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Disgraceful, Disgusting Dishonest, The B141 Application to Land Registry

A brief History of my Campaign to expose and to record the deliberate abuse of power  in Public Office.
   My  Replies to a B141 Application , it could happen to you, all I did was object to the Theft of my Property. I confess I knew next to nothing about Buying Property,and I'm still learning now,  but after a couple of years searching the internet , you very soon learn , thanks everybody out there, I  think the Internet is great.
Copy of Letter received from Alan H Smith, Assistant Land Registrar In reply to my further objections on 23rd  October 2008, to a B141 Application dated 14th October 2008, to  alter the extent of the  entries in the Register of Title CE74844,”Absolute”   Registered  29th March 1984.
The B141 Application dated 14th October  2008, contained as evidence in support of the application to alter the extent of the entries in the “Register” of Title CE74844, “Absolute” consisted of :-
 A  Ordnance Survey Map reference NZ4935NW, showing  the general position , not the exact line, of the boundaries, it may be subject to distortions in scale, It is very important to note the following:-
(This is “NOT” an “Official Copy” of the Register of Entries,  and is “NOT” admissible as evidence of the Contents of the Land Register )
A photo-Stat copy of  part of an Engineering drawing from the office of B.R. Davies, B.Sc. Chief Engineer and Surveyor, & Planning Officer of Hartlepool Borough Council, date stamped October 1971, when “Both” “Council House Properties” where in the Ownership of the Hartlepool Borough Council.
(This  again, is  “NOT” an “Official Copy” of the Register of Entries,  and is “NOT” admissible as evidence of the Contents of the Land Register )
The fact that Alan H Smith Assistant Land Registrar, Durham, could  possibly accept the above  frivolous documents as Stronger Proof of Ownership than our Title Deeds CE74844 “Absolute” Registered 29th March 1984,  listed below,  is unbelievable. And must be viewed with suspicion .
The Pre-Purchase “Sale of Council House” Property Search and Survey ,
No. M44684 by B.R. Davies, B .S .c. C. Eng. M.I.C.E.  Senior Engineer and Chief Surveyor of Hartlepool Borough Council , dated September 1983 ,
The attached  “Hand Written” Survey Report Document”  for the attention
of the “BUYERS” Solicitors, Levinson, Walker & Lister, of  Hartlepool Clearly “ Confirming”  that “ALL” the Land and Property Details Surveyed, and  Recorded on Land Title Deeds CE 74844 “Absolute” had been “Checked” and were “Validated” as “CORRECT”  Dated September 1983?
I also have a “Official Copy” of the Register of Title ,number CE74844, Edition date 12.11.1992. Issued on the 10th October 2008, by Land Registry,
Showing the entries in the Register of Title on the 9th October 2008, 10.55.27. Which confirms as correct the details Surveyed , and Recorded  on Land Title Deeds CE74844,in September 1983, Registered 29th March 1984.
The above “Official Copy” also proves that the B141 applicant has shot themselves  in the “foot” by submitting this application to Land Registry on 14th October 2008, to try  to alter the extent of the  entries in the Register of Title CE74844,”Absolute”  Registered 29th March 1984,  confirms my previous allegations of Wrongdoing by officers of Hartlepool Borough Council, both Legal and Planning  by “Granting Retrospective planning Application H/2009/ 0568 in the knowledge that the applicants submitted fraudulent Ownership Documents “A” and “B” claiming  falsely and deceitfully ,that the Land and Property they had originally built without planning permission,  was in their “Registered “ Land Title DU37533.
In August 2008. More on this Later, I have no Intension of allowing Fraud and theft to go unrecorded
Needless  to say, I lodged a series of  objections, included allegations that things were not  quite right at Land Registry, my allegations of wrongdoing
Where strongly  rejected by Andrew Schofield, Officer Manager. ???
I received various other letters and  documents over a period of some months from Alan H Smith Assistant Land Registrar, Durham, I even arranged a personal visit to Land Registry, Durham, to show Alan H Smith and Andrew Lowes,  my Documentation, all to no avail.
I did receive other letters  and documents from Land Registry
in an attempt to prove Ownership of part of my Land and Property, all of which I rejected, as Ridiculous, and an insult to my intelligence,
I was eventually awarded  £300. Sent to me, on the recommendations of the Land Registry Complaints Reviewer Elizabeth Derrington , which I returned,
I stated that I cannot accept your cheque at this moment in time, to do so, would indicate that I have “accepted and agreed,”  that all the Maladministration Charges, including my claim of Fraudulent  Activities,
in addition to my Freedom of Information requests had been satisfactorily dealt with in full, this is definitely NOT the case.
a few more of the outstanding documents in December 2008,  I list below.
Alan H Smith
Assistant Land Registrar.
Land Registry                                    
Durham Office
Our Ref;  CE74844/A/146/AHS/EHSTO
Date 5th December 2008.
Dear Sir,
Further to our Telephone conversation earlier to-day, I enclose , as agreed, a copy of the “Land Registry Survey” ?
 Enclosed was “not” an “ Official Copy”  showing the entries in the Register of Title, but a Photo-stat copy of a Ordnance survey map reference;- NZ 4935NW. Title number, DU37533/J419CRJ. Not Dated and showing no details but a general view of Council Owned  property in the area of  West-View. of Hartlepool. ???
Under S.67 of the Land Registration Act 2002, a (“Official Copy” is admissible in evidence to the same extent as the “Original”,)  
(c )
Two additional Ordnance survey maps reference;- NZ 4935NW. Title Number Post Survey plot-Du37533,  Not Dated,  with additional building now added  ? These “two” were also “NOT” “ Official Copies”  showing entries in the Register of Title.
(d )
Two : Coloured Photographs of an “Outside Toilet”. ?
One  : Showing the “Toilet” with the “Door” in the “Open” position
One  : Showing the “Toilet” with  the “Door” in the “Closed” Position ?
I am completely amazed that Alan H Smith, Assistant Land Registrar , Durham, can even consider the above frivolous documents as Proof of Land and Property ownership. one must question , and be highly suspicious of the conduct of some Officers , who occupied, what I thought were  Positions  of Authority with Land Registry, who appears to be completely unaware of their legal Responsibilities,
 Alan H Smith, Assistant Land Registrar , does not appear to be fully conversant with the Land Registration Act 2002, nor Land Registry Public Guide 8, August 2009, updating and replacing the December 2005 Edition.
Section 2
A Registered Title is “Guaranteed “
Title Deed CE74844 “Absolute” was “Registered” 29th March 1984.
Title “Absolute”-this is the best class of Title to have and “Cannot” be challenged, even if a person can prove that they would be , but for the present Proprietor’s Registration with Title “Absolute”, entitled to be Registered as the Proprietor,
Section 4
Proving Ownership.
When someone applies to Register Title to their property for the first time they must prove they own the property, if they can show that they own the property ,they will have their name Recorded in the Proprietorship Register, as the Registered Proprietor. The Registered Proprietor is the Legal Owner of the Property
Section 6.1
Official Searches.
The  search will reveal any other entries that have been made on the Register
Since the date of the official copy the “Seller” has supplied. The official search will also give the “Buyer” a period of ( 30) thirty working “days” in which to Register the transfer.?
Section 6.2
Registering the Transfer.
If the “Buyer” Registers the transfer with in the period referred to in Section 6.1  Official searches , ( 30 ) thirty working “days” the transfer should not be affected  by “ANY”  other matter, like a Mortgage or another transfer of the property,  that was “NOT REVEALED” on the official copy or the official search, “Buyer” should ,therefore, always make sure that they apply to “Register” their transfer within this period (30) working days.
Land Registry Advisory Policy states that they will not provide “ANY” legal advice, if that the case , how can Alan H Smith be “Legally Qualified” and “Competent”  to decide who is the Legal owner of any Land and Property,
Particularly on the evidence of  two coloured photographs of an Outside Toilet and door.

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