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                             HOW MUCH EVIDENCE DO YOU NEED PETER DEVLIN

Photograph of the Carbuncle of a Kitchen Extension- Note the unsafe-ugly-Cow Boy Brickwork-brickwork in the top right hand corner- build without seeking planning permission from Hartlepool-Planning Authority- and illegally attached and overlooking- a neighbour’s freehold property- causing severe damage-but given a (Certificate of Lawfulness) by Richard Trow- Hartlepool Council’s Project Planning Officer- and Mr Reece- Development Control Manager despite our objections- and -
 (a) Breaching the Building Regulations-
 (b) Town and Country Planning Act-1990-erected on Freehold Property- NOT in the Retrospectives Planning applicants-legal Ownership-
“Ownership Certificates” are a Statutory Requirement of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990– sections 65(5) /65(6)-attempting to gain Pecuniary advantage by Deception- is also fraud under the Fraud Act 2006.
(c) Health and Safety Regulations- 1974- creating a life threatening –Confined space-when deliberately Blocking Off- the Gas Escape Ducts – positioned high in the rear wall of the wash-house building- to Vent to an Outside  atmosphere any built up of dangerous Gasses-including severe damage to the property-
(d) by allowing further work to continue- increasing the damage already done to the detached wash-house-by the illegal  building- now seeking retrospective approval-any further building work Should have Ceased-until urgent remedial work had started ?-
(e)The MOTIVE why the Retrospective applicants-H/2009/0568-failed to originally apply to Hartlepool Planning authority for planning permission- was to save- MONEY- a deliberate-very simple-well thought out plan- deliberately intended to deceive the Hartlepool planning authorities-including ourselves--NO- Planning Application-means- NO- Neighboursto be asked if they objected-
(f)Please - Remember- the Project Planning Officer- Richard Trow - had been- engaged by the retrospective planning applicants H/2009/0568-as their Draughtsman to supply the Drawings for their new kitchen extension-and-to ensure a (Certificate of Lawfulness) was obtained-including –ONE- for this monstrosity of an extension-Note the unsafe-ugly-Cow-Boy-Brickwork in the top right hand corner.

The motivation for committing such a devious deception- was- again quite simple- MONEY- it was-without doubt- much- CHEAPER- to have the Project Planning Officer- Richard Trow- in their pocket-to Guarantee a Certificate of Lawfulness-  than to have their- illegally erected- unsafe-Carbuncle of a kitchen extension- erected on private property- justifiably DEMOLISHED –which Would  and Should - have happened-if our objections- had been fully investigated or Discussed- which they were –NOT-by the Democratically elected- Hartlepool Planning Committee-
This-was a deliberate well thought out- ploy- by Richard Trow-who you -must -remember had been- engaged by the retrospective planning applicants H/2009/0568-as their draughtsman to supply the drawings for their new kitchen extension-and-to help them-with their retrospective planning application- to ensure and Guarantee-a (Certificate of Lawfulness) was obtained- ?

For Richard Trow-to achieve this devious- (Certificate of Lawfulness)-it was absolutely essential- to avoid at all costs the involvement of the Hartlepool Elected Planning Committee) - Who- on the irrefutable  evidence presented-would- have-rejected- the illegal Controversial Retrospective application H/2009/0568-resulting-in the astronomical financial Costs involved - to  DEMOLISH- the ugly- unsafe- Carbuncle of a Kitchen Extension
It should also be noted- that the Guidance notes -handed down by High Court Judge Sir Thayne Forbes-sitting in the Queens Division-when dismissing the appeal- of Robert Fidler-pursuant-to s289-of the Town and Country Planning Act-1990-
-Guidance notes-for Local Council to follow BEFORE Granting a Certificate of Lawfulness to applicants Seeking Retrospective Planning Permission-were completely ignored – as were his notes on Retrospective Planning applicants -who had Previously & Deceitfully built Extensions without applying for Council planning- hoping to benefit from the four year rule-they  would-NOT-be- protected by the 4 year rule-if obtained by deception-?
Naturally- these guidance notes for councils to follow- were-quickly- and Contemptuously Dismissed by Richard Trow--project planning officer- and Mr Reece-Development Control Manager-as Irrelevant and unimportant-  NOT- Surprising when one Considers that these TWO (2)- Highly Paid- Hartlepool Council Officials- had NO repeat NO legal Qualifications-whatsoever, and did not wish to know-or-hear such Legal Guidance- notes Handed down by a High Court Judge –Sir Thayne Forbes-
Richard Trow-assisted by Mr Reece Development Control Manager- Criminally Conspired-Jointly-to sit in judgement on their OWN designed kitchen extension-to Grant a Certificate of Lawfulness –without any involvement of the planning committee-

This was a-Guaranteed- NO Loss Situation- for any dishonest-Council Planning Official –to be placed in- these two (2) despicable Council Officials- were allowed-to -sit and be Judge and Jury- on a legally flawed-unsafe- Retrospective Planning application- H/2009/0568- Designed by themselves–knowing- it was- unsafely-attached too-and overhanging- causing severe structural damage to a neighbour’s freehold property-and without any hesitation-they- gave it  a Certificate of Lawfulness-doesn’t that tell you something? 
This unsavoury despicable action by two highly paid council officials- in Public Office- is Unforgivable- they acted like-two (2) School Boys- alone in their Classroom- who-in the absence of a School teacher-saw the opportunity –to mark their own examination papers-naturally- they awarded themselves a very high score- their actions are –unforgivable--indefensible a clear abuse of their positions of trust-in Public Office-

Planning Corruption is normal-in most towns-here in Hartlepool it is Endemic-  to prove my point- would you believe this outrageous decision- appears to be supported by no other-than Peter Devlin- the chief solicitor- of Hartlepool Borough Council- himself - ?

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