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I am disappointed but NOT surprised that Iain Wright M.P.  Member of Parliament for Hartlepool has FAILED to reply to my letter- He is in my Opinion once again deliberately avoiding the Serious and Criminal Issues I have repeatedly brought to his Attention. I believe in the Interests of Fairness I should publish in full on my blog. and on Facebook if possible-  the Letter sent to him on my behalf by the “Wright To Them com.  team on the 24th July 2014.

                                         Thursday 24 July 2014

Dear Iain Wright,

Iain Wright M.P. Member of Parliament for Hartlepool
Wednesday 23rd July 2014
Dear Sir,
I thank you for your latest letter- Unfortunately my reply is somewhat
delayed due to illness and computer problems your letter contains a
number of contradictions and omissions from your previous
correspondence – and leaves me a little confused-consequently- I have
re-checked and re read your last letters to me, in which you clearly
stated that you had written to Ed Lester Head of Land Registry London
and had attached my letter containing a list of my serious criminal
allegations of Fraud and criminal misconduct committed by Alan H Smith
assistant Land Registrar, Andrew Schofield Land Registrar and others
all paid employees of Land Registry Durham,

It is my Understanding from your letter,  that you have now received a
reply to the originally letter you sent to Ed Lester Head of Land
Registry London on my behalf-from F.V. Clough a senior lawyer of Land
Registry Durham,

Am I to assume that Ed Lester Head of Land Registry London as no
intension of replying to your letter personally and in addition has no
wish to be involved or answer these Very Serious and Unsavoury Criminal
Allegations, and by delegating his obligations and responsibilities to
F.V. Clough intends to avoid at all costs being accused or criticised
in the future of failure to take those reported criminal activities

I am an Honest Tax Paying British Citizen and an innocent  VICTIM of
this Conspiracy by Officials of Land Registry and Hartlepool Borough
Council-  to  Defraud- me of part of the  Freehold Land and Property
CE74844 “Absolute”  I purchased in all good faith from Hartlepool
Borough Council in February 1984.

I believe I am fully justified and entitled to voice these Critical
Concerns to you, I feel confident that you will fully understand my
motives and  fully share my disgust by the lack of Interest shown by
Land Registry- to address these Criminal allegations of Criminal
misconduct by their own employees.

May I remind you, that your previous good intentions to bring my
Criminal allegations to the attention of the Previous Head of Land
Registry, Malcolm Dawson O.B.E was also  a Complete and utter
Disaster-a complete waste of time- he deliberately and deceitfully
misinformed and mislead you a Honourable Member of Parliament- when he
Claimed that  he had investigated my allegation of criminality- and
found NO  evidence of Misconduct by any Official employed at Land
Registry Durham despite the overwhelming irrefutable documentary
evidence available for his examination--a ludicrous outrageous
decision- a clear wilful and deceitful attempt to Pervert the Course of
Justice and  a clear indication that he Malcolm Dawson O.B.E. would
also have  accepted as Greater Proof of  evidence of Property Ownership
-as did Alan H Smith assistant Land Registrar.

The Two (2) Coloured Photographs of an Outside Toilet- one Photograph
showing the toilet door in the OPEN position and one Photograph
showing the toilet door in a CLOSED positions- who willingly accepted
them as greater evidence of  proof  of Property Ownership –  and would
have rejected as groundless and Irrelevant -as did Alan H Smith
assistant Land Registrar- the overwhelming irrefutable Documentary
evidence produced including the
Original Land Title Deeds CE74844 “Absolute” Conveyed, Recorded and
Registered at Land Registry Durham by J Anthony Brown Chief Solicitor
of Hartlepool on the 29th 3.1984. 

Plus other Bona fide Documents including an “Official Copy” of the
Register of Title CE74844 “Absolute” issued by Land Registry Durham on
10th October 2008, showing the entries in the register of title on the
9th October 2008 at 10.55.27.

Any normal person let alone a Head if Land Registry and an assistant
Land Registrar would have to be Completely Brain Dead- Mentally
Deranged to challenge the Veracity of those  Original Registered Land
Title Documents CE74844 “Absolute” and accept as greater proof of
Ownership Two (2)Coloured Photographs of an Outside Toilet Door !?

I have no deliberate intension of showing any disrespect to you as my
Honourable Member of Parliament for Hartlepool but I would be insincere
if I neglected to say, that I honestly believe that officials of Land
Registry are deliberately showing NO respect to you as an Elected
Member of Parliament Hartlepool.

I believe they are  playing a game with you, as they did with me-
called “Pass the Parcel” or is it Pass the Buck- first Malcolm Dawson
O.B.E. who’s answers to you, were not only nonsensical but blatantly
untrue-  then you wrote to Ed Lester Head of Land Registry London, on
my behalf- who obviously has no intension or wish to become involved in
such and unsavoury criminal affair that exposes employees of Land
Registry as Corrupt -and has deliberately passed all responsibility to
F V Clough –obviously to avoid any possible future repercussion that he
the Head of Land Registry failed to take seriously or investigate the
allegations of criminal misconduct in his Government Department -
reported to him by the Iain Wright M.P. Honourable Member of Parliament-
for Hartlepool on behalf of a Constituent.

You cannot have failed to notice that F V Clough- who you said-was the
most senior lawyer of Land Registry Durham, in his letter to you- also
failed to address any of the allegations of Criminal misconduct you
sent on my behalf to Ed Lester - Head of Land Registry London- on the
Grounds that my criminal allegations had been fully investigate by
Elezabeth Derrington

That  is NOT repeat NOT entirely TRUE- my dealings with the Senior
Complaints Reviewer Elizabeth Derrington  were friendly and very
courteous but I was totally dismayed and disappointed although she
found in my favour and awarded me £300 and an apology for mistakes made
by Officials of Land Registry Durham, she claimed “Correctly” that
deciding the  ownership of Registered Freehold Land and  property was
NOT in her Remit and closed  her Investigation rather quickly.

I draw your attention to  this bearing in mind that my Serious
allegation of Criminality are directed and involve a number of Senior
Land Registry Officials who I understand to be- if not Working
Colleagues of F V Clough, are most certainly employed in the same
building- Land Registry Durham.

To his credit, F V Clough did apologise and regretted passed mistakes
as had Elizabeth Derrington- Complaints Reviewer – he also raised the
question of the £300 I had previously been awarded and returned to Land
Registry London, it’s return was also offered to me, whether I accept
this offer is still debatable-

Am I to understand that if I accept this Offer of £300- previously
rejected – that  it will in no Way Prevent of Restrict any Future
Litigation of any Description- I may contemplate- does it also indicate
that F V Clough intends to fully investigate my Allegations of
Criminality previously denied to me- and will he give an explanation
WHY a Senior Employee in a position of Trust in Public Office Alan H
Smith assistant Land Registrar- would accept as Greater  Proof of
Registered Land and Property- Two (2) Coloured Photographs of an
Outside Toilet Door and REJECT as Irrelevant the Original Land Title
Deeds CE74844 “Absolute” Conveyed, Recorded and Registered at Land
Registry Durham by J Anthony Brown Chief Solicitor of Hartlepool on the
29th 3.1984

Am I correct into thinking that the illegal removal of Registered
Property details from Land Title CE74844 “Absolute”   on the evidence
of Two (2) Coloured Photographs of an Outside Toilet Door are to be
reinstated correctly onto Land Title CE74844 “Absolute”? and if not WHY
not ?

It is important to remember if one is to understand and Gain an overall
picture of this well-Orchestrated Criminal Deception  and Criminal
Conspiracy -is to remember that the B141 applicant who submitted a
request to Alan H Smith assistant Land Registrar Durham in October 2008
to ALTER the Registered and Recorded details in the Land register
CE74844 “Absolute” when latter challenged to provide evidence to
substantiate their claim- –submitted (2) Coloured Two Photographs of an
Outside Toilet Door-( believed supplied by Anthony Lowes another Land
Registry Official, ) as Irrefutable proof of their Registered Property
Ownership- are the very  same Planning applicants- who had previously
submitted in August 2008 please note this date August 2008 (Two months
before the above B141 was submitted in October 2008, to Land Registry)
false claims of Registered Property Ownership to Hartlepool Borough
Council in a Blatant attempt to obtain by Criminal  Deception- with is
should be noted-  the willing assistance of Richard Trow  Hartlepool
Planning Officer –a certificate of lawfulness from Hartlepool Borough
Council for that part of their erected Kitchen Extension previously
built on Registered Freehold Land and Property CE74844 “Absolute” Which
was  NOT repeat NOT in the Planning Applicants Registered Land Title.

(Their B141 application to Land Registry - in October 2008 confirms
they KNEW in August 2008 they did NOT own the Land and Property they
had  previously Built part of their Kitchen Extension onto )

Not wishing to appear rude or disrespectful - I would like to ask you
Iain Wright my Democratically Elected Labour Member of Parliament for
Hartlepool what part if any of the above Scenario I have described do
you find difficult to understand- it is evident to any right thinking
individual that I have exposed a Criminal Conspiracy involving
Officials of both Land Registry Durham and Council Officials of
Hartlepool Borough Council.

What if anything do you intend to do about it – if the answer is
Nothing- then I am left with no alternative but to report my findings
of FRAUD  to a Higher Authority

Alan Harvey Flounders

(Signed with an electronic signature in accordance with subsection 7(3)
of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.)