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A Letter to :-

Planning investigation: you may have broken law, councillors told

Dear Mr Eric Pickles , local Government Secretary,

I wish to congratulate you  for your recent Comments in a letter to Hilary Benn, the Shadow Communities Secretary published in the Public Domain on Wednesday 13th March 2013. As a result of an undercover investigation  into the system of deciding planning  permission despite strong  opposition  from residents, ?

If you  wish and  care to  see  further Evidence  and Information in support of your comments, I Wish to draw your attention  that there are other serious Legally Flawed Retrospective Planning Applications been “Illegally Granted”  concerning Building  Extensions,  built Without Council  Planning Permission or the Legal Owners Consent,  on Freehold Land & Property “NOT” in the Registered  Ownership of the Retrospective applicant , a  Statutory Requirement as required by Article  7  of the Town and Country Planning Order 1995,”

In answer  to a F.O.I. request, I  submitted to “Your” Department of   Communities and  Local Government  I received the following Reply on 1st September 2010, from Jillian Hastings, MRTPI, Planning Development Management !  “Completed Ownership  Certificates A, B, C ,or D, Remain  a  Statutory Requirement,” 
This Statutory Requirement Was  Completely Ignored  by the Case Planning Officer,  Richard Trow,

All my Freedom of Information Requests are Available on the
(What Do They Know Site) !

If you wish to Further Confirm and Validate the Truth of my Criminal   allegations which are fully supported by  Legally accepted  Indefeasible Documentary  evidence of Freehold Property “Ownership”, on  an “Official Copy” of the Register of Title CE74844 “Absolute” Issued by Land Registry, Durham, on
10th October 2008, shows the Entries in the Register of Title  on 9th October 2008 at 10.55.27. 

Under s67 of the Land Registry Act  2002, this “Copy” is admissible in evidence to the same extent as the “Original” filed  with Land  Registry, Durham in both the Property & Proprietorship Registers on the 29.3.1984.?

May I suggest you Read my  personal experiences published on  my  Blog, highlighting the unacceptable
 Planning Corruption involving both Elected  Labour Councillors and unelected Legal & Planning officials of  the Labour Dominated Hartlepool Borough Council,? There’s  an unacceptable culture of  secrecy and of dishonesty  around the  very suspicious activities  of Hartlepool Borough Council, in Particular  Labour Councillors  seem more interested in  protecting  the  Questionable Integrity of their friends in high places  rather than the  legally purchased Freehold Property Interests of the citizens  in their ward.!
Please Note    
If anything I have Published is NOT TRUE, WHY have NONE of the Named Hartlepool Borough Council  Individuals, Commenced Legal Proceedings against Me for Slander or Whatever Crime, they can think of, in the Past FIVE (5) years, !
To date, Friday, 15 March 2013 not one of them has DISPUTED  any of My  Criminal Allegations,!  I Wonder Why?

Here is a Copy of  my recent  letter sent to  Stuart Drummond, Highlighting Very Similar Dishonest Criminal  Planning Activities  I have Personally encountered  here in Hartlepool ,


 Dear  Mr Drummond,    Mayor of Hartlepool,
For some time past I have been publishing in the Public Domain
Some very  Serious  but Truthful Allegations of  Criminal Fraudulent  Misconduct & Malfeasance  in Public Office, against  some of the Senior Unelected  Hartlepool Borough Council Officials in both  the Legal & Planning Departments  which have “ALL”  been “Ignored “, I have also  Criticized  & expressed my disapproval  of a Number of LABOUR Elected  De-Brus Ward Councillors,  COOK, GRIFFIN & TEMPEST, for THEIR  failure to Investigate  my Concerns, and in addition , I  have distributed  copies, of these  published  allegation of Criminality  to  the Following,
The Member of Parliament for Hartlepool IAIN WRIGHT  M.P.
&  the Three (3) Elected Members of the European  Parliament,
Fiona Hall                         (Liberal Democrat)
Stephen Hughes              (Labour)
Martin Callanan             (Conservative)
In the highly Unlikely Event, You have “NOT” been  previously informed  of my  Continued Peaceful  Protest, to Expose these Criminal activities, and to prevent  any claim  “you might  wish to make” in the future that you were Completely Unaware of my Allegations of Criminality, Committed  during YOUR
TERM of OFFICE  ? I intend to include Your Office  in all future  distributions of  my Publications,  referring to  my personal experiences of Criminal Misconduct.                          

Yours Sincerely,
Alan Harvey Flounders

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