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From: alan harvey flounders
Date: 10/09/2015 11:26 (GMT+00:00)
To: ""
Subject: Misconduct of Council Officials

Wednesday, 09 September 2015

Dear Peter,
Thank you for your prompt reply received yesterday, to my correspondence-informing you –the chief solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council-of my serious concerns- of criminal misconduct including the acquisition of property by theft or fraud, attempting to pervert the course of justice and abuse of trust in Public Office-by Hartlepool council officials

To say that I am disappointed by your comments- would be an understatement- but your reply-was exactly what I expected-your reference that my criminal Allegation had been previously investigated-is simply not entirely true- 
It was an investigation that NEVER happened-
I was refused copies of the planning applicants false documents- claiming ownership of part of our registered property CE74844 “Absolute”-by members of your Legal and Freedom of information team-Hilary Marin-F.O.I. officer and Alyson Carman-Solicitor/ Complaints Reviewer-who-was- without doubt-personally involvement in this organised conspiracy to defraud-by accepting-fraudulent and misleading-documents which I  have proved- were false ? a clear indication that they acted dishonourable in a Position of Trust in Public Office !
 I honestly believe your statement-is totally without foundation- it is clearly meant to muddy the waters-another- red herring- you are obviously trying- to divert attention away from my very serious but true- allegations- an attempt to cover up the facts- you have deliberately avoided and totally failed to address -even one of my serious concerns-including-abuse of trust in Public office- property fraud-and attempting to pervert the course of justice-allegations of criminality-that are well supported–with irrefutable legal documentary evidence-

May I remind you once again Mr.Devlin- we are the legally registered owners of the freehold land and property- Title-CE74844 “Absolute”- purchased in all good faith from Hartlepool Borough Council-in February 1984- We paid- by Mortgage- a Considerable Sum of Money–to Hartlepool Borough Council-for this freehold property-therefore- we firmly and honestly believe we are legally justified and entitled to challenge  and question the Motives -Behind-Hartlepool Borough Councils decision-in “Granting” the Legally flawed- certificate of lawfulness -to the Controversial retrospective planning application H/2009/0568-gained by Criminal deceit-it should also be remembered-this planning applicant has a long history of receiving- favourable and preferential treatment from officials in public office-an example would be-
·        1- they were allowed to conduct a profit making-taxi-business while a weekly paying tenant of a Council House –strictly prohibited in Council House Tenancy agreements-

·        2. they were allowed to purchase their council house accommodation in 1974- by special dispensation-when social housing was in short supply- by what special dispensation-if not by having the right influential friends- in positions of authority-

·        3. Our bundle of legal documents proves- beyond any reasonable doubt-(unless- Harlepool Borough Council were in the fraudulent  habit-of selling the same parcel of land and Property- to numerous citizens ) that we purchased-in all good faith-the ex-council house freehold property–CE74844 “Absolute”- from Hartlepool Borough Council in February 1984-and therefore supports and confirms our allegations- that the retrospective planning application H/2009/0568- contained fraudulent claims of property ownership- ?

·        4. it is inconceivable that anyone is unable to see the discrepancies in the retrospective planning application H/2009/0568- we both could not have purchased the same piece of Freehold ex-council house property-from Hartlepool Borough Council- our documentary evidence-of purchase- in good faith-clearly it establishes and validates our allegation that Alyson Carman-Solicitor/ Complaints Reviewer-was- without doubt-personally involvement in this organised conspiracy to defraud- and abused her position of Trust in Public Office –when attempting- to pervert the course of justice-) simply-because- she- KNEW-beyond any reasonable doubt-that we were - the Lawful Registered Owners of the-ex-council house freehold property- purchased –in all good faith- from Hartlepool Borough Council-in February 1984-

·        5. Alyson Carman-Solicitor/ Complaints Reviewer-also KNEW-in December 2008- Months before the planning applicants-were Granted a “Certificate of Lawfulness”-that the Retrospective Planning applicants-were NOT-repeat-NOT- the Legal Owners of ANY-of the freehold land and property-already built on-causing structural damage to our property- a Criminal offence-remember-“Ownership Certificates” are a Statutory Requirement of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990– sections 65(5) /65(6)-what is your answer to that criminal offence- -Mr.Devlin.? 

 (It should also be noted- as I previously stated- that Alyson Carman-Solicitor/ Complaints Reviewer- received from me-by hand- at her “Specific Request”- in December 2008/ an “Official Copy” of the register of Title CE 74844 ”Absolute” issued by Land Registry-Durham- on the 10th October 2008-which showed very clearly- the entries in the register of Title- on the 9th October 2008-at 10.55.27- (which under s67 of the Land Registration Act 2002-is admissible in evidence to the same extent as Original”-) doesn’t that indicate personal involvement - Mr Devlin ? no excuses can justify her-breach of trust !

What about the Nolan Principles in Public Office? Let’s not forget-the fraud act 2006-and an- explanation-why-an “Official Copy” of the Title- CE74844 “Absolute” is NOT acceptable by Hartlepool Council-the Original “Sellers” of the ex-council- Land and Property?  Will you now say- she never got it- ?

Your support for your- other council colleagues-in “Granting” the legally flawed-“Certificate of Lawfulness” for the retrospective planning applicant-H/2009/0568!-clearly-indicates- you dispute- and doubt-the accuracy-of  all property details-surveyed and recorded- on the “Pre-Sale”- Land Survey- No.M44684- Prepared by B.R. Davies-B.Sc.-C.Eng.-M.I.C.E.- Chief Engineer and Senior Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council- dated  September 1983!
That’s a real stab in the back for a Professional Colleague- which- will most- certainly have –repercussions for everyone- who bought   any- Ex-Council House Property from Hartlepool Council-under the “Right to Buy” Laws-1980 - are all their- Pre-Sale land surveys-and- registered property detains- suspected to contain false information-

This is not going away-Mr Devlin- you will be compelled- to answer –sooner or later?  Simply because- you-have- I honestly believe- effectively accused Hartlepool Borough Councils own Council House selling team ( J Anthony Jones- B.R. Davies- ) of lying-when preparing the “Right to Buy- Pre-Sale Land Surveys)

 You- have failed completely to supply- ANY - documentary evidence-acceptable -in any British- Court of law-- to Justify and Support your un-professional insinuations-doubting the Veracity of the “Pre-Sale”- Land Survey- No.M44684- Prepared by B.R. Davies-B.Sc.-C.Eng.-M.I.C.E.- Chief Engineer and Senior Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council- dated  September 1983!
Is unforgivable –are you sure-you are in the right job- Mr.Devlin ?

By doubting the Veracity of the “Pre-Sale”- Land Survey- No.M44684- Prepared by B.R. Davies-B.Sc.-C.Eng.-M.I.C.E.- Chief Engineer and Senior Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council- dated  September 1983! You clearly but undoubtedly-also-questioning- -the Honesty- Legal Integrity-and Professional Competence of your predecessor-the chief solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council J Anthony Jones-who was-you must remember-was- the Principal Legal Official-Representing Hartlepool Borough Council- the “Sellers” of the ex-council house freehold property-Responsible for the conveyance transfer and recording the- registered title- CE74844 “Absolute”  in the Land Register-on the 29-3-1984 ! who also accepted as true and accurate the “Pre-Sale”- Land Survey- No.M44684- Prepared by B.R. Davies- B.Sc.-C.Eng.-M.I.C.E.- Chief Engineer and Senior Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council- dated  September 1983-

Mr Soloman Levinson- Senior Solicitor of-Law Firm- Levinson Walker and Lister- acting on behalf of us- the “Buyers” of the ex-council house freehold property- who also accepted as true and accurate the  “Pre-Sale”- Land Survey- No.M44684- Prepared by B.R. Davies- B.Sc.-C.Eng.-M.I.C.E.- Chief Engineer and Senior Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council- dated  September 1983-  which you- Mr Devlin- obviously Dispute- without any documentary evidence- to support your –claim- is totally unacceptable-and unworthy of a Senior Council official.-the Present chief solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council-
·        Our Claim of Freehold Property Rights -the principles are as follows;-

·        The claim of right must be one that involves a belief as to the right of the property in the hands of another.

·         The claim must be genuinely -that is honestly held- the belief must be one of legal entitlement- to the property and not simply a moral entitlement-

·         A claim of right -is a genuine belief  held by a person that they have a bona fide claim of right to certain  property-we have the Original -Land Title Deeds -CE74844 "Absolute" Conveyed-(the legal process involved in "Buying" and "Selling" property-on behalf of the "Sellers" of the Property- Hartlepool Borough Council-Transferred-Registered-Recorded in the Land Register-including both the "Property" and "Proprietorship Registers" at Land Registry-Durham- on 29/3/1984- by J Anthony Brown-the Chief Solicitor- on behalf of  the "Sellers" of the Property-Hartlepool Borough Council- There is NO disputing that-Mr Devlin ?

·        Definition of Registered -Title Absolute-to a Property-that is free of any encumbrances or deficiencies- Absolute Title - Gives unequivocal right of "Ownership" to the Registered Owner-and- Cannot be Disputed or Challenged-by Anyone Else-this is opposed to Titles with Liens-attachments or judgments against them -Title "Absolute" is also known as a "Perfect Title".
·        Finally- Mr. Devlin-
We view the theft of part of our freehold Land and Property –registered title CE74844 “Absolute” purchased-in all good faith-from Hartlepool Borough Council-in February 1984- more serious than you obviously do- nevertheless - I think it only fair- to inform your good self-that my formal complain to Cleveland Police-accusing you Peter Devlin- chief solicitor-Alyson Carman-Solicitor/ Complaints Reviewer- Hilary Marin-F.O.I. officer-Paul Burgon- enforcement officer-Mr Reece- Development Control Manager- of Property Fraud -abuse of trust and perverting the cause of justice in Public Office- is well advanced-

I intend to send - a copy of our all correspondence to the Home Secretary- the Ministry of Justice – the Law Society- European Convention of Human Rights-highlighting Hartlepool Councils-numerous- blatant breach of British Law- including Article 1 Protocol 1-of the European Convention on Human Right- and anyone else- who may be interested in Council Corruption- and our legitimate legal champagne-to have our stolen property-returned to us ! 

If anyone named wishes to refute any of the allegations made against them-in a Court of law-they are of course-free to do so- indeed-I would welcome such action-they should be reminded- they will have to pay the own legal costs-
Please Note,
If anything I have Written or Published is NOT TRUE why have NONE repeat NONE of the named Hartlepool Council Individuals Disputed any of my allegations-NOR Commenced ANY Legal Proceeding against ME for Slander, or whatever other crimes they can think of-?

·        Could the reason possibly be-everything I have-Consistently-said- I can support with Documents to Prove-Categorically- my statements are TRUE-can I also remind them- they will have to use their OWN Money- and Take an Oath to tell the Truth in a Court of Law-PERJURY- and Perverting the Course of Justice-are very serious Criminal Offences !!!

·        A Council Cannot Sue for Libel (Derby-shire vs Sunday Times House of Lords.1993 )

·        2. A Council Cannot Indemnify a Councillor or Council Officer who wishes to Sue an Individual (Local authorities indemnity for Members and Officers ) order 2004

Yours sincerely
Alan Harvey Flounders