Sunday, 27 November 2016


Sunday 27/11/2016

Lets not forget-because some  Hartlepool Labour Councillors- have short memories Corruption is still very much alive and kicking in Hartlepool Labour Dominated Council- who can forget- that a Former Hartlepool LABOUR Councillor Angie Wilcox Pleaded Guilty To Fourteen Charges of Fraud, False Accounting and Theft totalling over £150,000.

Sentencing I believe-is  shortly To Take Place On 2nd December.
She should definitely get but won’t - more than the 20 year strech the Undertaker got-hope her evil friends get their just rewards-in the future- the stench of criminal corruption in Hartlepool Labour Party run Council is overpowering- Goggle the Coffin Dodger-or this Blog- 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 September 2016 of the Article published on Monday 12th September 2016.
More Evidence of Misconduct-for Peter Devlin –Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool Council-to Ignore- & Brush under the Carpet-as Normal- to protect some of his colleagues –particularly Richard Trow- in the Planning Department–Hilary Martin &Alyson Carman-in the Legal Department of Hartlepool Borough Council-
The criteria for the unlawful decision-taken by Alan H Smith-assistant Land Registrar-Durham- to remove property details-from our Registered Land Title- CE74844 “Absolute” we purchased in all good faith from Hartlepool Borough Council on the 1stFebruary 1984- pursuant to the Housing Act 1980- in consideration of £5.750.00 –(Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Pounds) can only be-based NOT on the LAW  of the Property Registration Act-but on “his personal  opinion” which is pure speculation- (speculation) -as we all know- is the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm irrefutable evidence-to support such a claim- but relies on the  spurious-claim-made by  the B141 applicants- when  stated categorically-( in a way that is unambiguously explicit and direct: ) in his signed and dated letter to us on the 3rd December 2008-that the area of land in question-was originally conveyed to Mr/Mrs Benison-by the Mayor-Aldermen and Burgess  of the County Borough of Hartlepool in November 1972  -
It Is My Understanding Obtained From My Research Of The Internet that in Accordance to The Land Registration Act1925,Land Registration-Act 2002, Law Of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989-
Land Registry’s Only Remit- is To Record All The Information Conveyed To Them By The Solicitors Acting On Behalf Of The Sellers Or Buyers Of The Property-Land Registry- Have No Legal Remit-Or Legal Authority Whatsoever-To Alter Any Of The Details Submitted for Registration Of Any-Land /Property Bought Or Sold-By Conveyancing / Solicitors-
It is disappointing though hardly surprising-or unexpected- that-Land Registry-Durham the recipients -of my request-for a copy of this Alleged Conveyance between the Mayor- Aldermen and–Burgesses of Hartlepool Council- &-Mr/Mrs Bennison-in November 1972- have found themselves unable to provide authentic proof of such a conveyance- could it possibly be-that- my previous protests-of misconduct in public office- are  justified-that NO-repeat NO Evidence-Exists-of any Previous Conveyance between the Mayor Aldermen and–Burgesses of Hartlepool Council- & Mr/Mrs Bennison-had ever taken place- in November 1972-
Alan H Smith-the assistant Land REGISTRAR- Durham (a Government Official in Public Office-) appears determined to pursue this ludicrous claim by the B141 applicants- despite the irrefutable evidence-that it is a fraudulent claim-and outside his Remit- disputes of property ownership can only be settled in a Court of Law-
Is that not a clear deliberate case of Misconduct In Public Office-by the assistant Land Registrar-Alan H Smith-and sufficient evidence-to show-he an assistant Land REGISTRAR- Conspired with the B141 applicants- and Officials of Hartlepool Borough Council- Planning& amp; Legal Departments-to obtain property by Criminal Deception- and to Pervert the Course of Justice- FRAUD-as defined in the FRAUD Act. 2006
“Fraud by false representation” is defined by Section-2-of the Act-as a case where a person makes “any representation as to fact or law-…expressed or implied- which they know to be untrue or misleading-( i.e. Alan H Smith’s claim-in his letter to us- signed and dated 3rd December 2008- that a conveyance of the property-had previously taken place between Mr/Mrs Bennison- and the Mayor-Aldermen and Burgesses of the County Borough of Hartlepool-in November 1972)
“Fraud by abuse of position” is defined by Section 4-of the Act-as a case where a person occupies a position- i.e. assistant Land Registrar-Durham -a Public Office-where they are expected- to safeguard the financial interests of another person- and abuses that position- this includes cases where the abuse consisted of an omission- rather than an overt act—In all classes of Fraud-it requires that for an offence to have occurred- the person must have acted dishonestly- and that they acted- with the intent of making a gain for themselves-or anyone else- i.e. Mr/Mrs Bennison-or inflicting a loss-or risk of loss-on another- i.e. the legal owners of the registered property-Alan Harvey Flounders and his Wife- Jacqueline Flounders-
You can’t hide your misconduct in Public Office for ever Peter- Devlin-you have been exposed-as unfit for office-by me-Alan Harvey Flounders-

"If anything I have written is untrue or slanderous- no-doubt Peter-Devlin will commence legal proceedings against me- I await your possible threat of litigation with pleasure-and anticipation-

It is also- my understanding- if you are going to Court in a litigation against your neighbour, and if your neighbour's case relies upon information contained in a Title Deed, then the Law- requires him/her to disclose that Title Deed-to us-(in fact -he/she- is required to disclose to us- any evidence- on which they seek to rely on)-particularly the alleged  Conveyance-supposedly made- between Mr/Mrs Bennison & the Mayor-Aldermen &Burgesses of County Borough of Hartlepool- in November 1972- surely this legal ruling-must also apply to Hartlepool Borough Council- the original “Sellers” and Mortgage Holders of the ex-council house- No Council can Legally sell the same piece of Freehold Property to Two ( 2) separate individuals-that must be Criminal Misconduct and Fraud-in Public Office
“It is vital that the public have confidence in their public officials and in the legal framework that sets the boundaries of their conduct. The offence of misconduct in public office-is a Criminal Offence-
There is urgent need to ensure that public officials are appropriately held to account for misconduct committed in connection with their official duties.”
Strange and highly suspicious when one considers that despite numerous requests for a copy of this controversial document of–Conveyance-to confirm the authenticity of Alan H Smith’s - statement our requests for a copy-of the Conveyance  allegedly made- in 1972- have been ignored-
If he Alan H Smith- and Land Registry-Durham- isn't able to ascertain the truth of a previous conveyance-having taken place-between –Mr/Mrs Benninson and the Mayor- Aldermen- and Burgesses of the County Borough of Hartlepool in November 1972- which-he had clearly and enthusiastically supported-previously- as sufficient evidence to alter some of our registered details on Land Title CE74844 “Absolute” -then he most certainly shouldn't be holding a public office in a government department-as an assistant Land Registrar-of Land Registry Durham-