Saturday, 6 August 2011

Freedom of Information Request to Hartlepool Council.

Freedom of Information Requests,                   Saturday 6thAugust 2011          
Documentary Planning Records
Dear Freedom of Information Officer,

  A  recent report  available in an  edition of  “Private Eye” ( No.1294.)  highlighted  in “Rotten  Boroughs”  stated that some Council Officials destroyed all Controversial planning decisions,  because of “lack of storage space“ , an act
a local government ombudsman called “an  extraordinary and inexcusable act of maladministration “ it was further stated that  “all” Councils have a Statutory Duty to Retain all “Planning Documentary Records “

In the light of the above report, can Hartlepool Borough Council, Confirm that they “Do” abide by their Statutory Duties and retain “All” Planning Documentary Records, both initial planning and controversial applications.
And if Not, Why Not.

In view of the Statutory Duties imposed on Hartlepool Borough Council to Retain “all” planning Documentary Records, can I further request that you provide me with “any” and   “all”  copies of Documentary “Evidence” and “Information”  obtained  by your enforcement officer  Paul Burgon ,that  he used to reach his conclusion,  when he claimed he had  established  a Planning and Building Regulation “ history check” which confirmed that the extension  built by my neighbour  without Planning Permission, and later submitted as a  Retrospective Application  H / 2009 / 0568,  had remained “unchallenged” for 4 years or more, therefore the extension cannot be enforced against. ?

I also left an annotation  as follows,
This is not the first time I have used this site WhatDoTheyKnow to try and obtain information from Hartlepool Council, a list of all my requests are on this site, other request to my Member of Parliament  etc. are on my blog.
I have been trying for over 3 years to expose to Public view some very suspicious decisions made by a few unelected Council Officers, and without the help of this site and  the encouragement of few dedicated supporters ,I would have given up some time ago, one very dear friend sent this,

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing
Thanks Sheila