Friday, 8 September 2017

Blue Badge Criteria!

Blue Badge Criteria!

Of course, it is not until you really need help when you are really disabled and start looking into the qualifying criteria that you realise how complicated and difficult it is to get any of those things that help you make life more bearable- not only do the Government but Local Council seem to deliberately go out of their way to hinder you at every turn-
 After years without any financial government help whatsoever-simply because I had a small private pension- in addition to my state pension- which I had paid into all my working life after leaving Galley’s Field School- at the age of 14! I was continually told by Government Officials in Public Office-I was not entitled to any financial help to replace my bathroom for instance with a walk-in shower Ect! Ect!

I discovered after reading an excellent article published by the “Which” magazine- on “Attendance Allowance” I discovered that if you have serious walking disabilities & other chronic health problems as I have-  and require assistance and over 65 years of age you can apply for attendance  allowance which is NOT Means Tested – I was absolutely delighted -& applied – simply because with my catalogue of medical issues-although well treated and monitored by the Excellent N.H.S. & the Visiting Nurse I feel sure that I'm never going to recover but hope to improve, at last - six months before my 85th Birthday I was awarded Attendance Allowance at the higher rate-How's that for care in the Community   
I Recently received from Hartlepool Borough Council a Letter telling me that my Blue Badge I currently hold will expire on the 5/10/2017.consequently I phoned Hartlepool Council yesterday morning Thursday 07thSeptember 2017- I was told to apply on line to fill in application form-having Attendance allowance does NOT--entitle you to a disability blue badge?

Do this not confirm that both this Government and the Local Council who issue the Disability Blue Badges – try to make things as difficult as possible-?

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