Friday, 21 September 2012

TAXI -TAXI, Where the Hell is My TAXI -SHITHEAD?

TAXI-TAXI,Where the Hell is My TAXI--SHITHEAD?

Have any of YOU been  awakened at 2.30 a.m. by a Drunken Foul Mouthed Man Knocking and  Shouting  in a loud Voice “Where’s My F***** Taxi SHITHEAD,    I HAVE , ? On a Number of Occasions,

 It’s Not Funny, it’s  very Difficult if Not Impossible to Explain to a Drunken Slob, at 2.30 a.m. that he is Knocking at the Wrong Door, he  should be Knocking  at my Neighbours Door, they are the “Owners” and “Operators” of the TAXI Business, Not Me, he Eventually Leaves, after Waking up all the Bairns, but Not
before telling me that I am A Complete Arsehole,? Unbelievable, but True, , but then it Could Only Happen  in Hartlepool, after All is Said and Done, a Town that Elects Mandelson Must Be Dolalee ?

 I was Wrong,  Not to  Complain at the Time, I though like many others,  did not wish to cause any trouble, how wrong I was all those years ago .but then age and  Hind Site is a Wonderful Thing ?

My Latest F.O.I. request to Hartlepool Borough Council, copies sent to Iain Wright M.P. for Hartlepool ,
and "All" three (3) of the Councillors for the De-Brus Ward,? No doubt they will just ignore me once again, Corruption in Public Office is Endemic in Little old Hartlepool.? but Right or Wrong I intend to Continue,

Friday, 21 September 2012

 Dear Freedom of Information Officer

The Land Title Deeds of my Freehold Land and Property, I Purchased from Hartlepool Borough Council in 1984, when the Legal Ownership of the Freehold Land and Property was Transferred, Registered and Filed in both the Property Register and the Proprietorship Register  at Land Registry on the 29th.3.1984,  Contains  a number of what I believe to be Legal  Restrictive Covenants ? Prohibiting Certain activities, such as :-
 Not to carry on “ANY” Trade, Business or Occupation, or do any act which might be Noxious or Offensive to Any Person Occupying  Land in the Neighbourhood. ? I wish to know did the same restrictions apply to Council House Tenants .?

My Freedom of Information Questions are as Follows,
Did Hartlepool Borough Council have a  Council House Tenancy Agreement or Similar Document,  which clearly Authorised or  Prohibited, a Weekly Paying Council House Tenant to Commence operating a Commercial Business Enterprise, from their Council House Premises ?
If the answer is “YES”  could you please supply to me a Copy of All and Any Documentation Agreement ,  Prohibiting or Authorising  a Weekly Paying Council House Tenant to Commence operating a Commercial Business Enterprise, from their Council House Premises ?
(c )
If the Answer is “YES” would you please tell me  how many Rent
Paying Council House Tenants  applied to Hartlepool Borough Council  for permission to operate a Commercial Business Enterprise, from their Council House Premises ?
Please note I am “NOT” asking for Personal Details subject to the Data Protection Act,  simply the Total Number of Applicants  who applied , if Any.
If a Rent Paying  Council House Tenant was  Given Council Permission to Operate an Commercial Business, were they subjected to any increase in their weekly Rent Paid to Hartlepool Borough Council,  and were they also  Required  to pay  a Business tax. ? And to whom,?
And was the immediate neighbours of the Rent Paying Council House Tenants operating a Commercial Business for Profit,  Consulted , Regarding  their right to Object on Grounds of  General Public Nuisance .

Yours Sincerely

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