Saturday, 31 December 2011

Council House Sales, Latest F.O.I. request available on WhatDoTheyKnow Site

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dear Iain Wright, M.P. Member of Parliament for Hartlepool.

I am sorry you do not appear to support my wish to expose the
Criminality of Officers employed at both Hartlepool Council and Land
Registry, Durham, never the less I intend to eventually expose to
Public View those named in my allegations of Criminal Conduct, I have
been given the name of a Senior Cleveland Police Officer to whom I
intend to submit my Documentary Evidence in support of my Allegations
of Fraud and abuse of Public Office shortly, in the mean time to enable
you to keep a record of my allegations, as I promised, I enclose my latest freedom of
information request concerning the Sale of Council Houses in Hartlepool.

Research into Hartlepool Borough Councils Sale of Council Houses.
Dear F.O.I. Officer.

I firmly believe that the Right to Buy was one of the most popular policies introduced by Margaret Thatcher's government and two million tenants bought their council houses between 1980 and 1998. Prior to that date,1980?  I was always under the Impression that a Council House Tenant was unable to Purchase their Council  House Property, ? There fore I ask the Following .
To enable me to continue my investigations and research would you please supply me with  “all” and “any”  recorded  information required regarding  what “Laws,”  “Statutory Instruments” or “Legislation of any kind, including  any Legal Rulings,  were Consulted and  Used by Hartlepool Borough Council  to Authorise and therefore enable them to “sell off “  Council Houses to any, and all , Rent Paying Sitting Tenants, who applied ,  Prior to the introduction of the  Housing (Right To Buy) Order 1980 .
In  addition will you please supply  to me the “Total“ number of Council Houses sold by Hartlepool Borough Council to any  Sitting  Rent Paying Tenant  in the following individual years (please note, I am “NOT” asking for any Personal Information, I am Very simply asking  for the Total Number of Council House Sales. In  1970, 1971, 1972, 1973 Up to and including the introduction of the Housing (Right To Buy)  Act/Order 1980
( c)
What Documentation, outlining their  legal entitlement to purchased Council House Property of any kind, was Required to be Submitted to  Hartlepool Borough Council  from any  Prospective Purchaser of their Council House Property ?  Prior to the “Right to Buy” Act 1980.?                                                                      
Was there any concession ( a Price Discount ) or any other  Information or Advice on how to purchase a Council House by any  Rent Paying Sitting Tenant freely available to all  the Citizens of Hartlepool. Prior to Housing (Right to Buy ) Act/Order 1980.
Was a normal “Pre-Sale” Property Survey undertaken by Hartlepool Borough Council  Chief Surveyor as the “Sellers” of the Council House Property,   and have Hartlepool Borough Council, retained  a Copy for all such  Council House Sales.?
If you do not hold this information, please inform me who does,