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Letter to the Member of Parliament for Hartlepool - Iain Wright M.P.
Thursday 19th June 2014
Dear Iain Wright M.P. for Hartlepool
While I appreciate your Support in my dispute with Land  Registry- and  forwarding  a copy of my criminal allegation to Ed Lester, Chief Land Registrar,    I am Disappointed to  note  that you have NOT Commented on  any of my other Serious allegations Of Criminal Misconduct by Hayley Martin, Alyson Carman, Mr. Reece or  Paul Burgon - all  Paid Council Officials employed in the Planning and Legal Departments of Hartlepool Borough Council who Conspired and Colluded to “Grant” a Retrospective Planning application H/2009/0568, Knowing the Planning application Contained False & Misleading Claims of  “Property Ownership” a Blatant & Deliberate Breach of Sections 65(5) & 65(6) the Town& amp; Country Planning Act 1990. 
Here for your Information your Files and  Records is an UPDATE  Describing  ROB COOK’S Spectacular Theatrical Performance I posted on  the Internet on  Wednesday 18/6/2014 that Confirms I believe my allegations that Dishonesty & Corruption incompetence and Validates that  Preferential  Treatment  is still endemic in Hartlepool Council 
Here is a  brief reminder  of  ROB COOK’S Spectacular Theatrical Performance after viewing the illegally erected Horrible Carbuncle of a Kitchen Extension -  built without seeking  Planning Permission  & attached to our Private Property- had to be seen to be believed - who Authorised that  Monstrosity  he said- - It Should  Be Demolished-  his  Spectacular Theatrical  performance -  with hand gestures- was unbelievable-  you must remember this  was  Prior to his Successful  election as Labour Councillor for the De-Brus Ward - Unfortunately since his election as a Labour Councillor-  he has suffered a Severe Loss of Memory ( Known as  Political Amnesia ) nevertheless,  it has established in the Memory of  a Previous Staunch  Labour Party Supporter an unforgettable scene of what  depths a Genuine Incompetent  would be Labour Politician & Compulsive Liar, would go to get votes!
This  self-important  blustering would be labour politician who instead of vigorously investigating our genuine concerns of Property Damage-   which he himself had  seen, Prior to his Successful  election as Labour Councillor for the De-Brus Ward – Deliberately & Cowardly Conspired & Collaborated  with the other Two (2) DE-BRUS  Ward  Labour Councillors  SHEILA GRIFFIN  and SYLVIA TEMPEST  Requested  PETER DEVLIN to write a letter of Censure to me on  their  behalf in essence saying that any further Critical Comments I wish to make Should be submitted to HIM  and  NOT to my Elected  Labour Ward  Councillors – this Unhealthy Highly Suspicious Situation  clearly indicates to me that  PETER DEVLIN an Unelected Highly Paid Hartlepool Council Official in Public Office –will decide  in future- if any  of my Critical  allegations of - FRAUD- Misconduct in Public Office – failure to implement Statutory  Regulations of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990- & attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice by Council Officials in Public Office  employed in the  Legal & Planning Departments are to be passed onto  MY  Elected  Labour Party Ward Councillors , a decision I believe is both Unhealthy –Certainly Intended to be Intimidating if not frighten an elderly Octogenarian in poor health, & Breaches  my Human &Legal  Rights  Particularly  Article 10, Human Rights Act 1998 Freedom of Expression
 ED Miliband  the Labour Leader-  recently asked Why are the Labour Party Losing Previously Staunch Supporters to UKIP -  I believe my  Personal  Experiences described  above  will give him a Clue - The Labour Party Particularly in Hartlepool,  is overflowing from Top to Bottom with Bad Apples.
A Little Reminder the Name of the Game is to Name & Shame the Local  Political Pond life and their Paid Friends
There can be little or No room for any Further Doubts or Misunderstanding that we were deliberately and Deceitfully Shafted -Fraudulently Deceived & Robbed of Part of our Legally Purchased - Registered Freehold Land & Property –by all the named Hartlepool Borough Council Officials. Richard Trow, Planning Officer, Hilary Martin, F,O.I. Officer Alyson Carman, Solicitor & Complaints Reviewer and  Paul Burgon, Enforcement Officer
Extra Special treatment
An obvious example that highlights my allegations of Council Corruption   & the Extra Special Favourable Treatment given to a small minority but in particular to this Retrospective Planning Applicant H/2009/0568 would  be to question WHY  were they
(a)             Allowed to Operate a Business enterprise from a Council House , Strictly Prohibited in  Council Tenancy agreements from 1962-1972 

(b)            Allowed to Purchase their Council House Property in 1972, at a Time of a Critical National Shortage of Social Housing- a Privilege denied to others.
(c)             Allowed to Continue Operating  a Business Enterprise in their  newly Purchased Ex-Council House , although expressly Prohibited in  the Registered Land Title Covenants

Shocking - Unbelievable  - BUT TRUE - Once you get over your initial shock, you will no longer doubt MY Allegations that All  the Undermentioned Council Officials  Richard Trow, Planning Officer, Hilary Martin, F,O.I. Officer Alyson Carman, Solicitor & Complaints Reviewer, (who had requested &  been given  an Official Copy of the Register of Title in  December 2008 and  Paul Burgon, Enforcement Officer, Conspired -Collaborated with the Retrospective Planning Applicants H/2009/0568 to Pervert the Course of Justice, to Falsely Claiming   by Criminal Deception “Ownership” of Registered Land & Property NOT in their Registered Title
We are the Innocent Victims of this  FRAUD - Denied the Use of Registered  Freehold Land & Property we Purchased in all Good faith from Hartlepool Borough Council in February 1984 .
Rt. Hon Lord Denning , Lord Chief Justice  His Appeal Court Ruling January was –No Court in this Land  will allow a person  to keep an  advantage he has Obtained by FRAUD , NO  Judgement of a Court, NO order of a Minister can be allowed to stand if it has been Obtained by FRAUD –FRAUD unravels  everything
Please Note, If anything I have Written or Published is NOT TRUE – Why have NONE  repeat   NONE   of   the  named Hartlepool Council Individuals Disputed any of my allegations, NOR Commenced  ANY Legal Proceeding against ME for Slander, or whatever other crimes they can think of. BUT they should   remember they will have to use their OWN Money.
 A Council Cannot Sue for Libel ( Derby-shire  vs  Sunday Times , House of Lords. 1993 )
NOR CAN a Council Indemnify a Councillor or Council Officer who wishes to Sue an Individual (Local authorities   indemnity   for Members   and  Officers ) order 2004
Copies to Iain Wright M.P. for Hartlepool.

Yours Sincerely, 

Alan Harvey Flounders

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