding–tax-paying-innocent legal Registered Property Owners !
Please Note-Peter  Devlin-
Surely it is Illegal to sell the same piece of land-twice- would have thought- the Chief  Solicitor- of Hartlepool- who sold us the Land and Property- would be a little concerned-  no doubt he can explain the situation to the Cleveland Police- who- incidentally-have still NOT acknowledged my request for a Criminal Investigation  into my Allegations of Misconduct in Public- Office-
Some people might be very intimidated –if not-frightened by such a letter from a Land Registry-Official-in Public Office- and think-although they were completely innocent of any wrongdoing- they might needlessly worry-that they may have committed a criminal offence!-especially when informed by the very same assistant land registrar- Alan H Smith-there is NO right to appeal in respect of this decision- although you may be able to challenged-the decision-by applying for judicial review- this is an extremely difficult process and I suggest that you obtain legal advice-IF-this is something that you may wish to pursue-
This is Un-becoming disgraceful behaviour from an assistant Land Registrar- employed-in Public Office-in-a government department-of Land Registry- the very same person-WHO- in December 2008- at a meeting held in the Offices of Land Registry-Durham- Rejected As Unacceptable-Groundless And Irrelevant- our Land Registry-“Official Copy” of-the Purchase -from Hartlepool Council in February 1984- Pursuant to the Housing Act 1980 and in Consideration of -£5,750.00- “Five Thousand Seven Hundred And Fifty Pounds-the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by Hartlepool Borough Council-hereinafter-called the (Transferor) as beneficial owner hereby Conveys to ALAN HARVEY FLOUNDERS and JACQUELINE FLOUNDERS his WIFE-the Land Shown and Edged-with RED-on the Official Title Plan bound up within and with the Dwelling House-and Other Buildings-thereon known as Number 48 Ridlington Way-Hartlepool -Purchased- conveyed-transferred recorded-filed-and Registered-with Land Registry Durham- in Both-the-Property and Proprietorship Registers-by-J.ANTHONY BROWN- Chief Solicitor-of Hartlepool Borough Council-on the-29th-3-1984-
BUT-it is to be noted- that Alan H Smith-assistant Land Registrar-Durham-in a letter to us dated 3rd December 2008- -willingly accepted as stronger proof of purchase-a spurious claim made-by a B141 Applicant- stating that a conveyance of part of the registered ex council house property-Title CE74844 “Absolute” had previously been made between the B141 applicants-Me/Mrs E Bennison- by the Mayor –Aldermen- -and Burgesses of the County Borough of Hartlepool-in November 1972-
-However-the same area of land was, according to Alan H Smith- together with other land-conveyed to you on the 1st February-1984-by Hartlepool borough council—Alan H Smith-further states- as the Council had previously sold off the Land in 1972-it could NOT-subsequently have included it in a conveyance to you in 1984-tThis means that Mr/Mrs Bennison- have the Better-Documentary title to the land than you-
Despite numerous request to Land Registry-to produce an “Official Copy” of this mysterious conveyance of part of the registered ex council house property-Title CE74844 “Absolute” previously- made between the B141 applicants-Mr/Mrs E Bennison- by the Mayor Aldermen- and Burgesses of the County Borough of Hartlepool-in November 1972- have been unsuccessful-

a clear indication –that no such previous conveyance had ever taken place-between Mr/Mrs Bennison  between and the Mayor –Aldermen- and Burgesses of the County Borough of Hartlepool-in November 1972- I honestly believe that this despicable conduct is without doubt-Misconduct in Public Office- a criminal offence- designed to pervert the course of justice-Fraud- has defined by section 4 of the Fraud Act 2006-
It should be also be remembered and most certainly NOT forgotten-that Mr/Mrs E Bennison-had been unable to produce any documentation whatsoever-to dispute or challenge our registered ownership-of Land Title CE74844 “Absolute” at the meeting convened at Mr/Mrs E Bennison- specific request in our home- on August 11th 2008- a clear indication –if any further evidence was needed-that our immediate next door neighbours was now quite desperate-with the help and assistance of Alan H Smith assistant Land Registrar-and Anthony Lowes of Land Registry Durham to claim by criminal deception property ALL knew was NOT and never had been in the ownership of the B141 applicant- simply to avoid the heavy financial costs of demolition of their unfinished kitchen and toilet extension-  attached to our property and causing severe structural criminal damage-
•It should also be noted-that according to the B141 application- made by our immediate next door neighbours Mr/Mrs E Bennison dated 14th October 2008- -and accepted without hesitation- by Alan H Smith assistant Land Registrar- -Durham-they ONLY disputed part ownership-of the small area of our detached outbuildings- edged in BLUE- described –by the B141 applicants- as an outside toilet-for use of their employed-taxi drivers- a statement that clearly indicates- that the ownership of the remainder of the registered-detached Wash-House outbuildings-on which the B141 applicant- had previously trespassed and illegally erected their unfinished kitchen extension and attached it to our property- causing severe structural- criminal damage-was NOT- repeat NOT –DISPUTED- or challenged- and therefore remained in our registered Land Title-CE74844 “Absolute”-as a letter from Land Registry Confirms-
Is that not –shooting themselves in the foot- a clear self- confession if any further proof was needed- that they knew-their planning applications H/2008/0467 later changed to Retrospective Planning application H/2009/0568 first submitted to Hartlepool Council in August 2008- containing ownership documents A.B.C.D. was- fraudulent-a clear breach of sections 65(5) and section 65(6) a statutory requirement of the Town &Country Planning Act 1990- fully intending- at a later date to claim IMMUNITY from planning enforcement under the four year rule of the Town And Country Planning Act 1990- a spurious claim- later very vigorously supported by
 Paul Burgon- Hartlepool Borough Council’s Enforcement Officer another clear indication-that he too- committed misconduct in public office- and was part of a greater orchestrated conspiracy to pervert the course of justice-
Alan Harvey Flounders


Sunday, 14 August 2016


I owe my continued determination to expose the Corruption festering away in the bowels of Hartlepool Labour Dominated Council- to BOB CROW-1961-2014-love him or hate him- his words NOT -mine-I believe were spot on the money-and it fits all occasions-of life- and can never be challenged-“ be honest-isn’t what BOB CROW said-the TRUTH.
“If you fight you might lose-BUT if you don’t fight-you will always lose”-

I believe that the official copy-from Land Registry and our solicitors- Levinson Walker and Lister-of the original document of purchase-–dated 14th February 1984-confirming the purchase and transfer-of the ex-council house freehold property “address removed”-in all good faith-Pursuant to The Housing Act 1980- in consideration of £5,750.00 Five Thousand Seven Hundred And Fifty Pounds-and the title plan-M44-684-“sale of council house” -showing the total expanse of the land being purchased-and transferred- on the 1st February 1984-from Hartlepool Borough Council- clearly identifies -the extent of the plot within the title–edged in red-is- I honestly believe-sufficient documentary evidence-to be Considered at Law- as- the Definitive Proof of Purchase-and  Ownership for the Registered Freehold property-Title CE74844 “Absolute” this Overwhelming- irrefutable legally accepted- proof- of purchase-was- rejected by Alan H Smith-assistant Land Registrar Durham- as “Groundless and Irrelevant- but-he- was quite willing and enthusiastic- to accept a spurious land drawing dated 1971- when both council  social house properties-where-in the ownership of the local council-including- two coloured photographs of an outside toilet door-one in the open position and the other in the closed position- as greater proof of purchase of property -from Hartlepool Borough Council- in 1972-eight (8) prior to the Right to buy law- introduced in 1980- IF-that is not indicative or a least highly suspicious of fraud-& Misconduct–in Public Office –by Alan H Smith-I don’t know what is-and  may prove a little difficult if NOT impossible for him to explain-I am still awaiting any acknowledgement of my e-mail –to Cleveland Police to consider commencing a criminal investigation into my formal complaint and allegations  of Misconduct in Public Office –further information on political corruption- can be read here- or just “GOGGLE” the Coffin Dodger!