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                         WHO IS MY ELECTED DE-BRUS WARD COUNCILLOR.  

Here for Publication,  Records -Information, Files  & to Dispel any future Claims or  Misunderstandings that Serious Allegations of Misconduct & Planning  Complaints were NEVER  Received by the TOWN MAYOR- STUART DRUMMOND,  & to Clarify my Serious Comments,  is a more Detailed & Updated version of my Letter previously  sent by me , to  my Three (3) DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors, ROB COOK, SHEILA GRIFFIN,  SANDRA TEMPEST, Regarding my allegations of Misconduct of Hartlepool Council Planning Officials? Copies were also sent to the Labour Member of Parliament for Hartlepool Iain Wright M.P. & the Three Members of the European Parliament- Fiona Hall, ( Lib.Dem) Stephen Hughes (Lab) Martin Callahan  ( Cons.) now sent to the Mayor of Hartlepool Stuart Drummond on Wednesday 10th April 2013

Dear Sir,



MY research into Council Corruption on the Internet has highlighted Two (2) More Very Highly Recommended & Excellent Corruption Buster Sites, Both well worth a Visit?

 1.                        Stockport Homes - Sheila Oliver's Campaigning Website


I thought I would continue as Previously Promised & Try to explain & and add a little background regarding the SOLICITORS LETTER I RECEIVED FROM PETER DEVIL ? Requested, It should be remembered by my (3) Three DE-BRUS Labour Party Ward Councillors, ROB COOK, SHEILA GRIFFIN & SANDRA TEMPEST ? 

Any Sensible Person Realises as I do, that a Councillors work can at times be a Thankless Task, but the bottom line is NO-ONE Held  a GUN  to Their Heads and Physically Threatened , ROB COOK, SHEILA GRIFFIN & SANDRA TEMPEST with DEATH  Unless they Agreed to Stand for Hartlepool Council,? 
That’s is the truth of the matter.? It is ALSO believed that an army of Labour supporters & would be Politicians-banged on every single door of their constituents in the West-View De-Brus Ward, including ROB COOK & SHEILA GRIFFIN- Voluntarily claiming to be the Best- the Most Upright Decent & Honest Person for the job!  or Word to that Affect ?

Indeed it should be noted that when ROB COOK , knocked on my Door, He appeared a normal person, totally committed with a God given desire to help his fellow Men & Women, ? I invited him into my Home, he delivered a lengthy and informed talk on Why I should Vote Labour-? & In Particular for himself- In the Up- Coming DE-BRUS ward Council Elections

I explained my Personal Disillusions with the Local Labour Party- in Particular - my inability to get Hartlepool Council to investigate my Complaints & Protests, regarding the “GRANTING” by the Case Planning Officer Richard Trow, of the Structural Unsafe Controversial Retrospective Planning Application H/2009/0568? - after a few further questions & answers, I invited ROB COOK to Inspect & See for himself the Unsafe Cowboy Built Carbuncle of a Kitchen Extension, originally erected & attached to the Rear Non Load bearing Rear Wall of my Freehold Detached Wash-House Property Without both Council Planning Permission, or the Land Owners Consent?
 ROB COOK’S reactions, after his inspection of the unsafe Carbuncle of a Cowboy built kitchen extension, was one of Total Disbelief - how did THIS  Disgraceful Extension get RETROSPECTIVE PLANNING  PERMISSION?  “It should be DEMOLISED , he said” ?

I firmly believed at that time, that if Elected ROB COOK, would try & address my GENUINE SAFETY & FREEHOLD PROPERTY  RIGHTS ? I would receive an explanation at least, as to what legal justification had allowed a Council Planning Officer Richard Trow, acting without any Involvement of the Elected Council Planning Committee - to Completely Disregard my Lawful Peaceful Protests , that the Retrospective Planning Application H/2009/0568 was Legally Flawed, in that it had been erected by Cowboy Builders & was overhanging & attached to the Non Load Bearing Rear Wall of the Outside Detached Wash-House Building, causing structural damage to a neighbours Private Property & Covering the Gas Ventilation Ducts, Preventing the Escape to the Outside Atmosphere of any Build up of TOXIC &  EXPLOSIVE  GASSES  from the Internal Gas Heated Hot Water Boiler Facilities, Preventing the Legal Owner the safe use of the Wash-House Facilities? & should NEVER have been GRANTED Retrospective Planning Permission ?

It clearly did not comply with the Statutory Building & Safety Regulations Events have Since proved, that I was completely Naïve & Foolish in Trusting the words of ROB COOK the Labour Politician who was seeking election to the local Council as the Labour Representative of the DE-BRUS Ward,

 Hindsight is a wonderful thing, it is quite clear to me now that Getting elected to the Town Council, was obviously, his Main ambition, ? Election to Hartlepool  Council at any Cost- Forget- Honesty,- Integrity, or  any previously held thoughts or obligations to his DE-BRUS Ward Constituents - they can be Ignored?
My Complaints of Misconduct by Officials in Both the Legal And Planning Departments, my Complaints of the “GRANTING” of a Retrospective Planning application, for a Cowboy Built  Building , which clearly did not comply to any Statutory Building or Safety Regulations - which he saw with his own eyes? Have been effectively Brushed under the Carpet- Kicked into The Long Grass ?

Completely  Ignored,  in fact since ROB COOK’s  was Elected  as Labour Councillor for the DE-Brus Ward, he has joined forces with the other Two(2) elected Labour Councillors, SHEILA GRIFFIN, & SANDRA TEMPEST , and Requested the Town Solicitor PETER DEVLIN , to send me a Letter, (available on here,) which I understand to be, a Letter of “Disapproval” of my written Criticism of their total lack of interest in My Concerns, it is my Understanding that any Further Correspondence from me to my Elected DE-BRUS Ward Councillors “MUST” be Viewed and Vetted by the Legal Department (I.e.) PETER DEVLIN Himself first? 

I believe this is a Blatant attempt to deflect attention away from their failure to investigate my Planning  complaints,   

I didn’t vote for the Town Solicitor PETER DEVLIN to be my DE-BRUS Ward Councillor, but whether I like it or Not - it would appear I’ve Got him- on reflection- it would be impossible for him to be any worse or Incompetent than my present (3) Labour Ward Councillors ? 

This very unsavoury and serious situation that I believe now exists in the Hartlepool Borough Council, is Not a Laughing matter, for ordinary Hartlepool people to Dare to Criticise their Elected ward Councillors who are  all Members of the Hartlepool Labour Party-  is often seen like a Personal Criticism of the Queen, and to do so , you would, in all probability, be Quickly labelled as a Trouble-Maker, a Crack - Pot- who is in urgent Need of some type of mental Treatment ? Or threatened with legal proceedings ?

(a Solicitors Letter from Peter Devlin, is the flavour of the month in Hartlepool-) 

It Suit’s the local Hartlepool Labour Political rulers that way- it limits Complaints- and keeps some sort of lid on resentments- allegations of Corruption, Planning irregularities, arrogance and incompetence are quickly ignored, kicked into the long grass, or Claimed they where NEVER received, ? 

As my did my  last letter from  the Mayor of Hartlepool STUART DRUMMOND Highlight?

To quote Mandy Rice-Davies – “He would say that wouldn’t he?” 

A few Hartlepool People , having lately lost their Hospital” are now beginning at last, to ask questions which they are entitled to do, where is our money going,? how Competent are the people “Running the Show” Who is in command of the Ship ?

And will they continue to be Deceived -Lied too- Stone-walled- insulted,- for having the Courage to ask a question-. ? I believe the Answer is “YES” 

A healthy-honest group of Elected Councillors should "NOT"  be frightened or apprehensive of scrutiny- yet many in Hartlepool are very reluctant, indeed some appear to be terrified to investigate reported allegation of misconduct WHY ?

The answer my friends, is very simple, and anyone with an iota of common sense and ten minutes worth of research can see that the problem is -Self Interest-What’s in it for ME  attitude, that is the most important thought in the minds of the majority of our Labour Councillors 

They all appear much better off after Election- than they were before? Does anyone remember or know of “ONE” ex- Labour Councillor having to apply for Financial Assistance after leaving Office?

Will I now get another Solicitors Letter? 

It was my Understanding , (this information I have found in the Public Domain,) that Town Solicitors only have the right to make representation on behalf of the Council as a Whole ….and I thought they have “NO” right to make representation on behalf of individual labour Councillors on ‘personal’ matters, if that is so, then I believe they overstep their contract of employment.?

But then who cares ! After all this is Hartlepool

Time to report it to the police, I hear you all say ?

 That is the advice of IAIN WRIGHT Member of Parliament for Hartlepool & lately the Advice of the Democratically Elected Mayor of Hartlepool , STUART DRUMMOND, to whom I have lately Complained ? Will I receive any better treatment there ? One can only wait and See, ? 

I most certainly intend to Report my Concerns to the Police Shortly? 

After all is said & done, although , I am “NOT” anti -authority, one can’t help being a little apprehensive of Reporting any allegations of Criminal Misconduct of Council Officials to Cleveland Police after reading all the Media reports lately ? 

The Evening Gazette Report published on March 22, 2013, stated that :- 


Both have denied any wrongdoing & on the 5th April 2013, the Northern Echo reported that the Sacked DEPUTY CHIEF CONSTABLE OF CLEVELAND POLICE DEREK BONNARD has appealed against the decision.

What  a Sad state of Affairs in Hartlepool?

It is to be Remembered & I will continue to Proclaim, I am NOT the Villain in this Property Planning Dispute, I am the innocent victim of a Deliberate Despicable Deceitful attempt by Richard Trow, an Official in the Hartlepool Council’s Planning Department knowing the kitchen extension was structurally Unsound & Unsafe & did not comply with the Statutory Building or Safety Regulations? and had been Illegally Erected on part of the  Registered Freehold Land & Property CE74844 "Absolute" which Was “NOT” in the Registered Ownership of the Retrospective Applicant, H/2009/0568 

Victims  of crime have the right to be heard- & NOT treated as Criminals 

A little reminder- of the Law-  that still stands to-day, 

The Rt.Hon. Lord Denning , The Lord Chief Justice 
His Appeal Court Ruling January 12,13,24,1956 was:- 

"No Court in this land will allow a person to keep an advantage which he has obtained by FRAUD, No judgement of a Court, No order of a Minister, can be allowed to Stand if it has been obtained by FRAUD - FRAUD unravels everything. 

Your sincerely 
Alan Harvey Flounders

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  1. Note to Anonymous-

    I know I’m classed as an Old Fool or if you like an old Fart, by some armchair Politicians for Exposing Political Wrongdoing, in Hartlepool, BUT I do wish that naïve & stupid people like yourself- would read the article before making anonymous foul mouthed negative comments - which I have Deleted, yet again,

    While I will Continue to Accept & Publish - Anonymous Comments - I will “NO-LONGER ” Publish , “ANY” Negative or Positive Comments that Contain Filthy -Foul-Mouth & Abusive Language - such as Yours,

    I strongly Suspect , you are a Supporter of the Three DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors, COOK- GRIFFIN & TEMPEST- a Supporter who lacks any moral Courage to make a Comment - using your Real name ?

    If you are a Supporter - which I suspect- of the DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors, might I suggest you read the Report Circulating on the Internet- in the Hartlepool Post -that one female Labour Councillor- representing the DE-BRUS Ward - at the Last Hartlepool Borough Councils meeting held on Thursday 11th April 2013, not once, but twice appeared to physically nod off during key votes. This is not the Conduct one should expect of a Councillor.

    She is obviously Well Past her sell-by date ! or could it Possibly be - Exhaustion -Medication- Drink? - I leave others to decide? I personally feel that this is yet another incident which adds more weight , if any more were needed to validate my published allegations - That None of the DE-BRUS Ward Labour Councillors are Morally Competent to Represent their Constituents.