Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mr. Monkey and South Tyneside Council

An  anonymous Blogger named Mr Monkey,  has certainly ruffled and exposed to public view  a number of Councillors and Officials at  A North-East Labour Controlled  South Tyneside Council,  ,which is based in South Shields,  who have been pursuing legal action in the  U.S.A.  against  an anonymous Tyneside "Blogger" known as Mr.Monkey
 who has levelled a stream of allegations and criticisms against Councillors and Council Officers, (Nothing New There Then)   if they can't stand the Heat ,leave the kitchen.

Since 2008 Mr Monkey's  allegations against Councillors have ranged from Ballot-Rigging,”  “Drug-taking" and "Fiddling Expenses" I always thought that was par for the course, and even claimed that One Councillor Successfully Ordered a Public Bus to Turn around and Pick him up from a Pub late at night.
 ( can’t see anything wrong there can you “brother” )

The legal action to unmask the Culprit was brought by Three Councillors and One Senior Official:“ Ian Malcolm,“ the Council’s Labour Leader, “David Potts“ , former Conservative Group Leader who is now an independent, Anne Walsh, a Labour Councillor, and Rick O’Farrell, head of enterprise and regeneration.
  Is history repeating itself,

 I remember the “Mouth of the Tyne “ or Mr. Newcastle T.Dan Smith .
Friend, John Poulson, and don’t forget  Andrew “Andy” Cunningham,

Even the Three First Class scoundrels “Blair,”  “Brown” and the Prince of Darkness Himself,  would have had to  kept their hands in their pockets when those boys were around ?  looks like allegations  of corruption involving politicians ? Is again on the move . Things haven’t changed. just the names.

According to the Telegraph,
Mark Stephens, a leading media lawyer who has represented  Julian Assange the founder of “Wilki Leaks” after the US government sought to obtain his Twitter account details, said: “I think it is inappropriate for a local authority to spend money on this kind of exercise. Local authorities cannot sue for libel and, if individual councillors have been defamed, they should take proceedings at their own cost.”

I received a similar answer from Hartlepool  Borough Council (I think ) in reply to my F.O.I. request in September 2010. available on What Do They Know Site
More to follow on taking legal action against Officers of Hartlepool Council.

This  action is believed to have cost “Council Tax Payers “ hundreds of thousands of pounds.  “ Not , you will note, their own money”  very similar if not Identical to Hartlepool Borough Council's  policy of spending or shall I say wasting Tax payers money ?

No doubt I will be criticised,  but I would like readers to remember that for over 65 Years I was , as was my late father, a Fanatical, I mean a real Fanatical  Labour Supporter, Old Labour, not that Cynical invention of Blair, Brown and the Prince of Darkness Himself,  Peter Mandelson ,  once M.P. and now Freeman  for my home town “Hartlepool” Unbelievable , but true.
The labour party died, after John Smith.  And the above scoundrels came  on to the scene  and high-jacked a once decent political party,

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