Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Update of the Arrest of Independent Hartlepool Councillor

Like the majority of people from Hartlepool , I personally was utterly bewildered and shocked , when it was announced in February 2011, that a well know and in some quarters, a very well respected Independent town councillor Geoff Lilley, ( who incidentally I have never met ) was arrested by Hartlepool Police and held in custody and questioned for some hours, regarding the allegations of cyber - bullying ? instigated by a fellow Councillor ( Labour ) Marjorie James. which were published on a very well known and greatly valued local political debating forum “High Tax Hartlepool” some of the posts are very interesting, well worth a look.

Without doubt this site H.T.H. has changed people awareness of local politics in Hartlepool and in my opinion it can only improve, without its voice there is no place to go ?

I like, many more Hartlepool Citizens, have been waiting patiently for the opportunity to visit a Court of Law, and personally witness one of the most spectacular events of the year in Hartlepool, the chance to hear about the political shenanigans and hanky-panky that rumour says happens on a weekly basis in Hartlepool Council.
Some even say, it resembles a rehearsal for a Christmas Pantomime , particularly in the Planning Department ?

This Cyber - Bullying case against the Independent Councillor Geoff Lilley has now been dropped, after the Crown Prosecution Service decided that, he had no case to answer, ?

If this decision pleases Councillor Geoff Lilley, then I am sincerely pleased for him, but I am personally a little disappointed that Councillor Geoff Lilley will not now be able to have his day in court, as he originally said he wanted.

I personally feel that his appearance, centre stage in court, would have guaranteed him pole position in the forthcoming local political elections.

I also believe, it would have been hilarious and a absolute nightmare for the prosecution to present their case, ? Something to do with ping - pong balls I believe ? And would have exposed to public view these arrogant, self-serving, hypocrites that they are.

Any normal person might have thought that Councillor Marjorie James (Labour ) would have been personally delighted that no further police action is to be taken over her allegations of Cyber-Bullying , but, evidently not,

it is reported that Councillor Marjorie James (Labour ) is said to be unhappy, deeply distressed and disappointed , that the Crown Prosecution Service have decided that the Independent Councillor Geoff Lilley
has no case to answer, in addition, she says, the advice received by the Crown Prosecution Service from the Hartlepool Police has not been successful in achieving the support she had hoped for. ?

Furthermore she is awaiting an “Explanation” from the Crown Prosecution Service, as to “Why” they are Not pursuing this matter further.?

One has to admire her audacity, or is it arrogance, some might even say ignorance, I leave others to decide ? but then she obviously feels she is a very Important and Influential Political Personality in Hartlepool, to ask the Crown Prosecution Service to give her a Personal explanation of their Legal Decisions ? I hope she receives a better response from the C.P.S. than I, a full council tax payer received from her colleagues on Hartlepool Council , particularly the Legal and Planning Departments,

I make no apologies in repeating, my own personal experience of my ONE ( 1 ) and ONLY Formal Complaint to Hartlepool Council ,I discovered that :-

Hartlepool Councils Complaints Procedure, is without doubt , a Total and Complete Shambles , a Utter Waste of Time, which was the reason I first started this very blog. the Dishonesty and Self Gratification and Incompetence of some Democratically Elected Hartlepool Councillors and most, if not all, the Unelected Council Officials , is mind blowing.

Obviously a complaint or a allegation of any Wrongdoing involving other Hartlepool Council Officers , is definitely , a non starter, considering, it's then a Hartlepool Council Officer investigating the alleged Misconduct of another Hartlepool Council Officer in Public Office, this is deceitful and dishonest. And I believe Criminal, (more to follow on this allegation ) In particular, :-

I find this attitude very distasteful and highly suspicious, after asking for a “Review “ of Hilary Martin’s ,the Solicitor and F.O.I. Officer, handling and refusal to produce for my inspection copies of ownership documents which would have proved the truth of my allegations of deception , to find that the “Reviewer “ was non other than Alyson Carman (who in turn is now the Legal Services Manager/Solicitor) and obviously a colleague of Hilary Martin who now holds the F.O.I. Office , the position formerly held by ( have a guess ) Alyson Carman,? This I believe is “Misfeasance in Public Office “
Needless to say, I am still awaiting a reply to my last letter in January 2011.?

I believe that some, but not all, of the present assembly of Democratically Elected Councillors , and Unelected Council Officers, now Masquerading as a “ Democratic Council.” do not wish the people of Hartlepool to be made aware of their wrongdoing and are terrified that their abuses of Misfeasance in Public who will eventually be exposed on sites such as High Tax Hartlepool,


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