Wednesday, 18 June 2014

More Evidence of Planning Hanky Panky in Hartlepool


I firmly believe that Richard Trow case planning officer of Hartlepool Borough  Council  was the main instigator of this carefully orchestrated blatant attempt to obtain a certificate of lawfulness by any deceitful dishonest means available to him, he was in a position of trust and Influence - a position he unashamedly  exploited for his own ends , he believed that without any involvement  of any of the elected  council planning committee he had unlimited powers – he believed he was above the law- untouchable-  he could walk on water, and  with the  willing assistance of his colleague  Mr.Reece development control manager  he took full  advantage of their  unique  positions  of Delegated   Authority & Responsibility and  “GRANTED”  the Controversial  Retrospective Planning application  H/2009/0568  Although both  these senior Planning Officials were fully aware that  part of the  building  of  a kitchen extension  had been illegally erected on  a neighbours Registered Freehold Private Land and Property  & was Definitely  NOT in the Ownership of the Retrospective planning applicant.
A blatant criminal  breach of the Town and Country Planning Act 1999, sections 65 (5) and 65(6)

It Should  be remembered, it was  Richard Trow  Hartlepool Councils Planning Officer, who  had  admitted to me  at the  Meeting  held in  Brian Hanson House that he was the Architect/Draughtsman engaged by the Planning Applicants, Not Only to supply the detailed Drawing for the New  Kitchen Extension, but to Personally assist and advise them on how  best to obtain Planning approval from Hartlepool Planning Authority
Richard Trow was quite Confident  & Rightly so,  that  planning approval would be eventually  be granted,  by Hartlepool Planning Authority,  Little did I know then, that He would  be ultimately have  the  opportunity  to sit in  Judgement on his OWN  Planning Project,  and Grant Planning Approval to the Planning applicants  H/2009/0568 despite all the Over whelming protests  & Irrefutable Documentary Legal  Evidence of Legal Registered Land & Property Owners.
 NOT Surprising when one considers that Both these Hartlepool Highly Paid Council Officials,Who have NO repeat NO Legal Qualifications Whatsoever, Contemptuously Dismissed as of No importance the Legal Guidance Notes for Local Council to Follow BEFORE Granting  a Certificate  of Lawfulness to applicants Seeking Retrospective Planning Permission who had Previously& Deceitfully built  Extensions   without applying for  Council Approval handed down by High Court Judge Sir Thayne Forbes when sitting in the Queen’s Bench Division on the 3rd February 2010 when Dismissing an appeal  by Robert Fidler pursuant to s289 of the Town & Country  Planning Act 1990.

I Believe that the actions of Both Richard Trow  Hartlepool  Council Planning Officer  & Mr Reece , Hartlepool Development Control Manager  were  Dishonest & Criminal in Intent , When they  deliberately GRANTED  planning permission to the   legally flawed Retrospective Planning Application H2009/0568 , I believe  they acted illegally  in Public Office with the intention of making a gain  for themselves  or  someone else  by inflicting a loss or a risk of loss on another a clear breach of s4 of the FRAUD ACT  2006,  

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