Monday, 9 February 2015

Insight into a Labour Councillors “Outrageous Behaviour” Prior to his election-

A Hartlepool  Labour Councillors “Outrageous Behaviour” Prior to his election 

One would have to be Completely Brain Dead not to have noticed that Corruption in Hartlepool Borough Council is widespread- endemic even - reported allegation of Misconduct by Council Officials is treated with Complete indifference ! 

a typical outstanding example-without any doubt is Rob Cook the Labour Councilor for the DE-BRUS Ward- West-View- who- even when presented with irrefutable written evidence to support my allegations of Town Planning Misconduct–including a personal home visit- and HIS visual  inspection of the illegal large  Conservatary kitchen and Taxi-Drivers Toilet  extension –
Built without Seeking Hartlepool Council Planning permission- attached to our property-
 resulting in severe Structural Damage-gave Prior to his election-what many people would Consider an Wonderful 
OSCAR Winning Theatrical performance-when Describing and Condemning-the Illegal Structure
on his visit to our home Prior to Contestng the West-View De-Brus Ward on behalf of the Labour Ward!
It was a Disgrace- he said -WHO authorised- that Monstrosity-that Ugly Carbuncle of an extension--he loudly proclaimed-
HIS speech was obviously rehearsed- for just such an occasion- it was accompanied - with vigorous hand gestures- it should be DEMOLISHED- COMPLETLY- he said-

 His Performance was so impressive -it could bring tears to your eyes- he was so eloquent-
 I personally was so impressed with his performance- that I later went out and voted for him
Something I had previously vowed never to do-

 it was only after I received the Letter from Peter Devlin the Chief Town Solicitor of Hartlepool Borough Council later- did- I discovered I had been  well and truly shafted- that Rob Cook- was nothing but a Charlatan- a first class- Snake Oil Salesman-a Complete and utter Hypercritical Scoundrel- a Compulsive Liar of Gigantic Proportions– who’s immediately reactions- after his successful election to Hartlepool Council-of Course- had been-without any hesitation–to Kick my allegations of Planning Misconduct-and Property Damage-witnessed with his own eyes into the long grass although he had inspected and had seen with his own eyes the Damage done- and Knew our concerns were Genuine !
and are still visible to the Present Day !
It was obvious -he had got my vote-I was no longer of any importance-

 He obviously suffers from Political Amnesia- His idea was to forget what you say while canvasing for votes– say absolutely  anything- just get into Office- that’s all that matters- and then run to the Chief Solicitor Peter Devlin- to complain that I -a  Victim of Council Planning Corruption- had the audacity to write to Him again- highlighting my concerns -and to remined him of his promise made to me that if electeded to the Council He would Investigate my Concerns!

Unbelievable- another sign- if any was needed-that Hartlepool Labour Councillors NO longer represent local working class people-after six years of protests to Hartlepool Council- including numerous letters of protest to the Member of Parliament -Iain Wright Catalogue of allegations of Planning Misconduct- supported with all the necessary documents–including the attached Photograph below-have still not been addressed-
 he cannot claim in future- he was totally un-aware of my Allegations- and Concerns!

To say that I am personally disappointed–at the attitude of the Labour Councillors would be an Understatement -but I have learned- although it’s of little use to me-if you live–has I do in the De-Brus Ward on the West-View Estate
If you have anything you built without applying to Hartlepool Borough Council for Planning Permission and  are now thinking of submiting a Retrospective Planning  application don’t worry- vote Labour and you are“guaranteed to obtain approval”- but don’t mention my name- that a sure- No- No !
Please Note, If anything I have Written or Published is NOT TRUE – why have NONE repeat NONE of the named Hartlepool Council Individuals Disputed any of my allegations-NOR Commenced ANY Legal Proceeding against ME for Slander, or whatever other crimes they can think of-

Could the reason possibly be-everything I have-Consistently-said- I can support with Documents of Purchase and Photographs of Structural Damge that  Prove-Categorically- my statements are TRUE-can I also remind them- they will have to use their OWN Money- to Sue me in a British  Court of Law and Take an Oath to tell the Truth - PERJURY- and Perverting the Course of Justice-are very  serious Criminal Offences !!!

1. A Council Cannot Sue for Libel (Derby-shire vs Sunday Times House of Lords.1993 )
2. A Council Cannot Indemnify a Councillor or Council Officer who wishes to Sue an Individual (Local authorities indemnity for Members and Officers ) order 2004

Yours Sincerely
Alan Harvey Flounders

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